My Life as a teen!

I'm just your average teenage girl but the only problem is I hate it,I'm not really like them but I've tried and I don't know why I even cared!


1. When I Was Younger!

My life was pretty great when I was younger,I didn't have to care about what I wore or the way I looked in the morning.My Life Was PERFECT until I found out what school I got excepted to...

An all girls school :'( erghhh I hate schools like that.You see I was a tomboy, loved sports hated make up or dresses or even skirts.its liked everything I loved was just gonna be gone for quite a while and when I started I was sure!

Like in American movies you see and how the groups are split up luckily for us,it weren't like that just yet.Everyone was mixed and everyone got along fine,No bullies, No fights and No problems!Just perfect.

First year at my school went by quick and happy mostly. Everyone has those few arguments here and there no child doesn't!But in my next year I would find out how much worse they can get.Before I skip to my next chapter I should finish this one correctly,In this year I went to my very first concert with my bestfriends they are amazing and we went to see artist I loved for years especially ColdPlay!Aswell as that I had an amazing summer with my 2 bestfriends but just as the holidays ended I got a nasty shock on of the worst I've gotten so far, I found out my best friend Alicia got adopted by her uncle & Aunty in Northern Ireland and that I will never see her again! A fact it's been 3 years and I haven't see her since :'(!

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