Popular Nerd [The High School Series]

15 year old, Ally Windom, use to be the School Nerd. Being called "Ally Nerdom" on the daily, as well as constantly getting mocked for your intelligence can take its toll, and eventually Ally left the school. Her new school, Southland High School, is completely different to Ally's old school. The populars were now the outcasts, and the nerds were now the populars. Ally's absolutely relieved when she hears that, immediately making friends with her fellow Nerdling, Niall Horan. Now Ally's popular, she's completely protected from bully's. Eventually she develops feelings for her friend Niall, but things get a little more complicated when she meets the outcast of the school. Harry Styles. Now Ally's torn between two, with no idea who she wants more. Is Ally going to give up her popularity for Harry? Or will she stay with Niall and forget about Harry?


1. Chapter 1: First Day Jitters

"Ally! Get up! It's time for school!"


Maria yelled as she passed my room. I grumbled some tired words inside my pillow, before pushing myself out of bed. After 3 years, I finally left that torturous school called "Madison Rose High School". Though it was the best school in town, I couldn't handle the horrible people. After a while, you get tired of the bullying. I definitely did. It took me a while, but I finally told my parents, and managed to convince them to let me transfer. It's not like they cared whether or not I was being bullied, they were just trying to please me. So instead of the uptight, spoilt, bratty school I was at, I'm attending a new school. Southland High School. It was the next best school, besides MRHS. Southland was perfect for "smart kids like me", says my father with a bitter tone. I guess my parents despise me for my brains. They were popular in high school, so imagine their disappointment when they found out I was a complete and utter nerd. It didn't matter anyway, I liked being smart. Whether I got bullied for it or not.


In the slowest of movements, I managed to change from my black boxers and grey singlet, to some denim skinny jeans, and threw a white plaid shirt over my singlet. What? It's not like anyone would know I slept in this last night... My dark brown hair cascaded down my back as I pulled it out of its restraint, aka, my hair tie. I moved into my bathroom, groaning once I saw my tired looking face. My skin looked dry, and my hair was a mess. Why, oh why, couldn't I have perfect hair like other girls did. I turned on the tap, and splashed cold water onto my face. As per usual, it woke me up, only the slightest. I brushed my hair, desperately trying to tame it, but failing miserably. My hair just could not be tamed. The song "Can't Be Tamed" by Miley Cyrus suddenly came to mind, and I couldn't help but to chuckle at my wittiness. I slipped my glasses on, smiling once I could finally see to my full extent. It wasn't so bad wearing glasses, it was better than not being able to see anything at all. Once I had made my bed, and collected all my new school gear, and double checking I had it all in my school bag, I left my room, making sure to close the door behind me. I was surprised to pass the dining room and see my parents sitting there. What didn't surprise me was that they were still in their pajamas.


"Morning mum, dad."


I waved out. They were so engaged in a quiet conversation between themselves, they didn't notice my presence. I rolled my eyes and continued my walk to the kitchen, where I usually ate breakfast. It wasn't often my parents would be home, so I always spent my time with the maids, cooks, gardeners, tutors, and whoever else worked in this household. My house was as big as an average wealthy families house would be. It was only a two story, but the trip up the stairs was like climbing Mt Everest. It was so long. The house was made out of brick, but the inside was all painted a creamy brown colour, the roof scattered with mini chandeliers, and lights dangling down. There are several paintings on the walls, nearly rarely did you see a photograph of the family. Once in a while there was one of my parents and I, sometimes just individual photos. But not as often as a normal family would. The house consisted of 2 bedrooms, 5 empty bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, an outside pool which roof could disappear inside the house, a golfing area for dad, a garden house, a gaming room, library/study, cinema room, and a large kitchen. Of course none of my family could take care of this house on our own, so we pay people to do it. If we didn't, I think I'd be more lonely than I already am.


"Morning Ally, how are you this lovely morning?"


Asked James. He was the best person to talk to in the morning, especially if you weren't a morning person, like me. He was also the best cook in the whole entire universe. Better than Gordon Ramsay. I'd know, he's cooked for us before. James has worked with us for as long as I can remember. He said he started working here when my grandparents lived here, and never wanted to leave. He's 64 years old, turning 65 in August. So two months. James practically raised me, he's like a father to me.


"Nervous as an ostrich. How are you?"


My voice was calmer than what I was feeling. My heart drumming, and my stomach rumbling from hunger didn't help my tensed body. I pulled a stool in front of the counter, and sat quietly on top of it.


