Soul Eater fanfiction! 'Nuff said


2. Chapter one

Kayla slowly walked to school alongside her older brother. Beads of sweat were rolling down her neck. She wasn't normally this nervous but for some strange reason, today felt different. Soul turned his head to look at her and she gave a nervous smile. Soul flashed her a grin then stopped as the two were now standing in front of the school "Ya know sis, you can let go of me now." Soul said setting his crimson gaze on Kayla's shaking hand which firmly grasped onto his sleeve. Kayla looked down at her hand and forced her fingers open. Soul looked at her in confusion "What's wrong? You seem nervous about something." he said calmly. Kayla sighed, brushing her bangs from her eyes "it's just that-"

Soul's eyes widened "No way"

Kayla raised an eyebrow "You didn't even let me finish my sentence!"

Soul began laughing "Your nervous! Your nervous about the test today!" 

Kayla looked at him embarrassed "Yeah so? What if I am?!"

Soul bopped her shoulder "Why didn't you listen to what I told you?"

Kayla returned the punch "Cause I'm not gonna cheat and get stripped to my underwear like you, idiot"

Soul blushed as he remembered that moment. Kayla ruffled his hair "I won this round bro~" she teased, walking into the school. 

Soul scowled, fixing his cream colored hair and following his sister inside. Kayla stifled a small yawn and accidentally bumped into somebody, sending her stumbling back slightly. She looked at who she nudged and felt her cheeks flush slightly

"Hey watch where your going next time." Kid said looking at her with his golden eyes. Kayla nodded.

" I-I'm so sorry Senpai. I was deep in thought about today's test and I wasn't watching where I was going~" she bowed slightly as a sign of respect to the grim reaper. Kid let out a sigh "It's alright. I'm sure everybody is nervous about today's test." He nodded towards her "And remember, I told you stop calling me Senpai, were all friends here, right?"

Kayla nodded, the pink in her cheeks, gradually intensifying "R-right"

Kid smiled "Now lets get to class shall we?" He held the door open for her to walk in like a proper gentleman. 

Kayla blinked into reality "Hey, where are Liz and Patty?" She asked noticing his weapons weren't present. Kids eyes were filled with amusement "They're already in class, now come on!" He urged, tilting his head towards the door. Kayla panicked "Ah-h, I'm sorry!"

She trotted into the classroom. Kid smiled to himself again. Once she was out of his view, he felt his cheeks grow warm.




Alright chapter one completed! Do you like? Please leave a comment on what you liked/ improvements... 


chapter two coming soon!


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