The New Girl (ON HOLD)

Yoona is a 17 year old girl who just moved from South Korea to San Antonio, Texas. She is the new girl in the neighborhood, she lives next door to Harry Styles a boy whom she meets when his parents invite Yoona's parents over for a cup of tea. They start to talk and get to know each other better and start becoming friends, But when one of Harry's friends invites Yoona over for a party he knows something bad is going to happen. He goes over to the party and tries to save her from humiliation but he is to late, and Yoona becomes the laughingstock of the school she starts to dread going to school everyday. But she just feels like running away from everyone and everything that's until Harry starts to like her and feel something special between Yoona and him, He starts to confess his feelings for her until one of Yoona's past boyfriend comes to visit her and wants to get back together, she starts to forget about school and she starts to get into this crazy love triangle. Who do you think Yoona will choose?


1. Chapter 1

*2 weeks ago*

"Yoona there is something that your mother and I need to tell you." My dad said while I was just walking in from school "Sit down" my dad said while I laid my bag on the counter. "What is it?" I asked with a concerned look "I don't know how I'm going to say this but we are moving" he said staring at the floor "WHAT? WHY ARE WE MOVING? WHEN ARE WE MOVING?!?!?!!" Yoona yelled. "I got a job offer somewhere else and they pay good money too" he said "But the thing is that it's in the states" he said looking down again "THE STATES! But dad what about my friends and school?!?!!!!" Yoona said "Well your just going to have to make new ones at your new school" my mom said while walking into the kitchen. "We leave for San Antonio, Texas in 2 weeks" my dad said while getting up and going into the kitchen Yoona just sat there in disbelief.

* Today*

"Yoona your going to love your new school" my mom said excitedly. Ugh as if! I'd rather eat bark than live here and go to a new school, I was unpacking my stuff for my room until I came across a box labeled "Memories" I opened it up and found a bunch of pictures of me when I was little til now. I looked at the recent ones of my friends and I and the pictures we took before I left and on the back of each picture they each wrote a little note saying how much they were going to miss me and things like that tears started to form in my eyes. The doorbell rang "Yoona can you get the door" my mom asked while coming into my bedroom I quickly started to wipe my tears away "Sure" I answered back while getting up to go down stairs I opened the door to find a boy that was my age with black curly hair and dimples and light skin holding a plate of chocolate chip cookies. "My name is Harry and I live next door to you guys" he said while pointing to his house "I just wanted to say welcome to the neighborhood" he said while my mom walked in and stood behind me "If you guys need anything just let me know and my mom wanted to invite you guys over for tea" he said while handing me the plate of cookies. "Oh thank you and that would be wonderful" my mom said while closing the door "That was really nice of him to ask" my mom said I sat the plate of cookies on the kitchen counter and went up to my room to unpack some more. "Yoona go get ready we are going over to the next door neighbors house for a cup of tea" she said when I was finished getting dressed I met my parents downstairs we walked next door my dad rang the doorbell a lady in her 30's with long black hair answered the door "Oh come in! Come in! Come in!" She said excitedly. My family and I introduced ourselves and she introduced herself also she showed us around her house "Harry come downstairs and give the new neighbors a proper greeting" she said he came down and introduced himself "Why don't Yoona and Harry get to know each other and I will take you guys out to the garden" she said when they left it was just me and Harry there was this long awkward silence that fell into the room.

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