Writing with love - Friendzone

Love letters are kind of dated, they are not really written anymore. a simple letter written by hand and not some words on a printed out word document or like any others would send in a email now a days. no a real one, a genuine letter that gets you intrigued. that makes you want to know the person behind the words.

Allison writes a handwritten letter, after some serious talking her into it by her best friend. When she sends it to her favorite band member she didn't expect to get an answer. not at all in fact, because what world famous boy have time to write a letter right?

Liam has changed after the breakup with Sophia, he uncomfortable in crowds and more shy than before. He wants to change back to his old self but he doesn't know how. The boys get a box of fan stuff sent to the office and Liams eyes gets caught on a simple envelope with a all handwritten letters.
he feels like he need to answer it, so without the others noticing it he hides it and takes it home.


4. Answers

- Allison -


I got up that morning thinking that it would be like any other day that week. It had been 13 days, 4 hours and, I looked at my phone laying on my nightstand, 42 minutes since I had posted the letter.

Miranda actually had to pray it out of my hands and drag me away from the postbox so that I wouldn't try to take it back. it was a really pathetic sight and I didn't know why she had to do that. I wanted to write him, I did it. so why had I done that? 


I sighed and sat up in my bed running a hand through my long light brown hair. I was still under the covers that covered my arms and front and looked over to the window. my back got chills from the cold air hitting it. 

the days where getting really cold now and it wasn't that long until Christmas. I sighed and watched the birds flying across the sky outside my window. 

I could here them singing and how my grandmother where downstairs in the kitchen. since it was about 8 o'clock in the morning I knew that my grandfather was already at the store setting up for opening at 10 o'clock.


I got out from under the covers and got a towel before I rushed over the cold floor to the bathroom to take a quick shower. I washed my hair and rinsed my body from the vanilla scented body-wash I had washed myself in. I got out when I was done and dried my hair a bit with the towel before wrapping myself in it. I decided I didn't want to wear any makeup today. I wasn't even going to wear the contacts. I brushed my hair and let it be down to air-dry. 

I walked out into my bedroom again to put some clothes on. I took out my light skinny jeans and a white button up shirt and a green knitted sweater that matched my blue eyes. I got dressed and grabbed my phone before I headed downstairs to the kitchen.


"Good morning sweetheart." my grandmother said and handed me a cup of hot tea. 

"Good morning." I said and sat down by the kitchen table where a plate was set with a stack of pancakes.

"your grandfather asked me to tell you that you have to close the store today." she said as she made herself a new cup of tea before she sat down next to me at the kitchen table to keep me company.

"sure, I promised Miranda to help her with some packing later today though but I guess I could do that after 6 o'clock." I sighed and started eating on the pancakes.

"I'm sure that will be fine." she smiled.

"yeah, I can't believe she is leaving right after new years." I whined.

"you are all growing up so fast. It feels like it was just yesterday that you were born." she smiled again taking a sip of her tea.

"I'm turning 20 in just a few weeks." I smiled and took my plate to the sink to wash it. 

"yeah, I know." she chuckled. 

"Nanna, do you think I have trouble finding love?" I ask her as I turn around looking at her.'

"where does this come from dear?" she asked looking worried.

"it was just something that Miranda said." I sighed looking down. 

"love finds you when you least expect it to, sweetheart. don't worry about it okay?" she said walking up to me and gave me a hug. 

"okay." I said and hugged her back.


again I new she was right, but it still nagged me. was I that hopeless when it came to love?


"you know we Davis's have this curse/blessing legend. did your mother ever tell you about it?" she asked.

"no, I overheard my parents talk about it once but they thought I was to young to actually hear it." I told Nanna. 

"well you see it started out over  a hundred years ago with you grandfathers great great great grand father. he was sure that he was going to end up alone so he prayed every night to God to give him someone to love. then one day out of the blue he meet a girl and they fell instantly in love." she said.

"love at first sight?" I asked.

"yes, they got married after a week and were so in love until the day they died together in a fire. so through the generations of Davis's the same phenomenon had happened. all falling in love and staying together to the day they died." she said.

