The 3 Idiots I Fell In Love With (Marcus Butler,Alfie Deyes,Caspar Lee)


4. Chapter 4

"Right,Emilie nows your chance to go talk to Caspar whilst I put the bedding In the lounge, go for it gurllll"

she looked pretty nervous, I've never seen Emilie react this way around any boy ever since Hamish cheated on her, she hasn't spoken to or about him ever since then so I think this is her chance to finally have happiness again,

"Right...okay....just going to go talk to Caspar now....any second now-"

"Emily! Stop dawdling and go talk to him!"

She was showing her nervous side even more now

"okay! I will go talk to him"

and with that she finally built up courage to go to Marcus' room to speak to him, it took me about 5 minutes to carry everyone's bedding out but I just brought 3 big duvets, so me and Emilie, Marcus and Maddie, and Caspar and Alfie can all share a duvet with someone, I could here giggling in the other room so I was guessing Emilie is becoming friends with Caspar, I'm so glad for her, well lets just see what happens tonight. I didn't want to interrupt Caspar and Emilie talking so I decided to put on my moustache pyjamas and wash up before everyone was back, I didn't wear make up but I just tend to wash my face every day, I put my mid length hair into a 'slag bun' as Emilie would call it but I just think of it as a messy bun. I went to he kitchen to grab my Nutella and a spoon and sat down in the lounge and watched some Adventure time, Even though I was 16 I still loved kids shows, someone rang the doorbell, but because adventure time had just started I had to sing the theme song (I tend to ignore the doorbell a lot because usually Emilie just answers it), Marcus must of told Alfie to just come straight in because when I finished singing the last line of the song Alfie stood there clapping his hands,

"Long time no see Molly"

I paused the tv to jump up off the sofa to give Alfie a hug

"Alfie!, I haven't seen you in ages, it's so good to finally see you again"

You know how hugs are usually short, well when Alfie responded to my offer for a hug, he gave me an extremely long hug which I didn't mind just shocked to think if Alfie actually liked me back "Caspar's in Marcus' room if you wanna go see him"

"I've just got here Molly, how about I get changed into my Pjs and watch some Adventure time with you?"

So Alfie would prefer to spend time with me rather than go say hi to his friend he's known longer than me??

" If you want to, then yeah I'm up for that"

when he came back into the lounge he was wearing TopShop checkered pyjama bottoms with his Jack Wills jumper I was too busy staring at Alfie I didn't realise that he grabbed a duvet and chucked it over me and him

"You don't mind do you?"

Alfie asked

"no, no it's fine"

3 hours later

We're all sat on the living room floor with blankets,pillows,quilts etc we have loads of junk food say sweets,crisps,popcorn you name it due to the fact that Maddie and Marcus went shopping talking of them two maddie is a sleep on Marcus's shoulder and Marcus is just sat there watching the film,Emilie is sat next to Caspar she is really enjoying this film we are watching one missed call Caspar looks scared, I laughed to myself and looked up at Alfie he is looking at the screen, I rested my head on his shoulder almost instantly He put his arm around me I saw Marcus looking at us was that jealousy flicker across his eyes before looking down at Maddie he stroked her hair.

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