Diana |Niall Horan|

I was always that type of girl that never disobeyed her parents, but still never seemed to please them. I tried my best in every task given to me, yet no one noticed. I was bullied my whole life. I was depressed my whole life-I am depressed. I'm a mistake. I'm ugly. I'm fat. I'm dumb. I'm delusional. I'm deluded. I'm crazy. I'm obsessed. I'm a loser. I'm a freak. I'm emo. I'm awkward. I'm hurt. I'm alone. I'm a mess. I'm suicidal. I'm misunderstood. I'm hurt but won't show it. I'm screaming but no one can hear. I'm in pain. I'm alone. I'm Diana.


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        Diana Monroe was misunderstood all her life. Everyone judged her by her features and her way of dressing. Starting with her own family. Her parents sometimes even questioned if they had the right child, for her bright green eyes and brunette hair were absurd to their own blonde and blue eyes. Her cousins never included her in their conversations, but it's not like Diana cared because she was used to it. Everyone was this way to her. She had no friends and usually found herself siting alone at lunch, even though her sister Kendall attended the same school. Diana never really asked Kendall why she ignored her at school, simply because she was practically mute. Maybe it was because of her style. You could say Diana's clothing style was a bit on the tomboy side consisting of jeans, T-shirts, and run down converse. But it's not that she didn't have any girly clothes because she possessed more designer clothes than Kendall herself. Her mother basically bought her a new wardrobe every week, in a wishing of Diana at least touching the clothing and handbags. She never did though. It's not like she asked for the luxury she had any ways. She never asked for the Bentley and Range Rover her father gave her on her 16th birthday. She never asked for anything. She simply got everything. If her parents had only taken a notice in their youngest child, they would have noticed that she never ate any meals with them. But most importantly, they would had noticed that Diana was suffering from clinical depression. Diana herself knew what she was living in sorrow, but never dwelled on the fact that she never ate. But there's only so much that a person can take. Soon, Diana began to cut herself. She began to skip school. But it wasn't till she experienced her first anxiety attack that she knew she had to let someone know what was happening in her life. Now the most reasonable thing to do was tell her parents, but Diana didn't and couldn't deal with telling them the thought she didn't want to accomplish. And so the depressed teen turned to the only person she trusted. She recorded herself and told him everything. She forgot about the fact that he would never see the videos and talked and cried as if he was right in front of her. She recorded twenty five videos. Twenty five explanations. Twenty five reasons. And she sent them to him. What she never expected though, was for the person to actually listen.
















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