Popular Nerd [The High School Series]

15 year old, Ally Windom, use to be the School Nerd. Being called "Ally Nerdom" on the daily, as well as constantly getting mocked for your intelligence can take its toll, and eventually Ally left the school. Her new school, Southland High School, is completely different to Ally's old school. The populars were now the outcasts, and the nerds were now the populars. Ally's absolutely relieved when she hears that, immediately making friends with her fellow Nerdling, Niall Horan. Now Ally's popular, she's completely protected from bully's. Eventually she develops feelings for her friend Niall, but things get a little more complicated when she meets the outcast of the school. Harry Styles. Now Ally's torn between two, with no idea who she wants more. Is Ally going to give up her popularity for Harry? Or will she stay with Niall and forget about Harry?


2. Chapter 2: Drama, Drama, Drama.

I walked into the class a nervous look on my features, as I hid away from everyone. The class was in the auditorium, and I was glad Danielle dropped me off. There were so many twists and turns, I'm not sure if I could find my way back. Everyone took their seats in the first few seat of the auditorium, where I managed to get to the row at the back. At first the class seemed decent enough, everyone just minding their own business... But that all changed when Harry Styles walked in, followed by the two boys he was with before. I shrunk in my seat, already scared of him. He'd probably mock me, and tell me how much of a nerd I am. Fortunately, they sat a fair distance away from me, far enough for me not to hear their conversation.


Out teacher, Miss Landon, was a pretty lady. She was young, maybe 25 years old. She had beautiful blond hair, and gorgeous hazel eyes, she was short and skinny, but still very talented. She talked to us about our lesson today, but not before introducing me to the whole class, which frankly scared the hell out of me. I don't even know why I'm doing drama, I just thought it was fun, but I have trouble standing up in front of the "populars" I guess. At MRHS the "populars" hated drama students, so they didn't do drama. Besides one of them, but that's another story to be told.


"Ally, this is Louis Tomlinson. He'll be looking after you for the rest of the year. Just for this class of course, I'm sure you've made other friends. Louis is the best in the class, so you're in good hands."


Said Miss Landon. I smiled, quickly glancing at Louis. He was the boy with the brunette girl... He was very handsome.


"Hi Ally. Nice to meet you!"


Louis cheered. I was utterly surprised by his cherry tone.


"Nice to meet you too, Louis... Thanks Miss Landon."


I dismissed Miss Landon, and she happily moved back to the stage, where she talked about all the "exciting" things we were going to do today. Louis sat with me, until Miss Landon finished talking and told us to group up.


"Here Ally, come meet my mates. They're real charmers... Especially Harry, that one. He's a bit of a dope, if you asked me... But Zayn's real quiet. I'm the oldest one out of all of us, so I kinda look after them. But, yeah. Just mind Harry... Despite his brown curls, he's a real blond."


Explained Louis, as I followed him to his group of people. Harry sounded nothing like Niall and them were telling me. It was strange, from what I had heard, he would have been a real a-hole. Mind my language. When we reached the group they showed only the happiest of smiles, Zayn and Harry joking around like little kids. I chuckled quietly as Louis tried to get them to stop...


"Harry! Zayn! Oii! You two idiots! We have a girl here, she's pretty..."


Said Louis. I blushed, staring at the ground, letting my brown locks cover my rose colored face. Suddenly I couldn't hear Harry and Zayn, they were silent.


"Hey, cute. She's blushing."


Said one of the boys. I looked up to see it was Zayn. Now my face was as red as Ron Wesleys hair. How embarrassing...


"Lads, this is Ally. She's gonna be in our group for the rest of the year."


Said Louis. I smiled shyly, waving my small hand.


"Hi Ally, I'm Zayn. No need to be shy, we're all weird here. I think out of all of us, I'm the sane one."


Winked Zayn. I giggled.


"Sure, you're the sane one." Harry walked up. "My name's Harry, Harry Styles. And he," he pointed to Zayn, "is just as insane as we are." He said.


I tried not to shudder at Harry's presence. It wasn't the fact that he was most likely trouble, but he was beautiful.

He steals from the mall, and parties every night.

I heard he's not even a virgin.

He smokes pot, and has been on drugs.

Their words echoed in my brain as I stared at him.

Stay away from him.

They said... But how could you say something about someone so beautiful. Harry held his hand out for me to shake, and I gladly took it.


"Nice to meet you both."


