After a past with her father, Miranda moves in with her mom. Now she is a normal human living with her mother in Jersey.
Starting a new life and forgetting her past. She makes friends with Melody and catches a certain boy eye. Or two. Now Miranda has to face the truth of her family and future but when a vampire shows up. Will she make a change and help them for the good of her heart? Or will they use her to get to the royal crown of her mate?


4. Chapter Four

Ok so I'm that I've haven't updated in almost a month but to tell you the truth, I've been lazy these days and dudn't want to update.

So I'm sorry but the good thing is that I'm back and probably start to update every two days if I'm not lazy.

But anyways, here's Chapter Four.

Note: I'm typing this on my phone and my phone is crappy since it likes to freeze a lot. Please forgive my spelling errors and i will fix them when i get my laptop.



I gently pushed myself off the bed knowing it wasn't a good idea since I fell onto it, again.
I was waiting for Triton to come back so i can go home. Sadly, my mother walked in with a smile planted on her face.
"Are you here to give me a talk about how this wasn't meant to happen because it sure as hell did happen." I moved to the edge of the bed as she neared me.
She sigh.
"Have you ever thought this was for the better?" she asked.
I scoffed." Better for what? Keeping me from my actually life and not telling me that my father is still alive. How that making my life better, it may be for you but most certainly not for me." I told her.
She looked angry.
Why was she angry? She was the one who lied to me.
"How could you not believe me?" she looked at me in horror as i bitterly laughed at her.
"Why should I if Cameron, Melody, and Tricia are the only people who have been honest to me?" she stayed quiet." Of course you don't have an answer but it's alright."
She stood up and walked up to the door but paused and turned to me.
"Tricia isn't here for you anymore." she told me before leaving me in shocked.
What did she mean by "Tricia isn't here?"
"What the hell did she do?" i thought to myself.
I pushed myself off the bed and stood still. I moved my legs a bit and walked out the room. I was about to leave when a sudden hard brick wall sent me down to the floor. I waited for the impact but it never came. I opened my eyes and met a very blue/green eyes.
He had his arms wrapped around my waist that pushed my body towards him.
"What are you doing out of bed?" he questioned me.
I shrugged.
"What are you doing out of my bed?" I quickly closed my mouth as those words came out and i knew my face was very red.
"T-That's not wha-."
"What you meant." he finished for me." I know but that is very interesting subject."
"And a subject i wont talk about, well not with you." i advised him.
He smirked.
"Okay but maybe in the future." he suggested.
I thought about it but I didn't want to say yes or no.
"Maybe." i told him.
He smirked and was about to say something until someone walked up from behind him.

"Matt is asking for your presence." the blonde hair boy told Triton.

I had to admit he didn't look bad but he wasn't compared to Triton. He had sandy blonde hair with green eyes. He glanced at me and his eyes lit up.

"Your not going to introduce me to your friend?" he stared at me.

Triton stood in front of me and shook his head.

"She is none of your concern." he turned to face me and cupped my cheeks." I will be back for you later.

I couldn't say anything. I was lost in his blue/green eyes and my breath caught. I almost fainted when he kissed my cheek and connected our foreheads. But it was sadly he moved away and followed his friend.

I sigh and watched him go.

This was going to be a long day.


Apparently, Triton is very well-known that he got me out the hospital which surprised me but I had to leave with my mom. She tried to start a conversation on the way to the house but I ignored her attempts. I have to say I am being a bitch to her but still doesn't make up with the fact she lied to me all my life and making my life hell when she married her last husband.

I opened the car door and walked inside the house, not waiting for my mom.

"Miranda!" my mom yelled at me.

I flinched at her tone but she didn't notice it.

"Don't you see I'm trying to get your attention but clearly you don't appreciate it. " she harshly told me.

I rolled my eyes.

"Clearly I don't want to talk to you anyways. Maybe you should lie to me so everything could be perfect just how you like it." I said to her.

I slowly start to calm down but I couldn't help but feel sadness wash all over me.

"I just wish you would be like every other girl that loves attention and appreciate the little things." I feel disappointed in myself if that's what she actually thinks.

"Whatever." I murmur as I ran up the stairs to my room.

I quickly locked the door and found myself crying as my mothers words played over and over in my head like a broken record. I grabbed my phone that was in the back of my pocket and called Tricia. I thought she wasn't going to answer but she finally picked up.

"Miranda?" it seems like a question.

"Yeah." I slowly said.

I heard her sigh.

"Okay I don't have much time but I had to leave. Whatever your mom tells you, don't believe her." she told me.

I quietly asked myself why but I didn't know the answer nor will she tell me.

"Ok. Me and my mom aren't are on speaking terms anyways. So where are you? Spiked  town to see a boy?" I smirked.

I could hear her laugh on the other line.

"Maybe. Well actually I'm about to meet him since his buddy's want to make sure I don't do anything stupid. We all know what that's going to lead to." I could feel her plotting something that would piss off whoever told her to be a good girl.

"Mind telling me any detail?" I asked.

"I cant do that." she responded.


"Because they are listening into our conversation and I want to be kept on their feet, well until I'm ready to put my plan to action." I shook my head." I have to go."

I didn't get to say bye since she hung up.

I soon got bored. I was locked inside my room. I didn't want to face my mom, yet but I have a feeling that she's waiting for me. I mean I can never stay mad at anyone and she knows that more than anyone does. I slowly closed my eyes and relax against my bed. I wanted to sleep but I know that I cant. My mind is thinking about too many things. But I still fell asleep and only think about one person.



Somewhere in the forest


I stared down at a bloody animal. A wolf to be exact. The wolfs eyes were wide open and free. Sadly its life ended here. I gently touched the wolf wound and I felt its pain and its last moments when it was alive.

"Why?" I asked my two friends.

They were guards and warriors and came with me to show me this.

"We don't know but there was a sighting north of our territory. It ran to Nickolas's pack." Nate said.

I nodded.

"He broke our treaty." I said.

"Actually that's the thing. When we were running after it, it didn't smell like a wolf or rogue." he told me.

"Then what was it?" I demanded.

"Witch." he mumbled.

"Fuck." I cursed.


I know boring but its still something.

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