This is meant to be - The deal

Avery Black, 19 y/o.
Has her own personality, quite sassy.

Avery and her family is going to move to London. On the plane she's catching a cute, curly haired boy staring at her. The plane starts to vibrate. "Good afternoon passengers. We are going to krasch but if you lean down it's a lower risk you're getting killed."
Lower risk, is he joking to me or something?


2. First impression

Avrey's POV

Evereything was black. I felt dizzy and I had that feeling; I'm dead. I'm gone and I'm never entering the world again. Suddenly everything came back. All I saw was a paur of beautiful greeb eyes. When I saw his eyes. The Green wonderful eyes.

"You're hot" He said.

I smacked him at the Arm.

"Ow! What was that for?" He said, pretending to be Sad.

"Becuse you're a dick" i said.

"Hey, you're known me for a couple if minutes, not months!"

"First impression ya know" i said.

"Like the sassy side" he said.

"WHO are you?" I said.

"Harry, Harry Styles. And you?" He said and winked. Wow, he was hoooootttt. I hated to say it but it is true. I want his lips placed on mi-. A hand waved infront of My eyes


"Uh, I-i'm Avery Black."

"Sweet." He said with his thick british accent. He leaned closer to me and when it was like one inch left between me and him I interrupted.

"Look! An Island! Let's get there!"

"Such a tease" Harry mumbled and I smirked.

Harry's POV

She was so fucking hot. With her sassy attitude and smirk on her face, ouch, i'm falling hard for this girl.

When we got to the Island we took a tour on it but it was empty. Wich means we have to stay here, nobody knows how long.

We made two leefbeds on the sand and lay down.

"We could move them together to keep it Warm" i said waiting for a no.

"Maybe we should. It's kinda cold" she said and smiled. Before i know what I Did I kisses her. She kisses back. Our lips moved in sync and it was passionate. I touched my tongue on her bortom lip and she opened her mouth. I moved My tongue in and roller it together with hers.

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