"I'm good, thank you."


He smiled and placed a plate in front of me.


"French Toast, with bacon and maple syrup. I thought it would do you good for your first day."

He said. I licked my lips and stared at the perfectly cooked breakfast. Not even the First Day Jitters could stop me from eating my favorite food. I happily dug into my breakfast, thanking James as he handed me a strawberry smoothie afterwards. My body was shaking at an unnatural pace, making it hard for me to drink my smoothie without dropping it. I finally swallowed the delicious liquid, slowly putting down the cup. All the while, James was watching my every move.


"You'll be perfectly fine today." He said noticing my nervous state.


"Like I said, if they can't accept you for who you really are-"


"They're not worth my time. Yep, I know..."


I finished him off. It was one of the many quotes by James, which he used to encourage me to do better, more importantly, to get through high school.


"Are you taking me to school today?"


I asked. I still had half my plate to finish, yet I was so full, I didn't think I could fit anymore.


"Yeah, and Maria."


Just as he spoke, Maria walked in. Despite Maria's old age of 59, she was exceptionally beautiful. She had gorgeous brown hair, which was always tied up in a bun, big beautiful chocolate eyes, and golden tan skin. But what made her even more beautiful was her extraordinary personality. As per usual, Maria was wearing her black and white work clothes, but today she had a nice white cardigan over top. I imagined Maria being a lovely mother.


"I heard my name?"


Maria asked after sweetly kissing me on the cheek, leaving a smudge of her cheap red lipstick on my cheek. Maria sounded so soft and delicate, but she was the strongest person I had ever met.


"Yeah, we were just talking about taking Ally to school."


Maria had joined James behind the counter, quickly helping him to clean his mess. I always imagined Maria and James as an old couple. Y'know? One of those couples who spent their whole life together, nurturing and loving each other, with all their might. I saw them the way I saw my parents. Perfect for each other. 


"Oh right. You better eat that up, otherwise you'll be late."


She rushed me, and without hesitation, I ate the remaining of my food. Grateful that I did too, it was delicious.


"Thanks James. That helped a lot!"


I smiled. James nodded in consideration as he quickly removed his apron and chefs hat. He helped me off the stool, which was high off the ground than I had imagined, and ushered me outside, Maria following right behind us. My parents had now disappeared from the dining room, but left their mess on the table, expecting the other maids to clean it. So lazy, I grumbled silently, It would take less than two minutes to take it to the kitchen. We had entered the black ford, James driving, and Maria in the passenger, while I was stuck in the back. The drive wasn't so quiet... James had turned on the radio and blasted some old school music, which Maria happily sung along to. I watched as the two sung their songs together, laughing at their silliness, and chuckling at my teasing insults. I had almost forgot about why we were in the car in the first place, almost. It startled me to see how big the school was. It was bigger than MRHS, at least 3 stories high. On the roofs I could see there were domes with a long thing hanging out of it, it was weird. When we walked into the white halls, posters of the school sports team was plastered all around the walls, school photos, and grey lockers. I examined the school in fascination, passing all the classes, where teachers spoke, and students listened. It was just like a normal school, but it felt so... Different. 


We made it to the administration office, and met up with the principle, Mr. Grey. An old, wrinkly white man, with grey hair and grey eyes. He looked older than James. Mind you James looked about 60. I barely heard anything Mr. Grey said. This school had me hooked. I knew I would go well with this school, despite the negative thoughts of me getting bullied again. It just seemed so much better than MRHS.


"And this is your first class, Creative Writing. Do you like writing, Ally?"


Asked Mr. Grey. I nodded my head with a small smile, leaning over slightly so I could take a peak of what was inside. I could see the teacher pacing up and down the class, the work on the blackboard, which coincidently had my favorite book title on it. Halo by Alexandra Adornetto. This should be fun. Whatever we were doing this term.


"Ally, James will pick you up after school, okay?"


Maria's voice brought me back to the conversation at hand. I sighed and nodded my head, hugging her first, then James afterwards. James told me where we were meeting, before Maria, hesitantly, pulled him away. Mr. Grey, opened the classroom door for me, waiting patiently for me to walk in. After a few seconds, I did, only for every one of the heads to turn to me. My stomach lunged, and my cheeks flamed, I wasn't one for the attention.


"Morning class. This here is Ally Windom. She's a new student, please treat her kindly, make her feel welcomed."


