The z-

It'sJoshua's senior year at Baltimore Lutheran, and finals are over. He got rejected by Towson because his over all grade on the final was a z-. But can the a+ he got on the mid-term save him


2. Prepping For The Final part 2

It was now only 2 months until finals. The students had been studying hard for 1 month. Joshua was continuing to excel in school and not excel at home.

Unfortunately nether his parents or teacher(s) had come up with anything. Well they did but when they tried, It failed. Then suddenly I'n idea struck them. The idea was for him stay after school AND come early to study extra in the subjects he needed the most help in. Now that was just the first part, the second part was to set up an area at his house that resmelled each classroom. Their reasoning/logic was that if he could feel like he was in school it might help.

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