The 3 Idiots I Fell In Love With (Marcus Butler,Alfie Deyes,Caspar Lee)


1. Chapter 1

Hi my name is Molly Anna Drayton and I'm 16 Years old and I have 2 best friends that mean so much to me, there names are Emilie and Maddie. I'm the youngest out of all of us but me and maddie are both 16 although she's a couple months older than me, emilie's 17 years old so she tends to look after me and maddie, oh I forgot to mention, we live in London with our other roommate Marcus Butler! Marcus is the oldest out of us 4 but to be honest he is the most childish, He's like my unbiological brother :')

Chapter 1

It was just another normal weekend, waking up at 10 and having lazy days with the ones that mean the most to me, but today no one was in the apartment when I woke up Emilie left a note saying :

'hey slut ;) I'm guessing you've finally woken up now?? Well me and madz didn't want to wake you up so we went out to watch a movie and get dinner afterwards, if you wanna meet up with us just text me and we can sort something out see ya later luv chooo Emilie xx'

great so I'm stuck In the apartment by myself for the whole day,I completely forgot about Marcus living with us so I went to his room seeing if he wanted to have a lazy day with me but when I ran straight into his room he was recording a video with one of his friends that I didn't recognise I've met Alfie and Tyler but not him, my cheeks went bright red when I realised I just ran into Marcus' room looking a mess when he was recording

"I'm so sorry I didn't realise you were recording you should of told me I woul-"

"Molly it's fine, we can just edit it out,so anyways you must of ran into my room for a reason so what's up?"

Marcus said

"oh I was just wondering if you wanted to have a lazy day with me but I didn't realise you already had company so...."

"well after we've finished recording us 3 could all have a lazy day? Oh I forgot to mention, Molly this is my friend Caspar Lee, Caspar this is my friend Molly if you want we could all spend today together and get you two to get to know each other better "

"I'm up for it if your up to it Caspar?.." He stood there like he was In a daze..."Caspar..Caspar"

"Wha....what? Ye-yeah I'm up for it....what am i up for sorry?"

I started laughing to myself at how cute he was when he was staring into space, oh god, don't tell me I'm already starting to like Caspar?? I've never even properly met him, no! I can't like him, well I will just have to put my mind off him by spending time with Marcus

"um for having a lazy day with me and Marcus?"

"yeah sure, so I can get to know you better" he said with a wink,

"oh god, please don't say my best friend and my sister like each other??i refuse you two dating and Molly I will leave the apartment and go to Alfie's if you date Caspar and-"

"MARCUS!!" I said "1 I don't even know Caspar very well so I don't think I would date him! And 2... You really think you can leave me??"

I said and he started to say something but I tackled him to the floor and started tickling him to death, Caspar stood there looking sad at first at what I just said about me and him never dating, but I just said that to shut up Marcus, of course I would like to Date Caspar but why would he be into someone like me? With all the distraction I didn't realise Marcus got release and flipped me over making me the one being tickled, it doesn't help I'm extremely ticklish,


Caspar was laughing his head off so I whispered to Marcus

"On three we attack Caspar?"..."okay"

Marcus said with the huge grin on his face, Caspar was laughing too much to realise what was happening "1.......2........" "Wait...what?" Caspar said getting worried as I started counting to three...."3!!! Get him"

and me and Marcus jumped on Caspar tickling him until he begged for us to stop

"You have to say the magic word" Marcus says "" Caspar says with tears of laughter rolling down his cheek

"Nope! You have to say Marcus and Molly are amazing"......"And! i should really pay more attention when someone's about to tickle me"

I add In making Marcus laugh even more, "Fine"

Caspar says

"Marcus and.....and...Molly are...amazing..and..-" "I think we've punished him enough"

I say so me and Marcus stop tickling him and run off as we think hes going to get pay back, I ran into my room sitting behind my door so if Caspar tried to run in I would just push back, I sit there for about 2 minutes until I hear someone running to my door, I immediately push harder on the door so they couldn't enter but when they got there I told them they can't come in but he said

"it's only me Marcus, let me in I have a plan"

and with that I open the door to find Marcus standing there with tonnes of whipped cream cans in his hands he runs into my room and chucks them on my bed

"Caspar's gone back to his apartment to get some clothes as he's staying over night if that's alright but when he gets back I think we should attack him with whipped cream"

"That's a great idea but let me just text Em letting her know I'm not going for tea with her and Maddie tonight"

"Fine by me but he will be over any minute so be prepared"

and with that Caspar walked in....

"It's time"

me and Marcus say in unison

"guys? Where are you I brought over some movi-" "ASTA LA VISTA CASPAR"

and with that we sprayed whipped cream all over him

"Oh it's on now"

Caspar says and immediately goes into the bathroom, me and Marcus look at each other confused but by now Caspar walked out with a bucket

"Never mess with Caspar!"

He says and starts chucking water balloons at me and Marcus

"Caspar stop it!!!"

Marcus ran off cos he gave up "Give up Molly? I thought you said you and Marcus were amazing and-"

"alright I will do anything just stop Emilie is gunna kill me"

"well you could do one thing?"He said walking towards me "and what would that be?"

I said and before I could say anything else ...

he kissed me..

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