Writing with love - Friendzone

Love letters are kind of dated, they are not really written anymore. a simple letter written by hand and not some words on a printed out word document or like any others would send in a email now a days. no a real one, a genuine letter that gets you intrigued. that makes you want to know the person behind the words.

Allison writes a handwritten letter, after some serious talking her into it by her best friend. When she sends it to her favorite band member she didn't expect to get an answer. not at all in fact, because what world famous boy have time to write a letter right?

Liam has changed after the breakup with Sophia, he uncomfortable in crowds and more shy than before. He wants to change back to his old self but he doesn't know how. The boys get a box of fan stuff sent to the office and Liams eyes gets caught on a simple envelope with a all handwritten letters.
he feels like he need to answer it, so without the others noticing it he hides it and takes it home.


20. Going home

- Allison -


it took a few days to be let out of the hospital. Liam was looking over me like a hawk and never really left my side. My grandparents really liked him though and they welcomed him into the family like he had always been a part of it. 

He was a gentleman, a loving and caring man that wasn't that hard to like in the first place so I was never really that worried. he was the most honest and adorable man that I had ever in my life met and I thanked the gods and the legend for letting him into my life. 

I was sitting in the mandatory wheelchair getting wheeled out by one of the nurses while Liam was walking next to me. he looked worried and relieved at the same time and I couldn't help but to let out a small giggle as I watched him. 

the doctors kept telling me that I needed to take it slow and that I needed to rest. I just wanted to go home. 


Liam and the nurse helped me to get into his car, he buckled me up said goodbye to the nurse before he walked around the car to get into the drivers seat. 


"Liam." I slowly said.

"yeah?" he asked.

"can we go to the sight?" I asked him.


I wanted closure and I wanted to see where it all happened. it was so dark that night and the headlights did blind me so I wanted to see it.


"you think that is a good idea? maybe we should wait a few days, when you'll feel better?" he asked as he easily maneuvered the car out of the parking lot. 

"please Liam." I pleaded.

"fine." he sighed as he gave up.


he drove silently to the place just outside of town it didn't take that long until the sight came into view. it was easy to see that something had happened here. not just because the snow was still on the ground but for some reason the car was still there. it was a total wreak. 


"Oh my god!" I gasped as he parked the car on the opposite side of the road. 

"yeah." he whispered.

"we were in that car?" I gasped again, it was a horrible sight.

"yeah, you were really lucky that you weren't more hurt or killed."  his voice was even but I knew that he was scared, and rightfully so he nearly lost me.

"I'm okay now." I whispered and leaned as close as I could with the operation wound I got not stretching to much.

"I love you, I was so close to nearly loosing you." he sniffled and leaned closer to me.


I held him as tight to my chest that I dared and slowly pulled my fingers through his hair as he finally cried in my arms. he was one of the strongest people I had ever met but in this situation I had to be strong for him. he was just as affected about this as me even though i was the one nearly getting killed. I loved this man so much and knowing that we were both going to get through this together gave me hope.

we both cried for while until it seamed like we where out of tears. suddenly the noticed that a tow truck had come up to the scene to get the car out of the way. 

Liam sat up and dried his eyes with his sweater before turning to me.


"ready to go home?" he asked, his voice deeper from him crying.

"yeah, lets go home." I sighed.


-  -  - 


I had slept for a few hours since we came home to my grandparents house. Liam had called his parents and we had postponed the visit for a few more days to let me recover more. I slowly tried to sit up against the head board when the door opened and Liam peeked in to probably check up on me.


"oh you are awake? I brought you some tea." he said walking into the room with two cups and something tucked under his left arm.

"thank you." I said moving over to make room for him to sit next to me.

"how are you feeling?" he asked as he gave me one of the cups.

"I'm okay. sore and a bit tired but I'm okay." I smiled tasting the tea.

"Your  grandparents are nice." he smiled back.

"yeah, the best. what is that?" I said and pointed at the folder that he now had in his lap.

"house prospects. I had them in the car and brought them in before. I looked through them but I was thinking maybe you wanted to take a look." he asked and handed them to me. 


I raised my eyebrows looking at him for a few seconds before giving him the cup. why would he want me to look through them? but I humored him and opened the first one. 

it was a pretty nice house, not one I would have chosen but it was nice. the second one was similar to the one that my grandparents lived in but it still wasn't a one I would choose for Liam. then in the 5th folder was a beautiful house. it was light grey with a dark-grey trim and windows and front door was a vibrant forest green color. it had rose bushes and an all around front porch. I turned the page and read that it had 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a large kitchen dining room, living room and a large garden. it had a cellar with room for a office and a recording room and a balcony overlooking the garden in the master bedroom. it had white walls and looked like you could move straight in. 

it was just like the house I had pictured my self living in when I would move from my grandparents.


"do you like it?" Liam asked.

"Like it? I love it, its so beautiful." I said looking trough the folder again.

"It's in the same area as Harry and Peytons house. like 10 minute walk and 20 minutes to work." he said taking a sip from his tea.

"that's good. I can picture you living there." I said.

"can you picture you living there?" he asked.

"what?" I turned my head and looked at him.

"could you picture us living there?" he asked again.

"what are you saying?" I asked him.

"I'm asking if you would like to live with me, in that house?" he smirked.


he wanted to live with me? he wanted me? Even though we both had told each other that we loved each other it was still a bit unreal that he would want me. just in that moment when I didn't think I could live him more I did. I gave him a smile and a nod.


"really?" he asked looking like he just had won the lottery.

"yeah." I smiled again. 


he leaned in and pressed his soft lips against mine, our lips pressed together and our tongues fighting for dominance as I kissed him back getting a hold on his shirt to pull him closer. but then the stitches hurt and I hissed out of pain.


"we have time to do stuff like that the rest of our lives baby." he whispered as he smiled so wide and backed of. 

"so in it for life then Mr Payne?" I giggled.

"so in." he laughed with me.


- - -


Miranda was of to collage now. I didn't want her to put her life on pause because of my accident. it had been a month since the accident and last weekend Liam had drove down to pic me up and take me to see his parents. they were so nice and his mom kept crying for some reason I didn't even now. his sisters were adorable and his dad looked like a proud king in his kingdom. they really seemed to like me though and we had fun. Karen, Liam's mom, kept cooking these amazing meals and she even let me help her with a few of them. 

Liam was still looking quite worried about me from time to time but on the last day of our stay his dad welcomed me into the family and said that he had never seen Liam this happy before. 

my grandparents was thinking of retiring to the summer and was actually planning to move a bit closer to us but on mine and Liam's suggestion they were now looking on house near Wolverhampton. 

The house that we had been looking at was even more beautiful in real life. it felt like home the minute we stepped over the threshold when the girl was showing us the house. it was big enough but didn't feel like a huge mansion for just two people. we could grow into this house, start a family and not really grow out of it. 

the garden was perfect for Loki to run around in and it was just perfect for us. Liam put in an offer and we got the house for the asking price. it was like a dream come true really. it was a perfect house and we were so happy that we got it. we could really be happy there we could really grow old and grey there.




Tell me what you think..  I might edit this in the future to give it more justice but for now I'm okay with it. 


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