Dangerous Temptations - a Harry Styles fanfic

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder... well what happens when Lillian is told by her father not to fall for the curly- haired player every girl melts for? Will she obey her fathers commands or does her heart tell her different?...


1. chapter one

~ Lillian's P.O.V ~


It was raining in London and Stacey didn't have work and I hadn't started recording yet so we decided it would be the perfect day to say home, watch movies and hang out. Stacey was my best friend since we were 10 when we met in the park



I was wondering around my neighborhood looking for someone to play with me. Sadly no one wanted to play with me so I went to the play park and sat on the swing for a bit, then I saw a girl, about the same age as me walk over to the shed crying. Being the friendly person I am, I walked over to her to see what the matter was


"Hello, are you ok?" I said to the crying figure in the corner


"No, my friends started making fun of my hair! It's not my fault my mum accidentally cut it too short!" She said sniffing and wiping her eyes


"I'm sure it can't be that bad? Try having a dad that can't stop shaking when he's cutting your hair! No his stylist does it for me!" I said offering the girl my hand to help her up and into the light so I could have a proper look at the damage


"Promise you won't laugh if I show you?" She said hesitating to take my hand


"Promise!" I said and she took my hand and I helped her up and out of the dark shed "WOW! That's really nice!" I said trying to hold in my laughter


"I knew it was bad!"


"Mine was worse! Hey, what's your name?"


"I'm Stacey! Who are you?"


"I'm Lillian!"


"Well, I'm going to call you Lily! And if you want you can be my best friend?"


"Yeah! I'd love to be your best friend! And you can be mine!"



*end of flashback*


Ever since that day, we never left each others side! We told each other everything and never argued. Stacey was the best friend I had always wanted and I knew we were going to be bestest friends forever.


"Stac! Stac, what movie do you wanna watch!?" I shouted from the living room, Stacey was in the kitchen, microwaving some popcorn and getting some more snacks


"I don't know! What do you wanna watch?" She said walking into the living room with her arms full of food, she set it all down on the coffee table


"How about The Life and Death of Charlie St. Cloud? That movie gets me every time" I said pretending to wipe away tears that I knew would form while watching this movie


"YEA! I love that movie!" Stacey said coming to sit down on the sofa, leaving a nice, little spot next to her for me. I picked up the DVD and put it into the TV, grabbed the remote and sat down next to Stacey. She picked up the blanket off the floor and draped it over both of us, we settled down and the movie came on.


About half way through the movie both Stacey and I were bawling our eyes out when my phone rang. I paused the movie, wiped my eyes, got up and answered the phone, without looking at the caller I.D.




"Hi Lillian"


"Dad? Why are you calling me?"


"Lillian, I need to speak to you. Be at my office in 20 minutes, and dress accordingly." After he said that he hung up


"Who was that?" Stacey asked, following me into my bedroom


"My dad, he needs to speak to me, probably about my new album or something" I said, beginning to change


"Oh, call me when your on your way home?" Stacey said walking out of my room


"Of course and when I start making money I'll take you out for lunch to make up for it" I shouted through the now closed door. I hated when dad made surprise appointments for me too meet with him and management, it's really starting to annoy me now...

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