The New Girl (ON HOLD)

Yoona is a 17 year old girl who just moved from South Korea to San Antonio, Texas. She is the new girl in the neighborhood, she lives next door to Harry Styles a boy whom she meets when his parents invite Yoona's parents over for a cup of tea. They start to talk and get to know each other better and start becoming friends, But when one of Harry's friends invites Yoona over for a party he knows something bad is going to happen. He goes over to the party and tries to save her from humiliation but he is to late, and Yoona becomes the laughingstock of the school she starts to dread going to school everyday. But she just feels like running away from everyone and everything that's until Harry starts to like her and feel something special between Yoona and him, He starts to confess his feelings for her until one of Yoona's past boyfriend comes to visit her and wants to get back together, she starts to forget about school and she starts to get into this crazy love triangle. Who do you think Yoona will choose?


2. Chapter 2

"So your from South Korea?" Harry asked motioning for me to sit down. "Yes" I replied as I sat down looking around his house "That's cool..." He said looking at his feet not knowing what else to say "Hahahahahaha!" I quickly turned my head to see my parents laughing with Harry's mom. "You guys should come over next time and Yoona is welcome to come over whenever she would like, I know I'm sounding too forward but I think it would be great for her to come over seeing as her and Harry will be going to the same school it will be good for her to get to know Harry better." She said while smiling at me "That would be great and thank you for inviting us over" my mom said while heading out the door. "So I will seriously be going to the same school with that guy?" I asked my parents "Yes, but I think u should go over and get to know Harry before school starts" my dad said as he got the keys to open the door into our house out, I just don't think I can talk to this guy we barely even talked earlier when I came over to his house how do my parents expect me to "get to know him" better. "Mom do u have a calling card?" I asked "Yea" she answered "Is it ok if I call Oh Ha Ni?" "Sure, most definetly u haven't talked to her since u left so why not" my mom said while handing me the card, I ran up stairs straight to my room to call Ha Ni I haven't talked to her in awhile it feels like forever we've been best friends since we were little we were practically like sisters we did everything together. Her phone started to ring and then after about the third time she answers hey phone "Hello...who is this?" She asks half awake half asleep "It's Yoona" I answer "YOONA!" She yells fully awake now "I missed you so much it feels like a century since I've talked to you!" She says "I know, so how's it going over there in Korea?" I ask "Eh not much happening over here, u?" "Well today the next door neighbors invited my family and I over for tea" I said "Oh is that all that happened?" she asked. "No, so I meet their son his name is Harry and we really didn't talk much but get this..." I said laughing a little "They actually want me to get to know him better cause we will be going to the same school" I said still laughing "Is he cute?" "He is ok I guess" I said "But your parents want you to try to get to know him don't your parents know that your really shy" she said "Yea they do but they will probably say that me being shy isn't an excuse and things like that" "HAN NI!" I heard her mom yell in the background "Got to go" she said and quickly hung up.

*The Next Day*

"Yoona" my mom said "Your going over to Harry's house, so go make yourself look presentable" she said I went upstairs to go change into a pink floral top with white jeans and gold flats and I left my hair down. I came downstairs "You look nice" my mom said I went over to Harry's house as I approached the front door I rang the doorbell I heard some footsteps going down the stairs and Harry opened the door I walked into his house he closed the door before leading me into the living room. We both say there in total silence I decided to gather up the courage to start the conversation first "What do you like to do in your free time?" I asked him "I like to play soccer u?" He asked "I can draw a little" I answered " Really you can draw?!?!! That's pretty cool I'm going to have to ask you sometime to draw me" he said giggling I started to laugh a little. And just like that we started to talk to each other more and we started to feel comfortable with each other and laugh like we were old friends in just within 20 minitues of me meeting him "I see things are going pretty well here" his mom said walking into the room "Harry go take Yoona to the park or the movies or anywhere she might like, you kids go have fun" she said "Where would you like to go?" He asked "We can just go walk around and you can show me around town" I said so we headed out the door and we started walking around his neighborhood and he took me to Dairy Queen to get some ice cream. When we got out of DQ we started talking and laughing and messing around with each other "Hey can I see your ice cream?" Harry asked me, confused I gave it to him he pretended like he was going to eat it but then he smashed the ice cream on my nose playfully "HARRY!" I said yelled chasing him around trying to catch him laughing "Hey Styles" I heard someone say I turned around and saw a group of four boys coming our way "Hey guys" Harry said greeting them. They started talking until one of them saw me and asked Harry "Who is this?" I quickly wiped off the vanilla off my nose "She is just a family friend" Harry said lying "Styles is this girl your friend?" He asked I walked up to them and answered "Yes, I'm his friend" I answered.

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