Writing with love - Friendzone

Love letters are kind of dated, they are not really written anymore. a simple letter written by hand and not some words on a printed out word document or like any others would send in a email now a days. no a real one, a genuine letter that gets you intrigued. that makes you want to know the person behind the words.

Allison writes a handwritten letter, after some serious talking her into it by her best friend. When she sends it to her favorite band member she didn't expect to get an answer. not at all in fact, because what world famous boy have time to write a letter right?

Liam has changed after the breakup with Sophia, he uncomfortable in crowds and more shy than before. He wants to change back to his old self but he doesn't know how. The boys get a box of fan stuff sent to the office and Liams eyes gets caught on a simple envelope with a all handwritten letters.
he feels like he need to answer it, so without the others noticing it he hides it and takes it home.


9. Getting out of town


- Allison -

Christmas went faster then I had thought it would go. After the hole Jamie thing, I was more to myself. I still hadn't told Liam, I didn't want to worry him. but that fact was that I was getting anxious of meeting him now. like, what if he will do the same thing? start out as nice and then just flip and go creepy on me?

Everything was Jamie's fault. I hated him for taking my sense of feeling confident. I couldn't do anything without feeling that he was looking at me or just checking up on what I'm doing.

Before I was shy yeah but now it had come to this hole other level. I only talked to the people I already knew and at work I went to this persona of being the book-store-lady. i hated feeling insecure about myself and this far nobody really noticed. at least I thought so. 


The bag was almost packed and Miranda was sitting on my bed watching me get ready. She looked amazing in her brown dress with the black tights and black cardigan. her black boots were down by the front door since it had rained during the night before. she was fiddling with her hair as I was getting the last stuff into the bag. 


"Are you done yet?" she asked. 

"yeah, just getting some socks." I told her and gave her a small smile. 

"So that Jamie guy? you think you guys will be friends? more than friends?" she asked curiously and winked by the last question.


I hadn't told her either about Jamie's sudden change of behavior. I didn't know what to say. she was leaving the country in just a few weeks and I didn't want her to worry. I didn't really want anyone to worry so I just didn't tell them. I could deal with this myself. 

what could I tell her without making her ask more questions? 


"Uhm... I don't know..." I trailed of at the end still not knowing what to tell her.

"you are keeping your options open? Good girl! How's the hole Payno thing going then? you meeting him or what?" she giggled.

"we might have schedueled somehting while we are in London." I whispered and closed my bag setting it on the floor sitting down faceing my best friend.

"you might have what?" she asked gently.

"well, we might meet up while we are in London." I said.

"Way to go Alli!" she cheered and raised her hand in a high five.


I didn't do it back I just looked at her. was a high five still cool? I shook my head but still had my eyes on her.


"Come on! don't leave me hanging!" she said still having her hand up.


I gave her a smile and the high five before getting up again to get changed. I was still in my robe after the shower I had this morning just before Miranda came into the kitchen with her bright pink travel-bag. 

I took a pair of black skinny jeans and a new blouse I got for christmas from Miranda actually. it was a light cream and had smal black dots on it, black buttons down the front and a black collar that was complementing the short sleves. it was cute I liked it.

I put my black blazer on and got my hair up into a messy bun before turning to get an aproval from Miranda.


"You look great." she smiled.


suddenly my phone went of. the only one that would ever text me was Miranda and she was here. maybe it was Liam? just a few days ago we decided to exchange numbers. we had texted a lot so thats why I had a huge smile on my face opening the homescreen. then my face droped as I didn't recognize the number. 

but the message made me know who it was right away.


Unknown number: wear your gift or I have to mark you mine in other ways.


I lost all the color i had in my face. this was a threat and it was only Jamie that could have sent it. 

we hadn't exchanged numbers even if we had gone on a date. he had come into the book store a few times and we had talked then and on our date he picked me up at the store like we had desiced from the time before he was there to see me. I didn't really know why we hadn't though. it would have been easier if we had. but after christmas eve I was so glad we hadn't. 

now that was ruined too. I don't know how he got the number but now he had it. 


"Uhm.. what if we get some tea with Granddad and Nana before we leave?" I asked Miranda tha was  checking something on her phone. 


I guess she hadn't noticed my reaction from the text message. she looked up and smiled getting up.


"yeah, it will probably calm them down a bit too." she said.

"I'll be right down just need to cheek everything." I said. 

"I'll get the kettle on and the grandparents assembled." she giggled and got out of my room. 


I sat down on the bed staring at the text again. I was shaking. this thing with Jamie was scaring me more than I thought. maybe I should tell someone after all? I took a deep breath trying to collect all my thoughts and trying to calm down. I let a long breath out before getting the necklace from the bottom of my desk putting it in the bag. I didn't want to wear it but If I got any more texts from him I could prove I had it with me. I was scared what he would do or what he could do to me if I didn't had it on. 

I maybe should have given it back to him but I hadn't talked to him since he had been to my house so there hadn't really been a time to do it yet. 

I got the bag and swung it over my shoulder. I thanked my grandmother for teaching me to pack a lot in a smaller bag so I wasn't needed to take a monstrous suitcase like Miranda. I had packed pair of heels in there, a few dresses, a pair of blue jeans, a lot of tights a few t shirts and a few other sweaters. I was really impressed with myself for still having space left in it actually. 

I walked down the stairs and I was immediately calmed down even more by the voices of my loved ones. they were sitting bu the kitchen table, Miranda entertaining my grandparents with some new joke she already had told me a few hours ago.


All I could do was to watch them and smile, feeling how lucky I was to have all these people that loved and cared about me. 


"hey, you ready?" Miranda interuppted my thoughts.

"yeah, all done." I smiled. 

"then let's go. don't really want to be stuck in traffic all day do we?" she smiled and got up.

"no, we don't want that." I giggled.

"So be careful, don't do anything stupid and stay away from boys all they mean is truoble." my grandfather smiled.


i knew it was a combined joke and warning. without it it wouldn't have been my grandpa.


"I love you and be safe, take care of each other." Nana said smiling giving me a hug. 

"we are a few hours from here, it's not like I'm leaving the country." I chuckled giving her a hug back before giving grandpa one too.


Miranda was already out by her car, she wanted to drive it as much as she could before leaving for the states, at least that was her excuse to drive. I waved to my grandparents as Miranda drove of and then finally we were on the road. it felt like it had taken days but in fact just a few hours from the moment she walked into my house this morning.


"we are officially on the road." she shouted as we drove out of town.

"this last adventure of me and you has started." I joined in.

"no this is not the last one, we are best friends for life sweetheart. You ain't getting rid of me that fast." she said.

"of course we are, so don't you forget about me and get a new best friend over there in the states." I told her. 

"never. pinky swear." she said holding up her pinky.

"what are we five?" I asked her.

"yes at this very minute we are!" she shouted again.


we joined our pinkys and there for sealed our friendship. for this trip Miranda had gone all the way, she had snacks, she had downloaded all the one direction albums witch was now nearly exploding the speakers. we were singing along at the top of our lungs.

I was so going to miss this, us doing this. just being ourselves.

I just hoped that this thing with Jamie wouldn't destroy me or destroy what me and Liam could have.




I'm not a big fan of this chapter. but it makes the story go a bit. tell me what you all think and comment below. 

- Sarah

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