The Burning of Blood

This is a true story of mine. I was going to put it in my diary but I feel that this is something I will never forget. If you want one of the worst memories of mine, then here it is. This is a short story, with a whole world of hurt.


1. The Fight

Here is my story...

We were all alone in the playground, talking happily away. The rain pouring down heavily from a sky filled with roaring thunder and magnificent lightning. The cloak of grey covered the skies, while the hail poured down relentlessly. We didn't mind, we just kept talking casually as though it was a normal day. We kept laughing and telling jokes and smiling which drowned out all the dark. 

I loved his company, he was so sweet and had so much charm. He constantly smiled with his eyes as well as his shining teeth. He lured me in as he interested me with his wonderful personality and all the compassion he showed. We were good friends and much, much more. I was his girl and he was my lover, he treated me like a friend but just more affectionately. Many girls were jealous and a lot tried to steal him away, but he never changed his emotions about me. He was very good looking and it was very hard not to gaze at him. His eyes held a thousand galaxies in them and the rest of his features were those of a Hollywood star's. It was hard not to resist the other specialities of him as he was the full-package.

I looked up and saw a bolt of lightning pound ferociously onto the field. My eyes were stunned at such an extravagant sight, the wonders of nature truly do fascinate me as such beauty cannot be discovered elsewhere. I was in awe and he looked into my eyes and smiled, I looked down and blushed heavily as he moved his hand to mine. Then suddenly, he was snatched away and pinned to the ground. I gasped, as a group of gang members were beating him viciously. I ran to help him but I was grabbed at the waist by three group members and gagged at the mouth by a dirty hand. I screamed for help and struggled around, but I couldn't get free. I then recognised the leader of the group, it was the school bully. 

He punched my boyfriend several times in the head and kicked him in the ribs. He picked him up and raised him high, then slammed him back down on the concrete, his spine rattling inside his body. He shook his head and scratched at his perfect face so blood was pouring out. 

I screamed and fussed around, tears dropping down face. The gang members held me even harder, putting my arms behind my back and tightening their grip. I was no longer gagged and I screamed in trauma. I didn't cry because of the pain they were putting me through, but I cried because I had to watch my lover be decimated right before me. 

They banged his head against wooden posts and they found giant metal chains. The bully picked one up and whipped it several times against the injured spine of my special boy and they ripped his shirt off. He was very skinny and not that strong and I could see the massive bruise marks of the gigantic chains whipped against him. I put my hand over my mouth and gasped with my eyes turning red. I cried even harder and they told me to shut up and watch the beating being delivered to my 'boy toy'.

He was thrown against wooden bars and he was thrown around like a rag doll. They grabbed his shoes and took them. They stood him up and whacked him across the face with his own shoes. The blows repeatedly came as he screamed in agony. The torture he was suffering was unimaginable. 

I screamed as my eyes widened my heart was burning while my head was about to explode. I struggled again to get free and the three gang members threw me to the concrete ground. They pressed my face against the damp, dirty surface and told me to watch and weep. 

Then the school bully looked my way and told the gang members off. They stood me up and held me by the arms and waist. I stared deep into his wicked eyes as he gave me a shot of his sadistic smile. He stroked my face and cleaned it with back of his hand and said "My dear, dear girl. You are such a pretty girl, why are you ruining your eyes by crying? I would never want you to cry my sweetheart. That guy means nothing, he doesn't love you. I'm here to protect you because I care about you." He grinned and then held my chin up with his hand. He glanced behind him to watch the lifeless body he had attacked. He seemed pleased with his dirty, evil work. Then he stared deep into my eyes and moved closer. The boys let go of me and he held me tightly in his arms, I was shell-shocked. His face moved closer to mine and I turned my head trying to escape his kiss of death. Until my true soldier came and got him back!

I then escaped the three gang members who held me back. I kicked them all in the b***s to see if they had any, and ran to protect my young man. He was on his knees, his body battered, as blood was streaming rapidly down his face and chest. 

I reached for his hand and we almost touched, until a whip was coming down directly at his wrist. So I shoved his hand out of the way and took the brutal hit by the metal chain. Tears fell from his eyes as I yelled in agony. The gang members then came back and pinned me to a post while I watched him suffer.

He was dazed but he was at a vertical base. He was standing, but in a very unstable way. Then the school bully heartlessly charged at him and speared him. He had charged at my defenceless boyfriend as fast as he could and had driven his gut into the wooden post with major power and ruthless aggression. 

I heard a huge cry in distress and then my boyfriend's friends had come and to fight off the gang. As they were busy getting the gang away, I sprinted to my boyfriend and held him. I rested his head on my lap and stroked his face. I nursed his wounds and put my hand on his bare chest. He was pale and lifeless, I felt his heartbeat go very slowly and he wasn't breathing properly. I cried and my tear drops landed on his body. His friends and some teachers rushed to help as I was taken away to the staff room. He was carried indoors by people and I didn't see him for the rest of the day...

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