This is meant to be - The deal

Avery Black, 19 y/o.
Has her own personality, quite sassy.

Avery and her family is going to move to London. On the plane she's catching a cute, curly haired boy staring at her. The plane starts to vibrate. "Good afternoon passengers. We are going to krasch but if you lean down it's a lower risk you're getting killed."
Lower risk, is he joking to me or something?


3. Deal


"Hey Ave, Maybe one day we should build a family, I mean, if we're still here." Harry said.

"What do yo-. OH MY FUCKING GOD HAROLD! Just didn't just say that! Just... EWW!" I yelled.

Harry smirked and leaned closer to me.

"The day Will Come sweetheart. Promise. But go to sleep now. I'll get us something to eat tomorrow."


We finished our 'breakfast' and looked at eachother.

"Wanna play twennie' quessts?" I asked.


"How many guys have you sleeped with?"

"Three..." She said and blushed. "You?"

"Guys? Two." I said and smirked.

"Oh. My. God. Harold. You are usch a Dick. You only have onenightstands and I bet you wouldn't handle a real relationship!" She said disgust.

"Oh babe, I Would handle it much better Than you."

"Not so sure. Wanna have a bet?"


"We are in a fake relationships. With things like movies, cuddlynights and so on. The one WHO falls inlove first, is losing.

"Oh babe, be ready to loose." I said and smirked. Actully I was a bit worried. I am already in love with her. I'll just have to hide it on some way.....

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