“Life is more fun if you play games.”

Hi My name is Haley. I'm a typical rock star and photographer from a country called Ireland. I'm 18 and fresh man from a school called Trinity College of Dublin. I guess it's not easy transferring into another school. No friends and no person to talk to. I guess I can say that I'm always alone. I never been into a massive school like this. Well I hope everything will go smooth. Never give up Hal stay calm.


2. 2nd Day of school

Haley's POV

Everything is quite fine now. I start to hang out with a friend named Vanny whom I met just yesterday. Niall is having fun with his best friends who is Kean, Joale, Mac, Juztine, Joshua, Duane, CA and Yoshua. I find Joale attractive though. I didn't even know why. It all starts when our adviser asked us to play something like truth or dare.

Good Morning everyone. Since you already introduced yourself I want to know you more even better, she asked. Come on let's play truth or dare, so anyone wants to be the first? Oh! Wait, Joshua why do you look so sad? 

Excuse ma'am I think he just miss Sofia so much Vanny said

Sofia? The model from Total Girl Magazine? I don't even know she study here. Joshua, she'll be here soon so don't worry. Uhm, would you start the game please. I want you to dance in front of everybody. I dare you to dance Teach me how to dougie or else you won't see Sofia, our adviser advised Joshua.

Sure Ma'am, anything you want.

Then after that, our adviser then asked the boy beside Joshua who is Joale to come near to the most beautiful girl in our classroom.

Joale then walked to my side and grab the hand of the girl in front of me. I start to jealous and I feel mad. The girl's name is Ryka. She seemed so good at first but we're wrong. Joale grabed her hand, shake it and introduced his self. Ryka as well

The whole class are chanting like AYIEEEEE JOALE. MEANT TO BE

Vanny managed to asked if she is pretty or not. 

No, she's not even pretty, I said with anger.

I swear, Joale is so handsome. But I always forgot his name and I hate it. It'll be alright Haley! Trust yourself Hihihi.

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