The 3 Idiots I Fell In Love With (Marcus Butler,Alfie Deyes,Caspar Lee)


3. The Truth

My face is full of confusion

"why did you kiss him?"

I was confused at what she said but also felt hurt, why wouldn't my best friend tell me something like that? I tell her everything and

"you know Maddie likes Marcus so she keeps something like that hidden from me

"Well maybe I could get Marcus to start liking Maddie? I mean I'm having a sleepover with Marcus,Caspar and Alfie tonight, so if you forgive me for what happened earlier we could all have a sleepover?"

"Fine, I forgive you and you know I couldn't ignore you for any longer than 2 minutes"

Maddie interrupted our hugging session by shouting

"lets get some food!!"

Seriously that girl is always eating, well anyways I guess her and Marcus could go up to the shops to get some snacks whilst me and Emilie stay here with Caspar,

"yeah! We're having a big sleepover tonight anyways so how about you and Marcus go up to the shops to get some snacks?"

"Yeah! Okay, so we can at least have some decent snacks"

she said whilst walking out of the corridor,

"I like your plan Curly Fry, your getting Maddie and Marcus together so they can be a happy couple....AND I can date that cute boy out there what's his name again?"

"His names Caspar, and you've never met him before so get to know him before you go out with him"

"I can get to know him, it will all work out Molly! You'll see, oh and nearly forgot about you, you could date Alfie then we could all go out on three way date and be all happy and-"

"Emily! I don't even know Alfie, I've only spoken to him once so there's not a very high chance I would go out with him"

"Yeah, but Moll, you didn't deny it, so just give it a try, talk to alfie tonight? Get his number and just go for it, he seems like a real nice guy and you deserve someone like that"

Maybe Emilie was right? maybe I should just go for it, i don't want to be the one with no boyfriend whilst they're having make out sessions with there's

"Okay, I will talk to Alfie tonight and get to know him, wait! I forgot Caspar was in the lounge, lets go see him, get you two talking" we walked into the lounge and Caspar was no where to be seen,

"let me just check Marcus' room, he might of gone in there?"

I walked into Marcus' room to find Caspar walk out of Marcus' bathroom in a towel, I ran out of the room to find Emilie,

"Did you find Caspar?"

She asked

"Um...yeah he's in Marcus' room"

I didn't want to say any more and with that Caspar walked into the lounge,

"Hi Molly, sorry I was In the shower, since I had to wash off all the whipped cream, who's your friend?"

"Oh it's okay Caspar and this is Emilie, she's my best mate and her and Maddie will also be joining our sleepover night, Marcus and Maddie have gone to get some snacks for tonight so they should be back soon"

"ah right, well what do you want to do for the time being?"

"Well I've got to go sort out movies and bedding for tonight so why not you and Emily do something? Since carrying bedding into the lounge isn't very fun"

"Well, it's not very fair letting you get everything, how about we all pick out a movie and get some bedding, then we can all do something together before Marcus and Maddie get back?"

This is going to be hard getting Caspar to spend some time with Emilie, I need him to realise that I'm not the girl for him, he needs someone better than me, he needs Emilie

"Um well we can all pick out movies but Caspar, you haven't got to know Emilie yet, I will sort the bedding out if we all pick movies?"

Please say this works, please say this works

"okay I guess, let's go pick some movies!!!"

Caspar ran off to the DVD box and Emilie grabbed my arm

"thanks Molly, I will help you out with Alfie, that's what best friends do right?"

After about 30 minutes of deciding what movies to watch, I picked out Ted , Emilie picked One Missed Call great, she knows horrors scare me....wait, I think I know why she picked a horror...well played Emilie, Caspar couldn't pick one so I warned him if he didn't pick one in the next minute I would make him watch Friends with Benefits, he picked out the most randomest film since he didn't want to watch Friends with benefits he pulled out the Hannah Montana movie....

"Why do you have this film?"

Caspar says trying not to laugh although he said it with the biggest grin on up his face, Emilie buts in saying "Hey! This is many girls childhoods in this movie so were watching it!, you will probably enjoy it"

Caspar just walked away laughing.

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