Mr. Grey adressed the class, without a word, he left the class, leaving me alone, with at least 25 predators watching me. I haven't ever wanted to go back to MRHS, until now. All the fears of being judged and bullied over my nerdiness had returned, and the magnificent school I had previously seen was washed away in a flash.


"Hello Ally, I'm Mr. Lovette. Could you please state your name, favorite writer, book, and what you aspire to be when you're older."


Said Mr. Lovette. He was a fairly young man, liquid black hair, fair skin and piercing green eyes. He looked around 28 to 30 years old.


"Well, my name's Ally. Not Alison. Ally. My favorite writer is the wonderful Cassandra Clare, who wrote The Mortal Instruments series. My favorite book is that book right there." I said pointing to the board. Everyone turned their attention to the board, then back to me. "I still haven't fully decided on what I aspire to be when I leave high school. But I'm debating over a novelist, journalist, or a high school teacher."


Mr. Lovette seemed pleased with this, and thanked me, before telling me to go and sit by a boy with blond hair. With a small smile, I gladly sat next to the boy.


"Niall Horan. Nice to meet you, Ally."


The boy had an Irish accent, as he smiled, holding out his hand for me to shake. I gladly took it smiling. From my quick glance I managed to catch all of his features. His golden blond hair was brushed up into a quiff, and his roots were chocolate brown. He had black glasses on, similar to my own, except his made his ocean blue eyes pop out a little more than mine. He had a green tee on, which I thought made his eyes look green.


"Nice to meet you too, Niall."


I said beneath a whisper. I was afraid of the new teacher, despite his calm voice, he seemed like one of those cool, but strict teacher. Throughout the whole class, Niall helped me through everything we were doing this term in class. We were going to write our own rendition of the book, something we wished we could have changed. Niall said most of the girls were in love with Xavier, the main character, but I wasn't. He said the guys will probably add some kind of interesting action moment, while he was going to do re-write his favorite scene, which he refused to tell me what it was. The bell had finally screamed throughout the school, signaling that it was now lunch time. I followed Niall outside of the class, while he talked away about all the exciting things I could do at this school.


"You can be my co-leader in science... I'll have to discuss it with the team, but I'm sure after a couple days, they'll let you in. I'll help you get into whatever you want! You'll love it here! It's the best school yet! Better than Madison Rose anyway."


It was cute seeing the passion Niall held for the school. It was like the way James talked about food, and Maria about her family. You could see the light that gleamed in his eyes as he spoke. It made me want to like it here... Even if I didn't, I'd make myself just because Niall said I would. 


"Thanks Niall, you've made me feel so much better about starting a new school."


I squeezed his shoulder, thanking him. He smiled and leaned on one of the lockers.


"Is this yours?"


He asked, pointing to a locker numbered, 483. 


"Yeah. You can go hang out with your friends if you want, I'm okay by myself."


I said, thinking he'd rather be with his friends than a loser like me. Instead he shrugged, waving it off.


"It's fine. I'll wait for you. What do you have next? Where's your timetable?"


I rummaged through my pockets and handed him my timetable. He scanned it, then smiled. His smile was definitely the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. It made my breath catch, and my heart flutter. I had never ever felt this way before...


"You have 2 classes without me, drama, which is your next class, and cooking." Said Niall. "I was kicked out of cooking." He mused to himself. I couldn't help but chuckle. I decided to just leave all my things in my bag, and see how today goes.




I asked after closing my locker. Niall rocked on his heels slowly, biting his lips and blushing lightly. It was adorable.


"I kept eating everything... I don't get how people can just cook without eating... It's weird..."


He mumbled quietly. I wanted to awe, but resisted the urge. I pulled on his shirt, silently telling him that we could go now. He smiled and pulled my hand, practically dragging me away.


"Wait till you meet my friends! You'll love them! They're great!"


He cheered. After a little bit of jogging to keep up with him, we finally made it to the courtyard. His head shot to the left, and a second later, I was being pulled to a circle table filled with 3 people. Everyone stood up and hugged Niall. I'm not going to lie, when Niall hugged that girl, my heart ached slightly, but I ignored the feeling and put on a smile.


"Guys, this is Ally. She's new, so be nice." He warned teasingly. "Ally, this is Liam and his girlfriend Danielle."


