The 3 Idiots I Fell In Love With (Marcus Butler,Alfie Deyes,Caspar Lee)


2. Chapter 2-And Then It Happened

..Caspar lee kissed me and to make matters worse Marcus walked in as soon as Caspar kissed me, Marcus looked hurt, betrayed by his bestfriend and ran off to his room,

"Marcus wait!"

I said running to his room, he sat there crying, I never though I would see my brother cry so I went and sat by him,

"Marcus why are you so upset at the fact Caspar kissed me?"

"Because, I've known you all my life Molly, You've been he one there for me and I've been there for you when you've had your heartbreaks, to be honest when I first met you, I fell In love with you, but knowing me being the friggin shy Marcus I didn't have the guts to tell you how I felt, I felt this way about you for a very long time now and I guess I was just jealous of Caspar, that's why I didn't want you dating him, you like him I can see it In your eyes I just can't understand why I can't get not just any you to look at me like that, I've never had that feeling and I'm sorry to do this but I've finally pushed my courage to do this after 12 years"

and with that he kissed me, I was shocked but I didn't let that ruin the kiss, Mine and Caspar's kiss was short but sweet but Mine and Marcus' felt like it was meant to be, like this was who I belonged with but to ruin the moment Emilie and maddie were home and I heard Emilie shout my name


oh crap I thought, this day has gone so fast but so much stuff has happened, when me and Marcus parted from the kiss he says to me

"you don't know how long I've wanted that"

Cos me being well me i started blushing like crazy and just had to play it cool, I just had to stand up and walk off but I stopped In my tracks turned around and said to him

"We better go clean up this mess then go walk up town to get some snacks for later"

"okayyyyy if we have to clean it up"

After about 30 minutes of cleaning up popped balloons and whipped cream it was finally cleaned, Caspar wanted to help but i refused him to, I told him he could go down town with Alfie to get some snacks for the lazy day, lazy night whatever you want to call it, Emilie wasn't happy with me or Marcus and she ignored us for the rest of the day, Maddie did speak to us, she wasn't mad she found it more funny but she said she would spend the night with Emilie cos she felt bad for her, so me and Marcus were sat In the lounge awkwardly,I decided to start conversation even though I'm probably the shyest person ever

"so how about we have Alfie over tonight aswell?, I mean since I don't really know your friends very well we could have a lounge sleepover? Me, you,Caspar and Alfie?"

"Yeah, I'm up for that I will text Alfie now, but I think before everyone come back we should talk about what happened earlier? The speech I gave? The kiss? The way you didn't even reject the kiss? Did you want to kiss me or did you do it because you felt bad for me?"

"Honestly Marcus, I'm confused myself at the minute, the kiss felt right but,Marcus you deserve someone better than me? Why would you fall In love with a freak like me?"

He sat there thinking to himself and before I said anything else he says

"Because...I love you,yeah...I've finally said it!, I love you Molly Drayton"

and with that I kissed him, maybe I did love Marcus all along just never admitted it, once again the kiss was interrupted by Emilie,but this time she saw us..Emilie saw me and Marcus kiss, her face was full of shock, she grabbed me by my wrist and dragged me into the corridor,

"what do you think your doing?"

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