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[This is the forth story of Diana<3 so please read the other three first. It goes in this order: Diana<3, Hearts Entangled<3, Frozen, and then This one] The final year of Highschool is here, and boy is it full of surprises. Diana has finally given in to Louis but is still battling the feelings she's having for Harry. Now if that wasn't hard enough let's throw in a familiar face that will cause the most distress of all. How will Diana cope with her heart being pulled in so many directions? Will any of them be able to save her from herself? Or will everything come back to haunt her? Read(:


21. Forever and Always.

Diana's POV:

*1 Year Later*

I hummed along to the radio that was playing in the living, while I cooked some dinner. Tonight we were having our friends over for a little bonfire. It's been awhile since I've seen some of them. I mean I see Louis and Joanna a lot mostly because Jo loves to come around. Though, I haven't seen them for a month now and that's because Louis took her to Paris. They will be here tonight though. Harry comes around once in awhile but not that often. I hardly get to see Rose, and I won't see her tonight either. She's in New York with her new boyfriend, uh Robert, I think that was his name...Abby and Zayn have been Hawaii vacationing. Brooke and Liam I haven't heard from since graduation. I think Niall has though and I think they are coming tonight. 

I heard someone knocking at the door so I whipped my hands and opened it. I was engulfed in a giant hug by both Jo and Lou. I grunted which got them to let me go. I smiled and allowed them to come inside. Jo quickly jumped on my counter and took a chip in her mouth while smiling at me.

"I like the place." She said. "It's very you."

"You should see the guest bedroom." I grinned.

"I bet it's amazing." She winked.

"The food smells amazing Di." Louis smiled at me.

"I think you are probably smelling the steaks..." I said peeking around him looking out on the deck.

"Wait you let Niall cook?!" Louis's eyes widened.

"Yeah? Why not?" I pouted.

"Aren't you afraid he'd eat it all?" He teased.

I was about to say something but all of a sudden something hit Lou in the back of his head. This caused Jo and I to start laughing. We looked behind him to see Niall with his arms crossed.

"For your information I cook for Diana all the time." He growled.

I walked over to him and wrapped my arms around his waist and kissed his cheek. He smiled at me before kissing my lips ever so gently. Sadly he had to pull away to answer the door. Harry came in holding a small teddy bear for me. I smiled taking it in my hands. I took it to my bedroom and when I came back out the others were already here. 

I had each girl take something outside to the table. They all giggled and laughed talking about how their vacations were. I sat on Niall's lap while munching on the bits of food I put on my plate. I listened as everyone talked about their plans for the next year. Joanna and Louis plan on moving to Paris, but say they'll visit here and there. 

Zayn and Abby plan on finding a place in California to live, but before that they plan on travelling around the world. Brooke and Liam dropped the boom on us, they just found out that Brooke is five weeks pregnant. They plan on finding a place to settle down in South Beach. Harry says he doesn't have anything truly planned. He just wants to live life to it's fullest right now. I felt bad for him, I wish he would find an amazing girl and fall in love. I think that's what he needs. 

"What about you guys?" Joanna asked playing with Lou's hand. 

I've never thought about the next year. I just knew that I wanted to be with Niall. That's all I cared about was spending as much time I could with him. He's my everything. I know that sounds bad but I really love this guy. Now that I think about it we haven't done much this last year either. Will this next be any different?

"I want to marry Diana." Niall said taking my hand in his. 

Niall even has the next year planned out. He wants to marry Diana. Wait what? My eyes lite up and I turned my head to face him. He had a huge smile plastered on his face. Niall wants to marry me?

"I mean that's only if you'd do me the honor?" He questioned me.

"Of course!!!" I said wrapping my arms around him kissing him repeatedly. When I pulled away he pulled out a beautiful ring out of a small box and place it around my finger. I started to cry. I was so happy. I was going to marry the man of my dreams.


xXxThank you all for reading the Diana series! This is the end of it :) I hope you enjoyed, and I hope you all go and read my other stories! I suggest Something Great<3(With it's sequel Catch My Breath<3) but there is plenty others! There is a Louis's POV Fanfic called Superman. There is a Harry fanfic called Heartbreak Girl, and a Louis fanfic called Half A Heart. There is a abuse story called Too Beautiful. There is a boarding school fanfic called Moving To A Different Beat. Then there's a Zayn fanfic called Addicted. And then there is a non fanfic called Monster? Which you all should check out! :)

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