Soul Eater fanfiction! 'Nuff said


3. Chapter Two

Kayla sighed heavily as she entered the classroom. Her nervousness growing every second. She looked around the classroom and noticed that the students had chosen random seats so that they could chat with their friends before the test had started. She puffed her cheeks out and settled down in an empty seat, watching her classmates gossip and laugh. She sighed, wishing that she was more of an outgoing person. She lowered her head into her folded arms, running a few notes through her head just in case. She felt a hand on her shoulder and jumped a little, making a squealing sound as she did so. She slowly lifted her head to see Kid standing behind her with a calm smile on his face

"Uh, hey...not trying to be rude but, this is my assigned seat." he said softly. Kayla's face flushed with red "I'm so sorry!" she winced, standing up to receive a small laugh from Kid "Oh no, it's fine! You can sit there if you wish." He took a step to the side and pulled the chair out, then scooted towards the blushing blonde and smiled. 

"We have a good 10 minutes. Would you like to compare notes?" the reaper asked kindly. Kayla blinked a few times "Uh, I have everything memorized in my head...or at least I hope I do..." She admitted as Kid shyly placed his hand on hers, trying to comfort her which made her jolt upright.

"Hey, no need to be nervous, you'll do just fine. Here, I'll tell you something that'll make you feel better." He nodded. She nodded as well, trying to hide her blush but failed. Her face started glowing a bright red and letting off a heat that would make you think you were sitting next to a furnace. Kid let out a small chuckle "Last year, I didn't even complete the test! I was so concentrated on making my name perfect I teared the page and...fainted!" He laughed dryly. Kayla let out a small giggle and then looked up at him

"Thanks Kid, it really means a lot to know that you care enough to try to comfort me." She smiled. Kid looked down at his feet, avoiding her gaze so that she couldn't see the nervous, but giddy expression spreading across his face. Kid slowly looked up again once he thought that his embarrassment had been tamed and he seemed to loose himself in the beautiful sea of blue within her eyes. He bit his lip, tilted his face and slowly leaned inwards.





End of chapter 2! I'm sawwy!

Sorry for taking forever to publish this! Movellas doesn't work on my mobile very well and it wont let me download the app... :(   *sigh*

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