The Flashback

Serianna is the daughter of a famous popstar. Life is too hard for her. She never received the love of her parents, she longed to have. When she turns sixteen, she receives a book called “The Flashback” by her aunt. The flashback unfolds a story of two childhood friends who eventually fall in love.

It also reveals a shocking truth; Maria isn't her real mother, Alex is. But where is Alex? What happened then? Is she alive? The Flashback will take you the quest of a daughter to find her mother.

Maybe it’s not about the happy ending. Maybe it’s about the story.


4. CHAPTER 3: What if he really comes?


"I know you won't believe me, but I can't change the truth,” I said

"Continue," she said as her eyes showed eagerness.

I sighed as I reluctantly continued. I really did not want to walk down that bad memory lane again.


"We were really good friends and I use to always pretend that I am Justin's girlfriend. But I never knew somebody didn't like my pretending. Everything was going just perfect until-" I was not allowed to complete my sentence. The sudden sound of someone smashing a paper on my desk scared me. I knew exactly who it was. Andrea.


She was smiling and that smile of hers sent me the most negative vibes. I looked down at the paper that had so mercilessly slapped on my table. It was the tabloid



I thought this day was pretty messed up with Andrea showing up. I thought things couldn't get worse. But guess I was wrong. Sharon said something but I couldn't hear her. I just keep reading the headline time and again. I felt like a manic that couldn't comprehend what he was reading. But the difference was I didn't want to comprehend what I was reading. I hoped it was not true

“Like it?" she said with an evil smile on her face. I knew that the smile meant she was up to no good.

"You told him?" I was hoping she’d say ‘no’

"Yes of course, he is coming here just for you.” I she sweetly, but I could sense the venom dropping out with each word.

 "I hate you,” I said as my eyes began to feel hot and my vision became blur.

The bell rang. She went away still smiling. I was upset the whole day. Questions started to pile up. Was he really coming here? Hat would I say to him? Would he be angry with me? Would he hate me? I kept asking myself these questions, but it was pointless. I never got an answer that made me feel relieved


After the school I scanned the crowd hoping to find Sharon. She was the only one I wanted to see at the end of such a horrific day. I continued walking but stopped right where I was when I saw Sharon talking to Andrea. No, they were not just talking, there were freaking laughing and giggling about something. That was it, I stomped my feet as I stormed towards them.

"Wasn't Justin enough? Do you really hate me so much, that you want to break my friendship with Sharon?” Andrea opened her mouth to say something in her defense, but I held out my index finger, indicating her to just ‘Shut Up’ for once and listen to me. “I know, how low you can get. I know you’re trying to poison her mind against me. Let me get this straight, whatever is the enmity, it’s between you and me DO NOT DRAG MY FRIENDS INTO THIS.” I warned her harshly.


At that every moment I saw tears stream down her face. Was I too harsh? Should I apologize? But before I could come to any conclusion, Andrea had walked off. I turned to Sharon


"Are you mad Alex? I was just asking her the homework. I looked everywhere for you, but I didn’t find you anywhere, so I asked her instead.” She hissed

"Yeah was she the only one available? Have the other 20 students died?”  I snapped

She didn't like my answer.

"Bye I got to g. I don’t even know who you are right now. She said softly. Those words did hurt.


I went home. Taking the liberty of being along I threw my bag on the couch and stormed up to my room. I slammed the door shut and sat cross-legged on my bed. I cupped my chin in my hands and began to think about how bad my day had been. My thoughts drifted from Sharon to Andrea to Justin. The thought of that name made the tears stream down my face.


My head began to hurt and my eyes were feeling steamy hot. I cried myself to sleep. There were too many bad things to take in on just one day. I got up the next morning at 4 o’ clock. My head felt heavy due to excessive sleep. I realized staying awake would just provoke unnecessary thoughts, so I decided to sleep for two more hours.

I finally got up, got dressed for school, picked up my belongings and went to school. But the day was different; I didn't have Sharon by my side. This was the time, I really wanted her to have my back and she wasn't there.

So much for my nasty temper.


I saw Sharon talking to someone she was looking very tensed, she came to me.

"Hi" she said with a smile

"Hi wats up? Umm.. I am sorry for yesterday" I said

"Oh! Just forget about it"

"I wanted to tell u something"

"Yeah go ahead"

"I'll tell u afterwards, the teacher is coming".

She said and went back to her seat. The teacher entered the class.

"Good morning class"

"Good morning teacher" the class said. Suddenly a girl came into the class.

"The music teacher is calling Sharon" she said in a low voice

"Sorry I can't send her I have given her some work" the teacher said But then something strange happened she whispered something to the teacher and the teacher allowed Sharon to go. No doubt she is a good singer and she's in the choir but she never missed her classes. Time passed by but she didn't come back. The bell rang for the recess and I went to the music room to find her. There she was, coming back for recess.

"Hey Sharon!" I called her. She looked around and saw me.

"Where were you?" I asked "Um...there was a practice for some kind of show" sharon said 

"Such a long practice"  

"Yeah...see there is something I need to tell u" she said looking worried


"Promise u will not run away or say something to Andrea " .

I realized that it must be about Justin or Andrea but I will not run away, someday or another I have to face them.

"Ok fine go ahead" I said very confidently.

"see Justin is coming to London and he is doing a concert for some schools in the campus and that includes our school. We will be attending the concert."

What the hell? I was almost going to faint. Concert ? Justin? Andrea? No.. God please don't do this with me. Then I thought he can' find me in a crowd of thousand people. Though I knew he would. Before I could reply Sharon she continued. "And the main part from so many schools he is coming to any one school to meet some beliebers and that's our school.

"cool" I said and walked away. I wanted to cry. Wow can u just imagine? My beautiful life just got messed up. My life was fine but suddenly my childhood friend comes and spoils my life and then someone is going to come who was once the only thing that I wanted but now he is the only thing I want out of my life! I can do nothing except DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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