Sleeping in the pyramid

Amelia works at the Jefresonian, a FBI murder haven when the body of her missing brother comes in. With a maze of Egypt and romance hidden behind his death Amelia has to solve his murder with James, her boyfriend, and John, the strange, mysterious new guy


3. Back to work

"Are you sure you're ready to do this?" James looks at me anxiously from across the room. I turn to him and smile sadly, "If I don't go back now I'll never go" he nods and grabs his satchel, he stuffs his iPad and camera into it. I turn to the mirror and apply some mascara. "James, could you call Jess's school to warn them?" I see him nod in the mirror and he walks out the room. I look at myself in the mirror I can do this I grab my bag and laptop, throw my makeup bag in my bag and grab my phone. I knock on Jess's door, "Jess?" I push open the door and see her sat on her bed straightening her her. I smile and her as she looks up to greet me. Her eyes are red from crying and I run over to hug her. "Are you Ok?" she nods. "James has called your college and explained everything, if you want to come home just call me and I'll come get you." she smiles and hugs me tightly. "Find out who did this" 

"I promise you I will, I'll see you later Ok?" she nods and I leave the room. I walk down the stairs and grab the flask of coffee that James hands me. "Let's go"

* * * *

"Amelia!, You're here" I smile and Meg and nod "Ok well if you're sure you're ready to get back to work..."

"Meg, I'm fine, Honestly" she comes over to me and pulls me into a hug. She walks away and I rush to my office. I put down all my stuff and pull out my laptop. I open up my emails and find the last email that Bill sent me Hey Lia, heading off to Egypt atm but will be back in a couple of months, maybe James will have popped the question by then ;-) see ya soon B The date on the email was two and a half months ago. I took out my phone and saw I had a message from three days ago from Bill back in US, see you soon xox I ran out of my office into the arms of my friend Angela "Hey, you Ok Lia?" I nod 

"Where's James?"

"In his office why?" I run away and scurry into James office. James looks up and sees me looking frantic. "Has anyone found time of death?" James nods and pulls up a screen on his computer. I look at it and freeze. Three days ago. "I got a text from Bill three days ago, he told me he'd got back to the US, he sent it at 4:05" James nods

"I'll go get Meg and Josh" he runs out the room and returns a few minutes later with Josh and Meg following him. "We know that the time of death was sometime after 4:05, Bill texted me to say he'd got back from Egypt" Meg nodded

"That means he was probably killed near to the airport."I nodded, "He was found by the road around  5 miles away from the airport so that, combined with any particulates that Angela finds on the clothing can show us the site of the murder. I'll go tell Leni and Sophie" (For my two besties who watch Bones with me xoxo love you guys) Meg leaves the room closely followed by John. James turns to me, "You Ok?" I smile up at him.


"Do you mind if I take a look at your texts and emails?" 

"Nope, I'll go get them" I walk out the room and return to my office. I grab my phone and laptop but before I can close it and email comes through. From Bill's email address. I click on it and it opens to the side. Hey Amelia, Do you want to meet up at that diner we went to as kids? If so message me back xoxo B I slam my laptop shut and run through to James office. "I just got an email from Bill's email, something is really wrong"

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