Writing with love - Friendzone

Love letters are kind of dated, they are not really written anymore. a simple letter written by hand and not some words on a printed out word document or like any others would send in a email now a days. no a real one, a genuine letter that gets you intrigued. that makes you want to know the person behind the words.

Allison writes a handwritten letter, after some serious talking her into it by her best friend. When she sends it to her favorite band member she didn't expect to get an answer. not at all in fact, because what world famous boy have time to write a letter right?

Liam has changed after the breakup with Sophia, he uncomfortable in crowds and more shy than before. He wants to change back to his old self but he doesn't know how. The boys get a box of fan stuff sent to the office and Liams eyes gets caught on a simple envelope with a all handwritten letters.
he feels like he need to answer it, so without the others noticing it he hides it and takes it home.


3. Writing you back

- Liam - 


It took us over an hour to read and go through every letter and gift and autograph signing thing from the box. I was itching to get back home and I thought that it would never end.

The letter was burning against my chest in the chest pocket of my jacket. It was like it wanted to be read again, it was calling me. It wanted to be answered. 

Harry's phone went of and he answered it, it was so obvious that it was Peyton that called. He lit up every time and he's smiling from ear to ear. I looked at my friend and smiled too, for the first time in a long time it didn't bother me. I didn't see what I didn't have, I just saw how happy my friend was. It was like the letter had found a switch in me that I didn't knew I had and I was starting to move on, to be the old me again, but a better version.

I collected my stuff that I had gotten from the box, waved good bye to the others and hurried out of the conference room and down to the lobby. 

As I walked out of the elevator I stopped instantly when the front door and the front window that covered pretty much the hole wall. I cringed when I saw that it was even more fans and paparazzi then this morning.

I closed my eyes taking a deep breath and tried to not let the panic get the best of me. I just had to get to the car and then it would be fine.when I opened my eyes again I saw Paul standing right by the door looking at me, he looked worried and I gave him a small smile.

I felt so nervous, but this wasn't new to me. I had done this before, getting through a big crowd of fans and paparazzi to get to my car. I had done it a million times but ever since a couple of months ago this scared me the living shit out of me for some reason.


"you okay, Liam?" Paul asked and laid his big hand on my shaking shoulder. 


I gulped and closed my eyes and once again took a few deep breaths. I had to calm down, I had to get this shit together. Greeting fans and having paparazzi around, it sort of comes with the job. Being on stage and preform wasn't scary, but this was. 


"I don't know." I mumbled and opened my brown eyes and looked back at Paul.


He must have seen the panic I was feeling because he sighed and made a sign to some of the other bodyguards that was standing not to far behind us. Paul squeezed my shoulder and gave me a reassuring smile. 

He had been the one saving me during my first panic attack when a couple of paparazzi got a bit to close and a lot of fans were screaming around us. It wasn't like I hadn't been through it before but it was overwhelming and I felt so small not knowing what to do.

I chest had started to feel tighter and I felt like I couldn't get any air. my head had felt lighter and as I started to hyperventilate my legs got slightly wobbly and I nearly fell to the ground. If Paul hadn't been there I probably would have fallen and maybe gotten hurt in the process.  he had shouted to them to give me some space and tried to pry of the fans that had been closing in on us to get a picture or a autograph. When he finally got their attention to give me space it was already to late I had a full blown out panic attack. I felt like I was about to faint but then we reached the car.

The boys had been in front of me not knowing what happened and as we got into the safety of the car it took them nearly 45 minutes to calm me down. 

After that incident every time we had to go through a bigger crowd these panic attacks had started to happen. I didn't know what triggered the first panic attack and  didn't know how to make them stop either.


"Liam, we are going to take you to your car, just relax and breath." he said.

"No stops today." I whimpered and shook my head trying to shake it of. 


Just when I thought these attacks where getting better, I get thrown back into stage one. I had tried everything though. I've tried hypnoses, therapy and self-help books but nothing really helps.

I took a deep breath again, putting my sunglasses on and pulling the black beanie down a bit further on my head. The other bodyguards that Paul had called over walked outside before us and made sure I had enough space to walk without getting to crowded. 


"Ready?" Paul asked as he got a sign from Burt that was standing closest to us.

"As ready as I'll ever be." I sighed and took a steady grip on Paul's hand holding on to it like it was a lighthouse in a really bad storm.


Paul opened the door and the fans standing outside started screaming and the paparazzi started calling my name to get my attention. I didn't answer them but gave them a small smile and a short wave so they wouldn't think I was a total dickhead avoiding them. I finally got to the car and jumped into it as fast as I could. Paul closed the door after me and then helped the others make the crowd back of so that I could get my car out.

10 minutes later I was finally out on the road heading home. It took me 15 minutes of driving before I spotted my apartment-building at the end of the street. I drove into the underground parking, parked my car on my parking space and then walked over to the elevator.

I lived on the 5th floor, it overlooked a little park and the apartment had 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a large kitchen/dining room connected to the living area and a small balcony overlooking the park. 

I really liked this place, I had gotten it a few years ago as a investment and liked how it suited my London life. But ever since the first panic attack I had started to think about maybe getting a house maybe a bit further out of town. my own private get-away where I just had me and Loki and nothing else. somewhere I could write new music and just relax.


The elevator pinged and the doors opened and I walked straight up to front door as I got out of it. I unlocked the door and stepped into my apartment. I walked into the kitchen and made myself a cup of tea and looked through my drawers for some paper or something to write on and a envelope to answer that girl. I found what I looked for and brought the tea with me into my dark blue colored master bedroom. 

I sat the cup down on the nightstand and also the notepad, pen and envelope I had brought with me. I then jumped up on the bed making myself comfortable against the pillows and headboard. I took my jacket of and got the letter out before throwing the jacket over to the chair I had standing in the room next to the bed. 

I unfolded the letter read it again a few times before getting the notepad and pen to start writing back. 

but what the hell do I write? something reserved and just 'thanks for the letter' kind thing or an actual 'hey lets get to know each other for real' kind of thing? If I do the first thing I could have answered it at the office but I didn't so maybe I should just try to get to know her? what do I have to loose?

I bit on the edge of the pen thinking about what I wanted to write to her. I wanted to get to know this girl. I didn't know why, I just did. I didn't know what made me want to read that letter or why I took it home with me I just knew that this was to special to just ignore. Maybe it was faith?  

Peyton would have been so proud of me if she saw me right now. For getting out there and making myself vulnerable. then again, I did it because I thought I was ready for it not because I was forced into it or ambushed into doing it. it was my choice.  

Now I just had to write her back. 

How do I start? This was so silly, I was a member of a world famous boy band and I had co-written and written so many songs lately but now when I was going to write a simple letter, I had writers block? 

I sighed and started biting on the pen again. 'here it goes' I thought and put the pen to the paper and started writing.


Hi, Allison Davis!

Thank you for your letter. I really don't know what to write back actually but your suggestion on starting at the beginning sounds like a good idea

I'm fine, hope that you are well too? you have a friend that cares about you, that's good.

Even though I know that it can be a bit annoying sometimes but they just mean well. I have the same problem. I know they care but pushing isn't always the best answer even though I know where they are coming from and why they do it. 

I don't know why I found your letter so interesting I just knew I wanted to write you back. I would like to take the chance if you are? getting to know a new person hasn't hurt anybody right?

I would really like to get to know you too. I don't know why but I just do. This could be a really good start on a friendship.

Liam Payne


Taking risks and meet new people, falling in love and growing up to be the person you want to be is a part of life. I wasn't ready to write love yet. but getting to know somebody new is always good thing right? 

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