Better Than Words...<3

[This is the forth story of Diana<3 so please read the other three first. It goes in this order: Diana<3, Hearts Entangled<3, Frozen, and then This one] The final year of Highschool is here, and boy is it full of surprises. Diana has finally given in to Louis but is still battling the feelings she's having for Harry. Now if that wasn't hard enough let's throw in a familiar face that will cause the most distress of all. How will Diana cope with her heart being pulled in so many directions? Will any of them be able to save her from herself? Or will everything come back to haunt her? Read(:


18. Christmas<3

Diana's POV:

I woke up and felt the sweet warmth of my boyfriend's arms. I looked up to see his sleeping beautiful face. I leaned up and kissed his lips causing him to wake up. He blinked a few times then smiled at me. 
"Good morning beautiful." He said in his half a sleep oh so sexy voice. 

"Good morning my love." I said kissing his lips again.

I looked at the clock and realized that we had to get ready. We were all going over to Harry's for Christmas. I put on a pair of skinny jeans and one of Niall's sweaters. After I straightened my hair I combed it back into a ponytail. I put my very cute winter boots on then walked downstairs and met up with Niall. He looked me up and down and smiled. He took my hand and we got into his car. I had presents for everyone in the backseat. When we got to Harry's Joanna answered attacking me with a giant tight hug. We all sat in the living room around the fireplace. I cuddled up to Niall while talking to Joanna and the other girls.

"Okay lets open the gifts!" Louis said pulling Joanna onto his lap. She kissed his cheek. She's never looked so happy before. Abby was sitting on Zayn's lap playing with his hand, while Liam was laying on the floor with his head on Brooke's lap. Rose and Harry sat next to each other laughing. 

Zayn got Abby a beautiful diamond necklace. It looked very expensive. She kept kissing him because of how happy she was. Liam gave Brooke her gift back at his house. It was a baby kitty. She was all white and they named her snowball. Louis gave Joanna a charm bracelet, it was already set with two charms. One was an "L" and the other was a "D". So she'd always have both of us close to her. She started crying out of happiness. She kissed him on his lips. That was the first time I saw her do that. 

Harry gave Rosa a notebook. When she opened it up it had a bunch of poems inside. She smiled and I even saw some tears slip out. She kissed his cheek and hugged him tightly.

Finally it was Niall's turn. He smiled and turned to me. I opened the little box to find a shiny beautiful ring. I slapped my hand over my mouth and my eyes widened.

"Niall...." I mumbled.

"It's a promise ring, that one day I'm going to marry you." He smiled at me while putting it on my finger. "Diana I love you with all of my heart. You make me the happiest guy alive."

"Oh Niall! I love you too!" I felt the tears slip out of my eyes as I wrapped my arms around him. I pulled back and kissed his lips. 

After an hour or so we all had to get ready to go to the Christmas concert. The only reason we were going was because the boys were performing together. They said they were performing a song they wrote. The girls and I took our seats right in front. Joanna had locked arms with me because she was so excited.

"Di I think I may be in love." She confessed.

"I think he may be too." I smiled as she blushed.

The curtain pulled back and all the lights except for the spot lights turned off. Then the boys started singing.

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