I replied politely. They grinned, plopping back down on their seats. Louis patted a seat, and told me to sit down, while he sat on the left of me, Harry on the right. We talked a little while about what we had to do. We were holding a small play about High School, and we all had to be in it. The were enough students in the class to participate as main characters and background, and backstage crew. So we were pretty much set. After a while, we had some spare time, and by now, the three boys and I were considering each other friends.


"So what school did you come from?"


Asked Zayn.


"Madison Rose High School..."


Zayn's eyes almost popped out of his eyelids.


"Seriously? That's like the top school of the city! I heard it's pretty good. It's always updated with the latest technology, and only accepts the best of the best."


Explained Zayn. I sighed, nodding  my head. When he noticed I wasn't smiling, he frowned.


"If it's that great, why did you leave?"


Asked Louis.


"Despite the school's extraordinary equipment, that I utterly adore. The students there are monsters. Especially the popular ones..."


I replied honestly.


"So you were bullied at Madison Rose High? That's ridiculous!"


Exclaimed Zayn. Louis and Harry looked disgusted.


"Those people might need a beating, I might give them it too." Said Harry. "You're amazing, Ally! They're probably just jealous." He reassured me, but I wasn't reassured. I was just surprised by his compliment.


"Thanks Harry, but the whole school? Really?" I urged. "I don't think so. I've got to be a horrible person for everyone to hate me so much."


"Forget about them Ally. You're here now, and we'll make sure no one hurts you."


Said Louis. I smiled, thanking them.


"That reminds me. I suggest you stay away from Horan."


Said Harry. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. What did he mean?


"You mean Niall? Why? He's such a sweetheart."


I defended him. Harry shook his head, grabbing my hand and squeezing it.


"I'm telling you, Ally. He's faking it. He's a real dick-"


I slapped his head. He pouted, rubbing his head.


"What was that for?"


He asked, bewildered. Louis and Zayn were chuckling, mocking their best friend.


"Two reasons. One, for swearing. Two, for calling Niall a, you know what. He was really sweet."


I defended Niall.


"You're right Ally, he's a real sweetheart. I bet he told you to stay away from Harry."


Said Zayn. I frowned.


"How did you know?"


I pouted, utterly confused by now. The tension that had built in these small moments was heavy, and that was due to talking about Niall, whom I thought was amazing.


"Because he's a bastard and he thinks he's better than everyone!"


Harry spat, a bitter look plastered on his features. I touched his arm in attempt to calm him down, he looked a little too angry for my liking.


"Harry... That's enough."


I said quietly. He let out a ragged breath, releasing all his anger in that one breath. Then he relaxed, and pulled me into a side hug, leaning his head on my shoulder. I sighed, rubbing his back.


"Niall loathes Harry, like more than he loathes people who steal his food."


Said Louis. I frowned.


"The feelings mutual."


Muttered Harry into my shoulder. I pulled at his hair, and he let out a quiet groan. I'm not gonna lie, I did smirk.


"He hates us. So much so, he started telling everyone all this shit that wasn't even true."


Exclaimed Zayn. I looked down at Harry, and smiled inside. We only just met and we were already so close he was hugging me. Which I was lucky enough to be able to breath, considering he was almost squeezing me to death. From the time I've spent with him, I've noticed he's a real soft guy. Not a push over, but he's too nice to be whatever Niall calls him. But what about Niall, why did he have the need to lie about someone as kind and loving as Harry?


"So you are virgins?"


I asked with raised eyebrows. They all frowned, and even Harry, who was now looking down at me, was frowning with an awkward posture. Louis on the other hand, didn't care and told me the truth as soon as I asked.


"Oh no, that's a fact. None of us are virgins." He said. "Does that change anything? Are we still best friends?" He asked hastily, eyes wide as he realized my silence didn't mean I approved.


"Calm your ball's, we're still best friends. I'm just still trying to wrap my head around all of this. It's kind of weird." I said, and they all relaxed.


"Why is it weird?"


Asked Zayn.


"Because Niall and all his friends were real nice, and they told me a lot about the school. Beside you guys, that is until I saw you guys. Then they told me that you steal from the mall, party all the time, smoke, and la di da di da...."


I explained.


"But now I know they were lying, so I guess I'll just drift in between..."


