Unexpected Love

Leda is a girl that just came from Oklahoma to be an interviewer for bands. Her parents didn't support her, her boyfriend cheated on her and her best friend had sex with her cheating boyfriend. She is alone, for now at least. She has permission from Bryan Stars so she can see what its like being an interviewer. She meets new bands but one has caught her eye. Black Veil Brides. She eventually gets a job as a waitress, and they forget about her until now. She recognizes them but they don't recognize her so they let her hang out with them, getting to know about her. One of the band members is having trouble in their relationship and starts liking Leda. How will she react?


1. Chapter 1



Leda's P.O.V


          I have finally gotten away from home, and away from everything that was dragging me down. I sigh in relief as I board the airplane for Nebraska to meet up with Bryan Stars. We met over Twitter and I was talking to him about how I wanted to be like him as my job. We got talking and eventually he asked if I wanted to go on the tour with him. I of course said yes and he paid for my ticket there and I was going to meet him at the airport.

          The plane took off and I put in my head phones going onto YouTube when the plane was officially in the air. I clicked on the subscribers and scrolled down to Bryan Stars. I clicked on the first video which was an Asking Alexandria one. I was laughing along with them making sure I was quiet, other people were sleeping. Oh did I mention it was only like 2 in the morning? Oh and I think I forgot to mention that me and Bryan were cousins. Hence the 'WERE'.

          Yep, my aunt and his uncle broke up because my MOTHER "helped" my aunt. But I'm away from that now, it was now 3 am and decided to take a nap before the plane landed. Within minutes, well felt like minutes but I knew it was two hours we were descending. I put my phone away and got all my stuff in my backpack, adjusted my seat and closed my eyes chewing my  gum helping with the air pressure.

          The plane landed and rounded the corner putting the Airport into view. I looked to the left seeing the entrance, there were girls with posters saying "Bryan Stars", "I Made My Porn Star Name Bryan". My eyes widened as I saw one, yep I'm not saying it. I grabbed my stuff when it stopped and I got out. I found my luggage and moved my head around if I could see Bryan. Well hey! Let's just follow the screaming girls!

         I followed the noise and saw a guy in a blue Aeropostale shirt, yep that's him. I just smiled and sat on a bench near by. I took my phone out again and texted him, "So how is trying to get out of the mob of girls going?" I smirked when I saw him come out of the mob of animals and saw me sitting there.

         "Hey! There you are! I almost died in there, you didn't even help me!" He joked coming towards me.

          The girls were looking at me like "Who is that animal?" I just waved at them and they took off running to the entrance, probably another celebrity. I sighed and rolled my eyes.

          "Yep, so where are we going?"

          "Were going to my house, you know where I live?"

          "Woah, you have a house? I thought you had a shack!" I exclaimed my voice full of sarcasm.

          He laughed, "Your funny, Sandra is going to like you." He said looking at me.

          "Sandra Alvaregna?" I questioned.

          "Wow, you did your research! I'm proud of you."

          "No, I just like her drumming." I shrugged getting his arm off my shoulder. 

          We got to his house and he showed me a room that was the perfect size for me since I am a short person. I don't think I had a growth spurt since I was in 5th grade, and that was a long time ago. I put my stuff on the dresser and plopped on the bed staring at the ceiling. Now I wasn't alone. I had Bryan, and maybe make a few band friends on the way.

~The Morning~

          Bryan woke me up by saying we had food on the table, from McDonalds. I got dressed in my pink skinny jeans, my black taco shirt, and my purple VANS. I just left my hair down in its wavy state. I went downstairs and grabbed food, well...all of it. Before Bryan had any say I ran back up to my room laughing.

          I locked the door and did my make up before eating "my" food. When it was all gone I skipped back downstairs and handed him the bag to throw away. Hey I don't know where the trash is, don't judge me! I sat on the table swinging my legs.

          "So what are we doing today?" I asked him.

          "Well today is the first day of the Bryan Stars Tour."

          "You named the tour after yourself?"

          "Duh, what else would I name it?"

          "Whats the set list for the bands."

          "Ghost Town, Modern Day Escape, Her Bright Sky's, Oh No Fiasco, Say We Can Fly, All Time Low, Black Veil Brides, and Asking Alexandria." (A/N I know All Time low, Black Veil Brides, and Asking isn't on the tour but for the sake of the book pretend they are ok? ok.)

          I have always wanted to meet All Time Low, see if Jacks hair I really fluffy as it looks."

          Bryan laughed, "Trust me it is, but bring something to hit him with. He doesn't like people touching his hair."

          "Ok, do you have a spatula?" He handed one to me and I hit him on the head with it.

          "What was that for?" I was just about to fall off the table when I was dying from laughter.

          "Don't give me kitchen utensils or the person giving them to me will be hit no matter who it is."

         "I'll remember that for next time." He grumbled getting an ice pack from the freezer putting in the spot that I hit him on. "Well we should get going, we have to pick up a friend from the Airport."

          "Oh my god is it Kriss the Bunny?" He looked at me funny.

          "How did you know?"

          "You should keep your private stuff more private if you know what I mean." Giving him a stare.

          His eyes widened and his face turned red. "I'm just kidding! Wait, why is your face red?"

          "No reason, lets just get in the car." We both got in putting our stuff in the truck taking off to the airport.

           We got there in about half an hour with traffic singing terribly to Falling In Reverse. Kriss got in the car and it took all of my strength to attack him, he is just that awesome.

           "Who is this?" Kriss asked Bryan pointing to me.

           "This is my no longer cousin that I have been talking about earlier." Kriss's head just nodded and looked out the window.

           Wow, not like I expected. More rude? Or is it because he isn't wearing his bunny ears? The world will never know I guess. I just sighed and looked out the window imitating him while Bryan set the camera up in the back. Oh were filming? I turned around and turned the camera towards him and Kriss. This was his channel, not mine.

           Plus I don't think I'm ready to be known as Bryan's not cousin anymore. I looked back out the window and we were now nearing an Applebee's 20 minutes later. I started getting excited and when he parked the car I took off running to the entrance apparently in a race between me and Kriss. I beat him of course.

           Hey! Don't judge a short girl! The person took us to our seat and handed us menus. Both of the guys got kids menus. Ass hats, making me the adult at the table. Bryan got the cheese pizza, Kriss got the burger, and me being the awesome person at the table got 20 boneless wings. All of them hot, hehehe.

           They looked at me like I was crazy, but as I said before don't judge a short woman! our food came out and I was the first one to finish, I am also a hungry mother fucker. I don't fuck mothers though...just to get that through your mind. I had to wait 20 minutes for these people to finish their food before Bryan paid and we got back in the car listening to My Chemical Romance.

            When House Of Wolves was done Taylor Swift came on. Like WTF? We all burst out laughing and we were dancing around to Red. I had to keep a hand on the steering wheel while Bryan was dancing. He is not a good driver, lets just say that. We got to the venue and parked the car in a parking lot next to All Time Low's bus. (A/N guys I almost said butt)

            Bryan said that I should walk around get used to the venue before people come in. Then meet back here so we can get the hotel room. Then come back to do some interviews where I just watch and "learn" from Bryan. I skipped off looking at the stage watching Modern Day Escape practice before the show starts.

            I smiled thinking to myself. This is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

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