Sleeping in the pyramid

Amelia works at the Jefresonian, a FBI murder haven when the body of her missing brother comes in. With a maze of Egypt and romance hidden behind his death Amelia has to solve his murder with James, her boyfriend, and John, the strange, mysterious new guy


2. Opening up

"Hey Baby" James put his arm around me from where I'm curled up on the couch in my office "You Ok? Oh shit, well as good as you can be" I nodded and pressed my forehead against his. He pressed his lips against mine and for a second I forgot that the body lying on the table was my brothers. "I'm sorry, do you want to go home?" I nodded again. "Ok then I'll tell Meg that we need to get home Ok?" James gets up and goes to tell Meg that we were going home. 

We arrived home and James carried me to our room. I stay curled up on the bed while he goes to check to see if Jess was home yet. He came back in a few minutes later to say that Jess wasn't back yet. He had changed into some sweats and a t-shirt. He climbed onto the bed next to me, gently sliding off my high heels and then pulled me towards him. I allowed myself to cuddle into him and started sobbing. He started to stroke my hair curling it gently around his fingers. He started whispering in my ear. "Shhhh, baby, It'll be Ok"

 I woke up around 12 o' clock. James jolted awake "Hey baby, you Ok?" I nodded and tried to speak but my voice was to hoarse. James passed me a glass of water. I thanked him silently and then took a sip. I cleared my throat "Is Jess back yet?" 

"I'm not sure"

"I'll go check quickly"

"Ok" I hop out of bed and look down, suddenly realizing what I have on. James pulled off his shirt and threw it to me. I blew him a kiss and left as he grabbed another shirt out of the drawers near our bed and pulled it over his head. I walked out of the door and pulled the door shut behind me. I lean against it for a second before pushing myself towards the bathroom. Once I'd locked the door I stripped off my dress and tights and pulled on James' t-shirt. I pulled my hair to the side and loosely plaited it and then started to remove my makeup. Once I'd finished I shoved my dress and tights into the wash bin and then left, walking towards Jess' room. I knocked on the door "Jess?" No answer. I pushed the door open. I saw her lying on her bed sleeping. I creeped over and pressed a kiss onto her forehead. She moved slightly and opened her eyes "Amelia?" I nodded

"Yes it's me"

"Are you Ok?" 

"Umm yeah, Look I have some news that isn't to great" She looked concerned "Umm well you see, today at work, you know that we left early, well umm the body was, ummmmm Bill's" She looked at me astounded for a second before throwing herself into my arms, sobbing. "It'll all be okay" I quietly heard the door open behind me and James crept in. He came over t us and put his arms around us "It's Ok girls, you still have me, your big tough man" We both giggle slightly through the tears and cling to each other harder. I catch James' eye over Jess' head and he presses a kiss onto my forehead. "We'll get through this" I whispered. "Together"


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