My Brother's Best Friends ( Zayn Fan Fiction )

Izzy is just your normal 16 year old. Apart from the fact her brother is Harry Styles. She has 3 Best Friends Lauren, Jaydean and Karli who are crazy directioners. What happens when the 3 girls grow closer to the boys....? Read to find out what happens next...


5. It was an amaing mistake

I woke up the next morning with some very muscular arms around me with a very tight grip. Then it all hit me ... what happened last night. Suddenly I felt the urge that I was gonna be sick so i just up, forgot he was there. I ran into the bathroom with nothing on. shoot, so I quickly ran to my wardrobe and drawers. I got out some bright pink matching undies and threw on some plain black leggings, a belly top, with a beanie, a Primarnie hoodie and some pink converses.

I ran straight out of the house and down to Boots. I picked up a pregnancy test "that'll be £6.50" i handed the lady behind the counter the money and ran out and straight back home.

I went for a pee to do the test..... And I checked for the answer...

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