Better Than Words...<3

[This is the forth story of Diana<3 so please read the other three first. It goes in this order: Diana<3, Hearts Entangled<3, Frozen, and then This one] The final year of Highschool is here, and boy is it full of surprises. Diana has finally given in to Louis but is still battling the feelings she's having for Harry. Now if that wasn't hard enough let's throw in a familiar face that will cause the most distress of all. How will Diana cope with her heart being pulled in so many directions? Will any of them be able to save her from herself? Or will everything come back to haunt her? Read(:


2. Goodmorning.

Diana's POV:

"Diana!" My brother Mathew yelled from my door.
"What do you want..." I groaned.
"Get up lazy bones. It's the first day of school." I heard Joanna's voice say. 
I adjusted my eyes to the morning sun. Joanna stood there with a happy smile plastered on her face. I rubbed my eyes and smiled back at her. I haven't really talked to Rose or the others. Well except Louis because he won't leave me alone. I mean I guess it isn't a bad thing. She pulled me out of bed and dragged me to the bathroom. She did my hair and picked out my clothes. I enjoyed having Jo around again. Mathew drove us to school mostly because he also enjoyed Joanna's stories. He doesn't like her like that, I'll clear that up now. He sees her as a sister. After he drove off Joanna linked arms with me and we went inside. I saw everyone in the courtyard laughing and smiling. Louis was the first one to see me, not surprising. 
"Diana!" He yelled causing the others to turn their heads towards me. 
I gave them all a soft smile.
Louis ran up to me trying to engulf me in a hug but Jo pulled me away from his grasp. His eyes widened. She had a smug grin on her face. 
"Who are you?!" Louis demanded.
"I'm Jo. Who are you?!" She said smartly.
"I'm Louis, Diana's boyfriend!" 
Boyfriend. Why did I not enjoy that word?
"Too bad. She's mine. Find someone else." She stuck her tongue out at him.
I heard Harry laugh causing Louis to glare at him. 
Joanna pulled me away from the group and we walked to our first hour. I noticed James was in this class which made my stomach turn. Joanna saw him.
"Ewwww that rat is in here!" She hissed at him causing me to giggle. 
"Gross when did they allow mutts in this school?!" He hissed back.
"I don't know. When did you start attending?" She had her smug grin on again.
He shut up and sunk down in his seat again. 
As we took our seats the teacher started talking. I was zoning out badly. I just had this weird feeling that something was about to happen. I don't know if it was going to be good or bad. 
When lunch came around I had a pit in my stomach. We sat with the others and I knew something wasn't right. The girls looked nervous and the guys were trying to avoid my eyes. 
"What's going on...?" I asked nervously.
"N-nothing.." Abby said.
I stood up and started walking away. I knew Joanna was following me. I was looking at my feet and then I ran into someone. We both fell backwards. Joanna helped me up and as my eyes went from the ground up to his face, I felt my heart start to tear. 
"N-Niall....?" I muttered nervously.

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