My Brother's Best Friends ( Zayn Fan Fiction )

Izzy is just your normal 16 year old. Apart from the fact her brother is Harry Styles. She has 3 Best Friends Lauren, Jaydean and Karli who are crazy directioners. What happens when the 3 girls grow closer to the boys....? Read to find out what happens next...


6. Telling him

Positive. Seriously I'm only 16 and I'm bloody pregnant. Time went by and I'd been ignoring Zayn all day when i got the courage to tell him. "Zayn can i talk to you.... privately" "sure" we walked out into the garden. "I have something to tell you" "what is it babe?" " I was sick this morning loads of times, so i went to the pharmacy got a pregnancy test and did it" "and""I'm pregnant" he stormed back indoors . "THANKS FOR BEING SO SUPPORTIVE" I yelled at him walking indoors (it was good mum and dad are away) he stopped and turned around and walked up to me "IT IS YOUR FAULT" "HOW IS IT MY FAULT" "BECAUSE WE DIDN'T USE PROTECTION AFTER YOU POUNCED ON ME LAST NIGHT" "WELL SORRY I WASN'T EXPECTING TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU AGAIN" I said whilst stomping upstairs. I got upstairs and into my room I slammed my door shut *BANG* "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH" I screamed into my pillow

"Izzy let us in" I got up and opened up my door to see Lauren,Jaydean and Karli standing there with ice cream and some films.

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