Jade is a just 17 year old girl trying to live life to the fullest. One day she is taking a walk and gets taken? The person drugs her and when she wakes up, she is in a room tied up, along with 5 special boys. The one and only One Direction...

-The boys are a little younger in this-


2. Introduction

This is me:

The names Jade, Jade Fletcher. I'm a senior in high school, and 17. The reason I have an A on my jacket is because, my boyfriend's name is Arron, and his last name is Kramer. I have his last name on the back of the jacket. He has a jacket like mine too, but, his is blue, has a J on the front, and Fletcher on the back. He's amazing. Here he is:

I love him so much. He is really sweet, and fun, and adorable. I'm 3 months younger than him. We've been together since freshman year. He is on the soccer team. I live in New York. Here's my house:

Well, technically, mine and Arron's. I know what your thinking. Your 17, your not suppose to move out till your 18. Well, our parents let us move out, and bought us this amazing house. And, Arron has a car to drive us every where. I'm really happy. They also help us with the bills. We both got accepted to the same college, here in New York, already! Me, to be a veterinarian, him to be a paramedic. I volunteer at an animal shelter. They actually just gave me a new puppy! Here she is:

Her names Ally. She is so sweet. She is 4 months old. She's a Corgi. My favorite color is purple. Arron and I like to talk about our future, about marriage, kids, where we will live, everything. We want to move to the country. Sell the house, and use  it to buy one in the country. We have it figured out. Everything is just so- so amazing. 

*Author's Note*

Heyo! What's up? I know the intro sucks. :b. I was sorta just rushing through it. It will get better though! I promise. I swear on Louis' Carrots! If you have read my movella 'High School', you know that Arron, is the same guy I used for Logan. That guy was already in my laptop so, I used him. Well, love you! xoxo.



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