"seriously? every time?" I asked surprised.

"yeah, every time. You will know when you meet your love dear. the love will find you." she smiled and left the kitchen.


I was standing there thinking about the hole legend thing. maybe I just hadn't meet the right guy yet? maybe I just had to meet the right guy and everything will just fall into place. I grabbed my phone and my keys and called goodbye to my grandmother before taking my jacket and getting out to my truck. It was still a bit early so I decided to go over to the cafe and give Miranda a call. 

just as I was about to start the car the mailman put mail into our mailbox. I got out and walked slowly up to it as the mailman drove of. I opened it and took all the letters out.

It was a few bills and the newspaper and then in the bottom of the pile a plain white envelope with my name on it. I didn't know anyone that would send me a letter. I put the bills and the paper back and brought the letter with me back to my car. I couldn't open it yet though. I drove to the book store and parked at my usual spot before getting out and locking it. I walked over to the diner to get a cup of coffee before my shift that started at 11 o'clock. I got my coffee and sat down in a booth in the far end of the diner to get some privacy. 

I got the letter out of my pocket and slowly opened it. it had a pretty nice handwriting on it. I started reading it and my mouth dropped when I realized who the letter was from. my eyes scanned the letter to the end to see the signature. it was signed from Liam Payne. 


Hi, Allison Davis!

thank you for your letter. I really don't know what to write back
actually but your suggestion on starting at the beginning sounds
like a good idea. 

I'm fine, hope that you are well too?

you have a friend that cares about you, that's good thing.

Even though I know that it can be a bit annoying sometimes but they just mean well. I have the same problem. I know they care but pushing isn't always the best answer even though I know where they are coming from and why they do it. 

I don't know why I found your letter so interesting I just knew I wanted to write you back. I would like to take the chance if you are? getting to know a new person hasn't hurt anybody right?

I would really like to get to know you too. I don't know why but I just do. 

this could be a really good start on a friendship.

Liam Payne


He actually wrote back! I quickly got my phone out and dialed Miranda's number. I read it through a couple of time again before she actually answered.


"yeah, what?" she grunted.

"I got a letter in the mail today." I said.

"so? a lot of people get letters in the mail. it's kind of the thing with mail." she sighed.

"no Miranda, I got A letter in the mail today." I smiled.

"You got an answer on you letter?" she asked with an high pitched voice screaming now.

"yeah, and I'm going to write him back again." I told her as I read it through again.

"you go girl." she chuckled.

"look I got to go, I have to work but I will tell you more about it later. see you tonight." I said and hung up after I heard her say bye.


I drank up my coffee and folded the letter into my pocket again and got up to get to work. 


- - - 



It took me a few hours to actually wrap my head around the fact that Liam had written me back. it made me distracted and my grandfather noticed. 


"you are not thinking about a boy, right?" he grunted as I dropped a book for the 4th time this afternoon.

"what makes you think that?" I said and frowned at him, feeling a bit guilty.

"you have the same expression your mother had when she started thinking about your father." he told me.

"that is the second time I've been compared with my mother in a really short time. am I that easy to read?" I asked and folded my arms over my chest.

"yes." he said simply and I saw the wave of pain mist over his eyes before he composed himself and walked to behind the register.


my mother had been a daddy's girl, so when she past away he was really sad for a long time. that I was looking like her and that I was more and more alike to her every day must be hard for him. 


"Grandpa, if I was thinking of a boy would that matter?" I asked.

"Sweetheart, you are a grown up now. you are over 18 years of age. there isn't that much I can tell you you can't do." he sighed.

"no I guess not." I smiled.

"just be careful, sweetie." he smiled back.


He walked up to me and kissed my forehead before I left to the back of the store.

I knew he just wanted me to be safe and I knew he only said things like this and acted so reserved because he cared. 

And I liked that he cared, I liked that he was a bit overprotective and wanted me to be a better person. that was just who he is and I wouldn't want to be any other way.

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