"Inside" is about a kid who has a double life and is stuck in a love triangle. She doesnt know what to do and in the end she reveals a huge secret no one was supposed to know...


5. Anything But This

             I woke up in my bed with no recollection of last night. It was hard to decipher if I was even actually awake or just dreaming very vividly. But the fact that when I rolled over and saw Roy sleeping on the floor next to my bed I knew in fact it wasn't a dream. this last week he's been by my side 24/7 my sister is still in the hospital and I don't know why but he stayed with me to make sure I'm ok. He had never been one to show he actually cared. but I guess when you cry in front of him several times he decides that he better be the nice guy for once. I'm pulled out of my thoughts when I see my door creak open just wide enough for the head of Zayn Malik to peak through. He ushered me to come out. "Hurry up lazy, we haven't got all day"  he whispered. Reluctantly I pulled off my blankets and tip-toed around Roy and out the door. The last time I saw Zayn was when I spilled my secret to him, cried and then fell asleep in his arms, only to wake up alone. Zayn was dressed in a white V-neck with a black leather jacket, black jeans, and white converse. He just seemed to look good in anything. "​What do you want, I was sleeping!"   I whispered.

             Zayn leaned in and kissed me. But not just any kiss, a passionate kiss. It seemed to deepen by the moment and then he pulled away. Leaving me breathless and wanting more.​ He took a step back then turned around a began to walk away, I ran after him and grabbed him by the wrist. He quickly turned around and I kissed him. This time I pulled away, bringing or foreheads close together, wrapping my arms his neck. "You know Clar... Jace? I just came to show you how I felt and then leave. But it appears you feel the same way.." ​ Zayn said between pants. "I hate to break it to you but I'm not quite sure how I feel about you. I just couldn't let you walk away thinking you have the upper hand. I have always been left in the dust. By my mom when she died. By my sister, who's in the hospital and could be taking her last breath at any second. By my father, who is always gone because of work businesses. By Roy, when he left my heart in a million pieces. But I was not about to let another person leave without an explanation for walking out of my life." And with that I left without giving Zayn a chance to say anything and silently slipped back into my room. Only to find Roy awake, sitting on my bed and crying. "Roy what's wrong?​ Are you ok?" I could hear the terror in my own voice. He swiftly looked up and then rushed towards me. I was embraced in a warm and strong hug. Roy continued to cry and I just hugged him back.

             Not long after I lightly pushed him back and ushered him towards the bed, "Roy what's wrong?" "I had the worst dream ever. Instead of your sister being in the coma it was you and when I woke up you weren't in bed. And then when I tried to call you I heard your phone in here. But you take your phone with you everywhere, even to the fucking bathroom! I began to think that the dream was real and that you could possibly be dead..." He paused and looked into my eyes, "Jace, baby girl, I thought I had lost you forever." "Roy.. I.. I thought you didn't care anymore.." " Jace I've always cared. And I've also known that you're Clarice Withers." "What!? How!? Not even Katie knows.. How could you possibly know?" "Shh I'll explain later, I promise. Let's just lay down with each other for a little while..." Reluctantly I laid down beside him. knowing he needed to be comforted. My back was facing his chest. We were a good few inches away from each other when he snaked one arm around my waist and the other around my thigh. He pulled me closer to him until there wasn't any space left to fill. I could feel his body relaxing and he came to realization that I was actually here. I couldn't help but notice that he really had changed, or for the first time ever, he let me see who he truly is.. And before I knew it, I was drifting off into sleep just as I saw Zayn peek his head in through the door and awe in shock.​​​

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