Dangerous Temptations - a Harry Styles fanfic

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder... well what happens when Lillian is told by her father not to fall for the curly- haired player every girl melts for? Will she obey her fathers commands or does her heart tell her different?...


3. chapter three

~Harry's P.O.V~ 

We were all sat in the waiting room next door to Simon's office. He had told us to wait here quietly whilst he spoke to our supporting act for our 2014 World Tour. Louis and Zayn were throwing what looked like peanuts at each other and Niall was trying to eat them, Liam was trying to calm the situation down as we were told to stay quiet and everyone was shouting. I got up and when through a door at the back of the room for some peace and quiet, I had a banging headache from last night's party at Grimmy's house. I was about to fall asleep when Simon came in and told us to come into his office. Slowly I stood up and wondered to the door while the other boys ran to see who we would be Touring with for the next 8 months. I walked into the room and saw everyone lined up and introducing themselves, to a female!  I wondered to the end of the line just as she had finished greeting Niall. She looked about the same age as me with brown long hair and she was fairly average height but a bit shorter than me. I put my hand on her shoulder and felt her body freeze under my touch and span her around. She had the most beautiful face I've ever seen, with her bright blue eyes and slightly rosy cheeks, I couldn't find any words to say other than "I'm Harry..."Her eyes examined my body and then they wondered up to my face and she looked deeply into my eyes. Open - mouthed, she tried to talk but failed, until Simon coughed, that's when she unlocked our eyes and span back around to face Simon.

"Take a seat everyone, we have much to discuss" Simon said sitting at his desk, we all sat on one sofa and the girl sat on the arm chair next to us "So as you all know" Simon said looking at me "This is Lillian, she will be supporting you on your tour and also you will be working with each other on your next album!" Louis and Niall high-fived and Liam clapped "Lillian is new to SYCO and isn't well known so this is her first chance to make an impression on the public and I would like all of you to make her feel comfortable with life in the spotlight. So could all of you go out places together to get her into magazines and news papers so she's in the public eye before she releases her first single in a few weeks." Simon said "Yes sir, how about we all go out to dinner tonight and get to know each other a bit more?" Zayn suggested, we all looked to Lillian because she blushed and smiled accepting our offer. "Ok, it's settled! I'll call you all in tomorrow to see how it went. Your all free to go" Simon replied opening the door for us to leave.

It was still raining outside and the boys and I ran into our car "See you boys later!" Lillian shouted from the entrance of the building "Isn't your car waiting for you?" Liam shouted "No, I haven't got a car, I have to walk home" She replied putting her umbrella up and walking out into the rain "You can't walk home in this! Get it!" I shouted patting the seat and moving over, she didn't refuse a free ride so she ran to our car and jumped in, closing the door behind her. "So, do you wanna come back to Liam's house with us, you know so we can get to know you more before we go out?" Zayn said to Lillian, who was looking out of the car window, I tapped her lightly and she turned to face me "Yeah sure, I'd love to" She replied shaking me off "How long is the car ride?" She asked "About a hour, if we go the long way, go to sleep you look tired!" Liam said. Lillian rested her head on the window and sat back up in discomfort "Here, you can sleep on my shoulder if you want, it's more comfortable than the window" I said to her. She slowly lowered her head down onto my shoulder and fell asleep. "Harry your such a flirt!" Louis whispered loudly but not too loud to wake Lillian up "I'm not flirting! I'm just being friendly! I don't even know her yet!" I said trying to defend myself "C'mon Haz, your maybe being a bit OVER friendly towards her? You're not normally this friendly with people unless you intend on being more than friends with them!" Niall said nudging my shoulder and raising his eyebrows at me "I'm not flirting, I just want to be friends with her! You should all try it, after all we will be spending almost a year together non-stop!" I said, using my poker face. Was I really that easy to read? Maybe they've figured out that I may find Lillian attractive but I don't know her personality yet, we'll have to wait and see...


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