My Movellas Love

Ira has always been the shy type without parents. Her world changes when she finds Movellas, a very polular ebook community. She becomes addicted to it and even starts posting her own stories. But are friends, fans and likes all she will get from this site? Or is it possible to find love as well?


1. A new site and a dead mother

My name is Ira and now I'm gonna tell you my Movellas love story.

When i first found this ebook community, I didn't knew I would find my true love. That's sounds strange, huh? But it's true. I mean - who would think they will found love on this site? It's not impossible, that's one thing I know.


I sat in my room, in front of my computer and searched on ebook communitys. I was looking among all the websites that came up, until I found a website called "Movellas". I clicked on it and began searching the website to check what it was. I liked what I saw, so I signed up on it and started to find some stories I would like to read. After about two hours I had found a lot of stories that I liked and I was starting to read several of them.

I yawned wide and turned off the computer and check the clock. It was half past eleven at night. I went to the bathroom, did my stuff, brushed my teeth and then went to bed. I fell asleep after only a few seconds.


"RRRR", my alarm on the phone shrieked.

"Ugh.." I moaned and turned it off. I sat up in bed, stretched, then went up and put on a white shirt and a pair of black jeans. Then I went down to the kitchen where mom sat and read a book.

"Morning", I said to her. She looked up from her book and smiled to me.

"Good morning, hun."

I made a sandwich for me and poured a glass of milk and sat down beside her. I ate in silence and then went up to my room and took my school books and packed them in my bag. Then I went to school, that took about ten minutes.

I opened the door to school and entered. I went to my locker, placed in my books and then took out my english books i needed now - we would have english. Almost the entire lession, I sat and hold my phone under the table and read stories on Movellas. I was really addicted to it! I awoke from the story when I heard miss. Mceverin call my name.

"Huh?" I asked questioningly. Everyone in the class laughed and miss. Mceverin repeated her question.

"Hey, Ira! Why are you ignoring me?" Kim, my best friend, asked.

"Hm? What did you say?" I asked and looked up on her from my phone - Movellas ofcourse. School had just ended, me and Kim were way home - we lived in the same area.

"Oh please, you have ignoring me all day long, what's your problem?! I'm not gonna talk to you again if you don't listen to me. You only have eyes on your phone, hello, came back to the reality!" she said and turned around and started going back to school.

"Kim! Kimberly! Wait, please, I promise I will leave my phone home tomorrow, I promise! Kim!" I ran after her until she stoped.

"Do you promise?" she asked and looked me in my eyes.

"I promise, I didn't mean to ignoring you, I just..-"

"You just what?"

"Forget it. Lets go now, mom's waiting home", I said and we started to move.

I opened the door and stepped inside.

"Hello? Mom?" I called. I called her again, when i got no response, I started looking throught the house for her - but she was nowhere. I went to the house phone and hit mom's number, but I got no response.

"Where is she?" I whispered to myself. Usually she would be at work now, but she had taken the day off so we could go to a resturant and have some mother-and-daughter time. But where the hell was she?! Kim's mom and mine was really close, because of mine and Kim's friendship. Kim's mom, Leila, is unemployed so she's home at the days, so I thought mom was at Kim's place. I went outside, closed the door and locked it, then i went to Kim's place. I knocked on their door when I arrived.

"Iranda!" Leila exclaimed when she saw me. Iranda was my real name, but everyone calls me Ira - besides Leila.

"Hey Leila, is mom here?" I asked and smiled.

"No, she's not here.. She went home for about two hours ago. Why darling?" She looked anxiously at me. I think she saw something was wrong.

"She's not home, and she don't answer when I call her. We had decided to go to a resturant now, but I don't know where she is.." I said sadly.

"Oh, came here!" she said and pulled me into a hug. Then Kim came to us.

"Hey Ira, what's the problem?" she asked and looked at me.

"Zarah is not home, and Iranda here is really worried about her", Leila answered and smiled a sad smile to me.

"Oh, I see.. But you can be whit me until Zarah is home, okay? She's gonna come home, I promise", Kim said and smiled to me, she hugged me too.

Okay, I wasn't that worried or sad, or something. She maybe just was at the store, but I was glad Leila and Kim cared so much and that I could be there until mom was home. That's why we need friends.

I must have fallen asleep, because when I woke up, Kim and Leila leaned over me. Leila had tears in her eyes and Kim looked sadly at me. I sat up and realized that I was on Kim's bed. I looked strangely at them and then Leila burar into tears. Kim said to her to be quiet.

"Mom, we have to tell her first, before you start crying, okay?" Kim said to Leila.