He introduced. The two stood up, it was then that I realized how perfect they looked together. Danielle had beautiful curly brown hair, with the most gorgeous brown eyes, and perfect body. She looked like a model... Liam, he looked perfect as well. His sandy brown hair was brushed up in a quiff, chocolate eyes gleaming as he stared at his girlfriend. They look like they're in love...


"Hello Ally. It's great meeting you! You'll love it here! It's fantastic!"


Said Danielle, embracing me in a warm hug. Liam smiled at the two of us, pulling me into a hug himself, immediately after Danielle.


"She's not lying either! It's the best school that ever existed!"


He said.


"I've been told..."


I muttered.


"I'm sure Niall's talked non-stop about the school."


Said another brunette boy. As I looked around the table, I noticed that Niall was the only blond.


"Did he tell you that he planned to be principle of the school one day? Or did he leave that piece of information out?"


I chuckled at the boy. He seemed to have a Canadian accent, which was the second different accent I had heard today. I turned to Niall's blushing face, and giggled.


"He seemed to have left that out."


I teased. He dug his head in between his arms, hiding his face from everyone. We all laughed at his cute actions, everyone teasing him a little more.


"My names Justin. It's a pleasure to meet you."


Justin pulled me into a loose hug. I smiled and pulled away.


"The pleasures all mine."


I replied. Out of this whole group, Niall seemed to have the most outstanding features. Everyone had brown hair, and brown eyes. Even me. But not Niall. Justin had a grey jersey on, and black skinny jeans. Identical to Niall's. I was surprised to see how welcoming everyone was... After a while though, I realized they were just as Nerdy as I was. It was cool to be amongst my own species... I always felt like such an outsider... We talked for so long, it seemed like we had known each other since birth. By now, Danielle was a good friend of mine, and Justin was already offering to help me catch up with certain subjects. Niall kept telling him he had me sorted though, stating I was in all his classes anyway, and that I didn't need Justin's help. I was too shy to say anything, instead letting them be. 


Despite the interesting conversation we were having about the recent Star Trek movie, a group of people caught my eye. They looked like the popular trouble makers at my old school... There were two girls and three boys. A girl and a boy were paired together, both brunette, holding each others hands like the perfect couple. The other girl and boy were also paired together, the girl being a blond, and the boy being a brunette with a tousled hairstyle, and many tattoos. But the boy in the middle was the most striking. His hair was curly, but up in a quiff. He had sunglasses on, despite the cloudy day, and a plaid shirt with a white shirt beneath it, and ripped denim jeans. I watched as he passes, turning his head slightly, and though I couldn't see him eyes, I could tell he was looking at me. We shared a couple seconds, before he looked away, and I was brought back to earth.


"That's Harry Styles and his crew. Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, and their girlfriends. Eleanor Calder, the brunette, and Perrie Edwards, the blond. They're known as the loser trouble makers at school."


Said Justin. My eyes were still set on the group, mostly Harry Styles, whom I presumed to be the one in the middle.


"He steals from the mall, and parties every night."


Said Danielle. I nodded my head, indicating that I was listening, but I still didn't look away.


"I heard he's not even a virgin."


Whispered Liam. Even when he said that, I didn't seem bothered by it... Usually it was a huge deal for me.


"I heard he smokes pot, and has been on drugs for a while now. I'd stay away from him if I were you, Ally."


Said Niall, and that was when I tore my eyes away from Harry Styles.


"You said he's a loser trouble maker. Aren't trouble makers, usually the cool ones?"


I asked, speaking up for the first time since I saw Harry, and ignoring that last comment.


"Not around here. Trouble makers are losers. If you mean cool, as in, popular, that'd be us Nerds, I guess..."


Said Danielle, awkwardly. I could tell she wasn't comfortable with being known as the populars of the school. I wouldn't be comfortable with it either... It would give me way too much attention.


"Thats understandable. It makes more sense, it's just... It was the other way around at MRHS."


I replied after a short silence.


"Well every things different here... You'll be popular with us! Well, not, um... You know what I mean."


Niall began to ramble, trying not to sound like a prick. I stiffled a laugh, and rolled my eyes. He was so cute.


"I'm fine either way. But it's nice to know someone will like me."


I replied. They smiled, Danielle placed her hand on my knee, squeezing it in reassurance.


"Of course we do, Ally! You're a likable girl, no doubt about it."


She said. I chuckled, thanking her. A while later the bell rang, and it was time for class. Time for drama... I wonder how this will go...


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