I continued, mumbling the last part. I really didn't want to choose who to hang out with, it would just cause a lot of friction, and I really didn't want that either. They were all so nice, and they have all treated me like I belong. How could I choose between either of the two groups? They've already claimed me as their best friend, and I know I should say something, like, I don't know, "Sorry, I don't want to rush into any friendships right now. I just met you guys." But then I would end up with no friends at all… This is all so complicated.


"Well, since you hung out with them last break. Do you wanna hang with us?"


Asked Louis. I nodded and they grinned. Minutes later and the bell had rung. We all left together, me in between the three of them. And when we got out of the class, we were joined by two tall girls. Both extremely beautiful. The blond girl I saw before joined Zayn, and the brunette I saw before joined Louis. Then it was Harry and I.


"Ally, this is my girlfriend Eleanor. El, this is Ally. She's new, and she'll be hanging out with us for as long as she's here."


Said Louis. El bent down and hugged me, and I gladly hugged back.


"Hi Ally."


She said with a gorgeous smile.


"Hi El. You have quite the interesting boyfriend there."


I complimented, and she chuckled, returning to Louis side grasp.


"Yeah, he's a lot like me."


She replied, and I laughed.


"A lot of crazy times I suspect."


I teased.


"You have no idea."


Then I turned to Zayn.


"And this is my girlfriend, Perrie. She's beautiful isn't she?"


The way he looked at her while we were introduced really proved he loved her. The spark in his eyes, the smile on his lips. Maria and James looked at each other like that. Maybe they were in love...


"Not as beautiful as you!" Perrie exclaimed towards me, and I blushed."You're quite the looker. I wouldn't be surprised if Horan tried to snatch you up."


I blushed a deeper shade of red.


"Oh, he did. But failed."


Smirked Harry.


"Let me guess, cause she met you?"


Teased Eleanor, and Harry saluted her. This time I laughed.


"Don't get ahead of yourself Styles." I pushed him away. "Thanks Perrie, you're not so bad yourself."


She smiled, thanking me. We had made our way down the hallway, making our way to the courtyard. I spun around, laughing at Harry, and started walking backwards. Then I fell. My breath hitched, and I squealed. Fortunately, someone caught me. I looked up and smiled.


"Hey Niall!"


I exclaimed, after he helped me up. He brought me into a tight hug.


"Hey Ally! Where were you? I was looking for you."


He pouted and I looked back at Harry and them, smiling. Then I remembered.


"Oh, I was gonna hang out with these guys. We had an awesome time in Drama, and yeah…"


Niall frowned. Harry had snaked his left arm around my waist and pulled me into him. When Niall and Harry set eyes on each other, the tension heightened, and I felt extremely uncomfortable.




Harry spat.


"Styles. I see you've met Ally."


Niall said. Before I knew it, Louis, Zayn, Perrie and Eleanor were behind us. And Danielle, Justin, and Liam were behind Niall. Despite the difference in numbers, everyone looked like they were ready for war. Other than me of course.


"Yeah, we had a good talk. Especially about all the stuff I supposedly done."


Replied Harry bitterly. Niall threw invisible daggers behind him.


"Supposedly? We all know they're true, Styles."


Niall bit back.


"No you think it's true. It's not true."


Harry defended.


"Oh, so you're not a virgin?"


Niall smirked. In the mean time, I was being held in the middle, to scared to say anything.


"No, I am. Why does it matter? You're not."


My head flipped to Niall, eyes wide.


"What? Niall! You can't make someone loosing their virginity a big deal, and you're not a virgin."


I almost yelled. He bit the inside of his cheek.


"I didn't think you'd like me if I told you." He said and I rolled my eyes. "Besides, neither is he, so what are you doing with him?" Niall tried to pull me away, but I shrugged both arms away.


"I'm hanging out with them because I want to, Niall. I told you, we had an awesome time in class. Can't I have more than 4 friends?"


I asked, and Niall frowned.


"I thought you wanted to hang out with us."


Asked Justin.


"Yeah well, that was before she met us."


Louis spat and Eleanor touched his arm.


"Stay out of this Lou."


Said Eleanor.


"That's right Tomlinson. Get your beard to sought out your crap."


Spat Justin. And suddenly an argument erupted. I shrunk back, and quietly moved away from the two groups. Eventually hitting the lockers, I ran away. Away from the drama, away from the argument, away from the war that was caused by me. Surely they never bothered to argue before I came. From what it seemed like, they hadn't argued in a while. Maybe moving here wasn't such a good idea...

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