Sleeping in the pyramid

Amelia works at the Jefresonian, a FBI murder haven when the body of her missing brother comes in. With a maze of Egypt and romance hidden behind his death Amelia has to solve his murder with James, her boyfriend, and John, the strange, mysterious new guy


1. Holy Shit. He's dead.

I giggled, pick up my Mac black track eyeliner before flicking through my brushes before settling on a small angled Sigma brush. I dip it into the eyeliner and start to draw on a winged cat eye. "Why are you laughing?" I hear my boyfriend's low sultry voice over the phone. I smile to myself and giggle again. "Seriously, why? Anyhoo, how long are you going to be?" I surveyed all that I needed to do. "Well...I need to do my lipstick, jewelry, perfume, shoes and sort out my bag so I'll be around ten minutes. But then there is Jess..." I hear James groan. Jess bursts into my room wrapped in a towel. "Green or purple skirt?" she asks holding up two skirts. The emerald skirt is velvet, bound to cling beautifully, while the purple was a skater style. "Green, and team it with your black satin tank shirt" She nods and runs out of my room. I laugh and start applying my berry lipstick. "I'll be back in a second" I say to James, setting my mobile own on the dressing table. I put on my black skull ring and my rose gold owl necklaces that James gave me on our 2 year anniversary. I put my id, lipstick, powder, mascara, $75 and my blotting papers into my clutch and then at the last second shoved my mini camera into my purse.

I picked up my river island perfume and spritzed myself before grabbing my phone and clutch. I knocked on Jess' door. "We're leaving in two minutes" I ran downstairs and grabbed four bottles of water. "Ok," I say to James "I have the water and cash and I've told Jess we are leaving in two minutes. Love you" I hear him return the sentiment and then I hang up. I walk over to the mirror and look at myself. I'm wearing a berry and black velvet body con dress with a pair of kick-ass black heels. With my berry clutch and gold and black jewelry I think I look complete. "Jess!" She runs down the stairs carrying her silver heels in her hands. "You look beautiful but we need to go!" She hasn't quite completed her makeup but she's become the champion of doing her makeup on the way to her school when she wakes up late. I grab the water and we ran out the door.

I slid into the car giving James a peck on the cheek and as I go to put on my seat-belt he pulled my face toward his and kisses me slowly. "Missed you sparks" I stick my tongue out at my silly nickname. I work at the FBI's murder solving department but  became notorious when I first started there as an intern 4 years ago. James works there as a technical instructor and he does facial reconstruction and other stuff, on my first day I went into his office to ask him the identity of a victim and forgot that I was carrying a bowl of brain fluid. I accidentally destroyed his computer in a blast of electrical sparks when I tripped and threw the fluid over the computer. Since then he's called me sparks. "Ugh, get a room" I heard Jess mutter and turned to whack her knee. "Read to go?" James asked me. I nodded and he started to pull out of the driveway leading to our house. It was a cold night and James had come out to warm up the car while we finished getting ready. Jess lived with us while she was at school down here because it was easier for our parents and for her. But hopefully she'll be moving out at the  end of next year. "Remember Jess, You are only 20 so although you can go into the club if i see you drinking your ass is gonna get whooped by an FBI agent Ok?" I hear James laugh while Jess just rolls her eyes. As her guardian I feel such responsibility for her if she gets drunk. At home I don't mind but when she has access to a car; No. Sometimes she hates it but I hope when she has responsibility of a person she will understand my caution. 

