The New Girl (ON HOLD)

Yoona is a 17 year old girl who just moved from South Korea to San Antonio, Texas. She is the new girl in the neighborhood, she lives next door to Harry Styles a boy whom she meets when his parents invite Yoona's parents over for a cup of tea. They start to talk and get to know each other better and start becoming friends, But when one of Harry's friends invites Yoona over for a party he knows something bad is going to happen. He goes over to the party and tries to save her from humiliation but he is to late, and Yoona becomes the laughingstock of the school she starts to dread going to school everyday. But she just feels like running away from everyone and everything that's until Harry starts to like her and feel something special between Yoona and him, He starts to confess his feelings for her until one of Yoona's past boyfriend comes to visit her and wants to get back together, she starts to forget about school and she starts to get into this crazy love triangle. Who do you think Yoona will choose?


5. Chapter 5

"Um Josh...let's not" I said pulling away from him. "Oh I'm sorry did you not want me to kiss you?..." He asked his voice trailing off "No, no, no, it's not that it's just I kinda consider us as friends" I said staring at my feet. We sat in silence for awhile "Hey why don't we go back downstairs to where the party is at" Josh suggested "Sure" I answered getting up and following Josh downstairs, as we went downstairs the party was jam packed with people. Josh and I started to dance for awhile "Hey why don't we go outside it's getting really hot and stuffy in here" he suggested I nodded in agreement and he grabbed my hand and led me to the backyard, the backyard was huge and the lake was beautiful the moon made it shimmer. "The stars look amazing tonight" Josh said in awe as he was staring at the stars "My grandma would always say that true beauty is in nature and the sky's" I said staring up at the sky "Wow your grandmother must be an insightful woman" he answered looking at me "She is" I answered back nodding my head.

"Have you seen a girl with long black hair, brown eyes, and yay tall?" He asked putting his hand up to show how tall Yoona was. "No I'm sorry" he answered "But I think I saw her go outside to the backyard" he said Harry was heading to the backyard when someone yelled "Hey everybody come outside to the backyard you have got to see this!" a stampede of people went out to the backyard, as Harry was outside a massive crowd of people were crowding around the lake he pushed his way through to see one of Josh's friends dumping a bucket of salsa dip on Yoona and pushing her into the lake Josh was cracking up. Harry went to the lake "Yoona give me your hand" he said she pulled her hand towards him and he pulled her out "Aw look everybody her prince in shining armor came to rescue her" Josh said mockingly everybody bursted out in laughter Harry grabbed my wrist and pulled me out of the party "Harry your holding on really tight to my wrist" I said he let go when we reached the car I opened the door and sat down he started the car and started driving after about 15 minutes of silence I said "I'm sorry I should've listened to you, you were right about the party" he didn't answer me the whole drive home. "Thanks for the ride" I said as we reached my house he still didn't answer me I opened the door to my house and slowly and quietly closed it so my parents couldn't hear me coming in as I reached the staircase my mom appeared at the top of the staircase she had her worried yet angry look on her face, I was still wet and there were stains on my clothes from the salsa they dumped on me "What happened to you?!??!!" She asked running down the stairs "It's nothing" I answered "This just can't be nothing something happened at that party" "We were having a food fight and then it somehow took place in the lake" I lied "Uh uh, sure a food fight and then it was in the lake, what kind of a party is that??" "I'm going upstairs to take a shower" I said and quickly went up before she could say anything else.


"What did you get on your history test?" Henry asked me while we were walking to school. "100, it was pretty easy what did you get?" I asked as we headed towards the doors of the school "80" he answered holding the door for me. "You made a huge splash at the party last night" some guy said laughing with his friend, I shrugged it off and kept on walking. Soon more people were coming up to me and making all these jokes about what happened to me at the party "Did something happen at that party?" Henry asked starting to get suspicious. I was silent "Something did happen" he said "Tell me what it was" Henry kept saying "Josh and his friends dumped a tub of salsa on me and pushed me into the lake" I told him. "What, I told you something was going to happen did Harry come to your rescue?" "Yea" I answered back "I'm just going to head the restroom" I told him heading towards the restroom. When I opened the door to the restroom I went in front of the mirror and stared at my reflection. One of the stall doors swung open and Jenna came out when she saw me she scoffed. "Do you like Harry?" she asked me out of the blue "Um no I don't think so why?" I answered back "It's just cause your always around him and you seem to be enjoying his company" she said with some annoyance in her voice.

"Well I just want to tell you that Harry is mine and I want you to....back off" she said ending the conversation. She shooed me away with her hand and left with her nose up in the air. "Ugh what's with her" I muttered to myself, I headed to my class after that lunch came rolling around. I tried to find a place to sit but it was like if I tried to sit at a table the seat was supposedly "taken". I found Henry and sat with him we were talking and cracking jokes until some guy came up to us and said "Hey do you have any salsa dip that I can use for my chips?" He said cracking up and left. "People can be so immature at times" Henry said glaring at the guy "I've been getting that all morning and I'm pretty sure there will be more jokes throughout today" I said. "When are people going to forget what happened to me at the party?" I asked no one in particular "Probably 3 weeks" Henry guessed "Or never" he finished.

*4 weeks later*

It's been four weeks now it's like no one has forgotten my party fiasco. "Ha Ni, I feel like running away far, far, far from here" I said to Ha Ni over the phone. "So it's getting even worse than it did when it first started?" She asked "Yup, I wish I can go back to Korea where problems like this don't happen" I said. "Um..I'm not too sure about that" answered Ha Ni I was starting to get confused "What do you mean?" I asked "Well you know Jason, he's coming to America sometime" Ha Ni told me I was quiet. "Yoona? You there?" "Yes I'm here, but Jason is coming to America why?" I asked interested "He wants to get back together with you and when you guys get together he wants to take you back to Korea with him" she answered, Jason was one of my past boyfriends he was the cutest guy in our school and still is. He treated me well and we always had fun but the reason I broke up with him was cause he was the type of guy that was overly protective and was always jealous, don't get me wrong I like it when guys get jealous but he just crossed the line not only that he was a bad boy my parents didn't like me hanging out with him cause of course his reputation as a bad boy and that he wasn't good at school.

"But we broke up a long time ago I didn't know he still had a thing for me" I said "Well ever since you guys broke up he still loved you" Ha Ni answered. "But even if he wanted to get back together my parents wouldn't tolerate it" "Your parents still have that rule that you can't date guys that don't have a 'bright future'?" She asked. "Yup that rule is still into affect and will be till I move out and go to college" I said jokingly "Remember that time you first brought Jason home? you told me that your parents almost had a heartattck when he opened his mouth" Ha Ni asked "Oh my gosh yes!" "My dad was about to flip out" I said reminiscing with Ha Ni. We talked for hours until she had to go "Aww you have to go?" I asked pouting "Yes I'm sorry" "I miss you so much I wish I was back in Korea and not here where people make fun of" I said ending the conversation and she hung up.

I sighed as I laid on my bed, I couldn't stop thinking about how Ha Ni said that Jason was coming to America. I guess he wasn't kidding when he said that he will come over to America and take me back to Korea with him I thought. I started to yawn and my eyelids were slowly closing and I fell into a deep sleep.

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