Red roses. - 1D.

Dette her er min engelsk stil, som jeg næsten lige har fået et tolv tal i, UUUUH! Jeg håber i kan lide den, lige så meget som min lærer kunne.. o.o


2. - Red Roses.

My bed is the happiest place of all time. I’m just laying here, staring into the celling, wondering 

why he haven’t called me yet. He promised me, but I would understand him, if he had regretted.


Suddenly, when I stroke some of my hair behind my ear, my phone started to vibrate. I reached 

out for my phone, and climbed out of my bed. It was a message from him!



Hello love, go downstairs and open the door, please. xx


At first, I just sat there, staring at my phone with a raised eyebrow, but then I jumped up, and 

threw my phone on my bed. I ran down the stairs, and out in the hallway. Some of my shoes were 

in the way, because I didn’t bother to put them aside. When I stood in front of the front door, I 

couldn’t open it. I mean, of course I could open it, but my hands didn’t want to do what my brain 

wanted to. I was nervous. I mean, last time we saw, he said he loved me, and I didn’t believe him, 

because... Why would anybody love me? I mean, my mother left me when I was a little kid, and 

my dad died in a car accident. No one in my family wanted me, so I moved away from home when

I was 16. I lived alone in a little apartment, for 2 years, before my aunt from USA, came home, and

offered me to move to her home. I was really happy, and of course I said yes!


So that’s where I stand now. In front of the front door, in me and my aunt's house, where I have 

lived far a year now. 


I could hear someone sigh on the other side, probably Harry, who was very impatient. I took a 

deep breath, and opened the door. And there, tall as he was, standing with one arm behind the 

back, and starring into the ground, until he chose to stare at me.


“I thought you’d never open the door.” He said, with his low deep voice. My eyes were caught into 

his beautiful green eyes. “If I didn’t’ you would never go away?” I said with a smirk. He smiled at 

me and stretched out his hand. He held some beautiful red roses, but when I looked closer, there was one fake rose. I looked up at him, smiling, and with one raised eyebrow. He began to laugh, and placed his free arm on my hip. 


“I love you, and there’s nothing you can do about it. I do. And I will love you until the last rose 



I placed my hand on his chest, and looked up into his eyes. He smiled, while he bent down, and 

placed his lips on mine. “I love you too.” I mumbled out.

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