This is meant to be - The deal

Avery Black, 19 y/o.
Has her own personality, quite sassy.

Avery and her family is going to move to London. On the plane she's catching a cute, curly haired boy staring at her. The plane starts to vibrate. "Good afternoon passengers. We are going to krasch but if you lean down it's a lower risk you're getting killed."
Lower risk, is he joking to me or something?


1. PROLOGUE (short)


Avery's POV

"Don't miss me to much!" I said and laughed.

"I will!" Izzy said.

I hugged her. "Avery! C'mon! We've to go!" Dad yelled.

"Coming!" I said and started to go to the car.

"Hey Ave, tell Harry i love him, if you meet them of course!" Izzy yelled.

I laughed and did two 'thumbs up' to Izzy.

Harry's POV

I got on the plane. It was quite fresh, white chairs and so on. I saw a very cute girl. She was like, 19 years old. Her lightbrown wavy hair was beautiful. She was absolutley stunning. I catched my self staring at her and I got a little blushed.

Under the ride I listened to music and sleeped a little.

"Good afternoon passengers. We are going to krasch so if you put your head down there is lower risk to get killed. Hopd you enjoy your flight."

Avery's POV

Hope you survive? Is he kidding with me?

I felt a duns and every passenger screamed. The plan broke in parts and everything got dizzy....

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