"Say what?" I asked and looked at them.

"Um, Ira, don't panic, we will drive you.. Look, it's..-"

"What? What are you talking about? Drive me? Where?"

"Ira! Listen to me! Your mother has been involved in a traffic accident. They just called from the hospital. But it's not what you think! She is in the hospital now in safety, she is injured - but not dead", Kim said and my heart sank in my chest.

No, not my mom! Please not my mom!

"Ira? Do you hear me?" Kim asked, but I didn't. Or yes, I heard her, but I didn't care about what she said - mom was in danger. When I sat there, on Kim's bed, in her house, I remembered that day, when I was six years old, I lay down in bed and was going to sleep. Then I heard mom scream from the kitchen. I ran out to her and she was sitting on the floor and cried whit the phone in her hand.

"Mom? Mom! What is it?" I asked her and she just pulled me into her and hugged me tightly. She screamed repeatedly and cried so much. I started to cry too, because she did. When she had calmed down a little, she said that she was going to the hospital and that I was going to be whit Leila and Kim.

"Why?" she didn't replied, "Mom! Why?!" I screamed.

"Dad is dead", she said and bar me up.

I remember I was in a shock. I didn't cried or anything, I was like only quiet. Mum put me in the car, and we went to Leila and Kim's house. The next day, Leila told me my dad died in a traffic accident. Mom recovered quickly from her grief because I was there and she needed to take care of me. Otherwise, I think she would be in that grief rest of her life, actually.

"Ira! We gonna drive you to the hospital! Please Ira, answer me! She will survive, okay? Ira.." Kim shook me. I nodded and stood up, whit eyes full of tears.

"Oh thanks god, now follow me. It's gonna be alright, I promise", Kim said.

Too many promises..

We went down to the car and jumped in. I was silent all the way, while Kim sat next to me in the back seat and held my hand. When we pulled into the hospital parking lot began tears running down my cheeks again, and then Leila also began cry, even Kim had tears in her eyes. We went out of the car when Leila had stopped and walked toward the entrace. When we got in Leila exchanged a few words whit the woman in the "cash", or what to call it. Me and Kim went quiet after Leila who showed the way there mom low. As we stood outside mom's room, Leila asked if I wanted to go in alone, or if she or Kim would follow.

"It's okay, I can go alone", I replied and went inside.

When I came in I saw mom sleeping, but I thought she was dead. I ran up to her as she lay on a bed, whit tears spraying spirit out of my eyes.

"Mom!" I screamed and threw me over her. She awoke whit a loud groan, holding her belly.

"Oh, I'm so sorry mommy, I thought you were dead, I'm so sorry I jumped on your belly!" I said and hugged her carefully.

"Oh baby, my little baby.. I'm so glad you're here! Oh Ira, I'm sorry too!" mom said whit tears in her eyes.

"Why are you sorry, mom? You don't need to apologize for anything!" I said to her and dried her tears whit my hand.

"I'm sorry I'm here, moribund", she said whit a whisper.

"Mom, listen to me; you are not moribund. Did you here me? NOT!" I screamed the last "not".

"Baby, I am and I'm so sorry for that. You don't have a dad, and now you don't gonna have a mom.. Darling, please listen to me now; when I die, can you please just keep going and be strong? For me? You will live whit a foster family, yeah, I know that it's gonna be hard, but you are strong, Ira, you are my one and only, and you gonna fix this! Can you promise me that? I love you sweetie, on earth and in heaven", mom said and closed her eyes.

"Mom, you can't leave me alone! You are the only family I have! Mom! Open your eyes and look at me! I'm just fifteen! Mom..." I cried so much that I was shaking. I hugged her one last time before lots of doctors rushed into the room and started to fix whit a lot of appliances and plug cords in and out of mom. Finally I was in their way and they had to take me out. I cried so much, so when they closed the door to the room I fell down on the floor outside and Leila and Kim had to carry me up to a bench.

When I could stand up, we went out to the car and as soon as i sat down I fell asleep. We finally arrived home, Kim woke me up and I staggered into their home. I lay down on the couch and fell asleep as fast this time too.

Heey! This is my first book/story and I hope you'll like it!:D I'm from Sweden, so sorry for my not good english, I know it sucks but yep..

The name of this book is "My Movellas Love" and in this chapter it wasn't any love - just a dead mother... But it's the first chapter and it needed to happen if the future would be like it is, if you know what I mean ;) Anyways, comment, like/vote and fan me and I'll be the happiest girl on the planet! XOXO and I hope you liked it <3

P.S I will update soon!

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