Dangerous Temptations - a Harry Styles fanfic

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder... well what happens when Lillian is told by her father not to fall for the curly- haired player every girl melts for? Will she obey her fathers commands or does her heart tell her different?...


2. chapter two

I had walked for about 15 minutes in the pouring rain just to go to this stupid meeting my dad "needs" me at. When I arrived at his building I walked up to the receptionists, Amanda who had previously been my baby sitter when I was 12 so Dad thought it was a good idea to make her head receptionist as she is well trusted... anyways I wondered over to Amanda and she just smiled at me, I smiled back and walked past her towards the double doors leading to a big corridor where my fathers office was. I had no trouble finding the right door as... 1. It has Simon Cowell, Executive Producer on his door and 2. I'd been to this building so many times before that I could honestly find his room with my eye closed.


I knocked a little on the wooden door before hearing a loud "COME IN!" I took a deep breath in and gripped the handle with my shaking hand, why was i so nervous about talking to my own father? Oh that's why, when he's at home he's more relaxed than at work and i was worried about the subject that we may be discussing. I pulled the handle down slowly and pushed the door open slightly but big enough for my body to slip though "Lillian! Hello" he smiled as I closed the door and walked toward his desk where he was sat "Have a seat we have much to discuss, well sort of" I sat down and gave him a stern look "okay, so as you know you will be a supporting act for one or shall I say a few of my clients..." he began and I nod my head, hoping he would tell me who it is before I explode "well I can now reveal to you that you won't just be touring with them but you will be recording a few songs with them for yours and their albums!" He said excitedly and in my mind I was running though a short list of names of clients I knew worked for Simon that I would love to work with. "Before I introduce you to them, I have to tell you know that you must not engage in any sort of relationship with any of them, you may become close friends with them all but do not, I repeat do not fall for them! Especially one as he is quite the charmer and will flirt with you, a lot! Don't fall for it because you'll get hurt!" He finished "Okay dad I promise I won't fall for them, I've got my walls up pretty high especially after last time" I replied and he gave me sympathetic eyes before standing up and walking towards the Door "I'll just be one second" he said walking out the door and walking into another room, about 5 seconds later 4 boys came running into the room shouting and messing around, great I'm working with a bunch of idiots, I rolled my eyes "right boys calm down! This is Lillian, you'll be working together on a few songs and she'll be one your support act for you upcoming tour!" Simon said walking around his desk to sit back down, I stood up and they all got into some sort of line, I decided to start from one side and make my way down the oddly shaped line. "Hi Lillian, I'm Liam Payne! Nice to meet you!" he smiled big and i smiled back and shook his hand then stepped right "Hey! I'm Louis 'the tommo' Tomlinson!" He said putting his arms out to hug me, and I gave him an awkward hug and move along "VAS HAPPENIN'?!, I'm Zayn!" he just shook my hand "Niall, nice to meet you" Niall gave me a squeeze too. They were all roughly the same height but Niall was just a little bit shorter. Then i realized I'd only met 4 of the 5 boys I was supposed to be touring with. Suddenly I felt a hand gently rest on my shoulder and spin me round slowly then i saw the last boy. He was tall and had random tattoos all up his left arm, he was quite muscular but not too macho and my eyes trailed up his torso and connected with his gorgeous green eyes and his curly hair was just perfect and the only thing he said was "I'm Harry..." i didn't reply, I couldn't! It was like I was in a hypnotized and I couldn't move! I'd never met someone so perfect in my life...

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