Ten minutes later James pulled up to the pandem nightclub and pecked me on the cheek. "Grab a space in the line and I'll park." I nodded and hopped out of the car, closely followed by Jess, who tossed her makeup bag onto the back seat of the car. We walked over and stood in line. I turned on my phone, the digital display said it was 8:45. I turned to Jess "We're going home at 11:30, its currently 8:45, you can hook up with as many guys as you want in the club but we are not taking any guys home and you will, most definately be coming home with us." Jess rolled my eyes but nodded. Her eyes were rimmed by a small amount of black eyeliner which, in turn was lined with emerald eye shadow. her lips were a nude colour. I heard some laughing behind me. I turned and saw my best friend Maxine and her boyfriend John. Beside them were Maxine's brother Simon and his boyfriend Alec. We squealed and hugged each other. "Oh My gosh how are you? I haven't seen you in about" I stopped thinking "Holy shit it must be around two years. What are you doing in town?" She nodded and put her arm around John. "We're looking for a flat round here. John just got a job near by, but it's going to be great being nearer to you and Simon" We all joined in a group hug and as we all started laughing I heard someone clearing their throat. I turned my head and saw James stood there. I broke free from the hug and rose onto my toes to kiss James. "Hey baby." I smile up and him "This is my best friend Maxine. She's moving near here with her boyfriend John. And obviously you know Alec and Simon" The guys nod to each other and Maxine comes forward. "Is this the hottie you were talking about?" She whispers in my ear. I nod. "He is a fine piece of arm candy" I giggle and then reach for James hand. We move up the line and, at 8:56 we made it to the door. We showed our IDs, payed and then entered. Jess headed straight for the bar. I tried to stop her but James stopped me. "Let her live a little,  they won't serve her alcohol anyway. Lets go dance" I nod and allow him to lead me to the dance floor. I put my arms around his neck and we start to sway to the music. I reach up and kiss him. "I love you so much" he smiles.

"I love you more" He moves his hand down to his jean pocket. I must have looked puzzled because he lent down and kissed me. I returned the kiss and soon I could hear a couple of wolf whistles and sentiments along the lines of 'Get a room'. I laugh and put my hand to my lips. "Why don't we go get a drink?" I nod and we walk over to the bar. I take out my phone to check the time. 9:04. James handed me a virgin mojito. I smile. James knows its my favourite drink and always buys it for me whenever we go out. I take a sip and smile at the sweet lemoneyness of the drink. James walks over with a beer. As I'm the designated driver I usually drink either coke or virgin cocktails. We walk back towards the dance floor when I jump. My phone was vibrating. I answered the call and held it to my ear. "Amelia, you are needed at the office, we have a body. Oh and if James is there can you tell him that he is also needed." I hear my boss Meg talk on the phone. "Oh and Amelia?" 


"We are also going to meet the new guy, so be on your best behaviour"

I nod "Ok Meg, we'll be there ASAP" I turn to James "We have a body" He groans. "I'll go find Jess and Maxine, I'll see if Maxine can give Jess a lift home" He nods and goes over to the bar with our glasses. I wade through the crowd, clutching my phone. I find Maxine talking to John. As I get closer I hear their conversation, "I have to go baby, my new job just called, there's a crisis" I see Maxine look to the floor. "Maxine" I call, her attention focuses on me. "Hey, me and James have to go to work, could you possibly take Jess back to the house?" she nods. "Thanks you're the best!" I hug and then turn to dash off when I feel John's hand on my wrist. "Where are you heading?" 

"The Jeffersonian" He looks a bit surprised. 

"Oh, me too, Maxine, I'll leave the car with you" he turns to me "Is it Ok if I get a lift with you?" I nod. We start walking towards the exit where James was waiting for us. "Guess where John is going to be working?" We laugh "Welcome to the hell hole, Let's go" We ran out to the car and headed over to the Jeffersonian. 

We got there in 15 minutes. Once we'd entered the building I went to my office and grabbed my lab coat. "Follow me" John and I walked over to the platform while James went to grab his camera. "Hi Meg" Meg looks up from where they are surrounding the body. I walk over to the table and stop dead. "Amelia, are you Ok?" I hear Meg's voice faintly in the background. This isn't just any dead body, this is him. It's Bill. God, it's my brother. My arms and legs start to feel heavy and I start falling to the ground "Shit" I hear John mutter while James yells my name.



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