One Way Or Another


1. High School

Chapter 1

*katie's pov*

I walked into the now full cantene and walked to my usual table. There I found Julia and Elizabeth. Julia was wearing shorts with black tights and boots with a crop top with a USA flag on it and as usual a hat! Her brown eyes were pearsing mine and a smile creeped onto her face.

She smiled "Hey girl!"

Then Elizabeth turned around wearing a pair of leggings and our 'instep' hoodies from dancing. She smiled and said "you look so pretty today katie".

I was wearing skinny jeans boots and a tshirt and hoodie.

I smiled "Thanks, you guys too"

julia smiled and said "Where are the boys?" looking in elizabeths direction.

She rolled her eyes "Its gross how you are dating my brothers friend!"

We looked over to see Elizabeth's brother Niall and his four best friends Louis, Liam, Zayn and Harry.

Niall sat beside Elizabeth and said "Hey lil sis" and smiled 

She punched him playfully and said "What do you want?"

Liam and the other boys were sitting in between me and julia. Louis was beside her because they were dating. Elizabeth was with Harry and I was crushing over Liam like always. We were best friends though ever since well since i started at this school last year. I was in year two and Liam and the boys were in year 3. Niall and Elizabeth had moved here last year from ireland. I met her and Niall met the boys and now wer are all close. 

Thank god today was Friday. And My day for my weekly sleepover with Liam. The bell signalling that lunch was over rang and Julia, Elizabeth and I just moved on to our english class and then we were free for the weekend!!

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