Nothing Like Us

This one is an English one <3 I wrote it on Justin Bieber Fanfiction Plus but thought I also would put it up here <3 It's not an imagine but a fanfiction <3

You're name is Emily Vance and your best friend is just dead <3 <3 I really hope you like it <3


3. 3. New York

I got pushed into another car and it started to drive away. I couldn’t breathe. I really didn’t hope this was Jacob again. Hadn’t I got kidnapped enough for today? I lifted my head a bit and turned my head to look into the last person I wanted to be in a car with right now!






“What the hell are you doing,” I spat at him.


He just ignored me like I wasn’t even there. I started to get really annoyed of this kid. He just couldn’t leave me alone!


“Hallo? Are you going to answer or just keep ignoring me like an asshole?”


His head snapped and looked at me before returning to the street. I swear I hated him right now.


We drove in what felt like ages but it probably wasn’t more than an hour. Everytime I asked him where we were going he just ignored me! I started to grow really impatient.


“Justin, please! Where are we going?”


“Why do you keep asking that? I won’t tell you!”


“But why not? And why didn’t you answer me before?”


“It’s not your business where we are going and because you pissed me off!”


I just nodded. I was still pretty annoyed. I mean first he saved me then he threatened about to kill my parents and now he kidnapped me. What was the next? What the hell did I do to him? I didn’t get it! I was actually started to like him but now I didn’t know what to think anymore!


“What the hell did I do wrong?”


“You said you would tell the police that’s what you did wrong! I should never have saved you, I should just had let them do what they wanted with you!”


I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out.


I decided to try to sleep, because I wasn’t going anywhere with this! I closed my eyes and instantly fell asleep.


When I woke up, the car had stopped. I looked out and to my surprise I was home.


“Here you go! I don’t want to be in the same car as you anymore! But if you just think of telling something to anybody you are dead! Got it?”


I slowly nodded and stepped out of the car. I didn’t get why I just couldn’t had driven home in my own car.


“Because I needed to think. If I had let you drive home by yourself I didn’t have time to think things through!”


I must have thought out loud. I decided just to ignore it and I went inside!


Justin’s point of view:

When I had dropped Emily off I hurried on. I needed to find Chaz and the others. When I finally had reached our house, we had brought together, I saw that everybody was there. Thank god!


We had brought a house were we could hang out together. Our parents thought it was a good idea and had helped us a little.


When I got inside everybody looked at me.


“So why did you call, Bieber?” Ryan asked.


I looked on the five people there stood in the room with me. Ryan, Chaz and Christian was my best friends. Then there was Jason and Alex. They where brothers. They had been a part of our little group in a long time now. It started with me and my friends, but soon Jason and Alex became a part of it. Everybody just called them the McCann brothers.


“There is this girl. She saw what we did today,” I said and looked at Chaz.


“She threatened with that she would tell the police. I really hope that you burried the bodies a good place because if somebody finds them, she won’t hesitate to say something!”


Everybody just looked between me and Chaz. They didn’t have any idea of what I was talking about before Chaz spoke and told them all that had happened today.


“Why didn’t you just kill the girl too?” Jason asked stupid.


“I don’t walk around and kill people. I shouldn’t have shot that guy. Not everyone kills like you guys, McCann!”


That silenced everybody before Chaz finally spoke: “Nobody will find the bodies, trust me!”


I walked over to him and spat in his face: “I really don’t hope, because it’s not only me who will end up in jail if they do!”


Then I went up to my room. I thought I would stay here for tonight. It was kind of weird. It was like I had 2 lifes. The first one was a normal one. With a sweet and caring family, good friends and a boring school. The second one is danger, killing and wherever I go I need to look over my shoulders to see about someone had decided to kill me today.


It was amazing that I just could have a normal life but that I still had all of the other things in my life.


I had never dreamed about to kill someone. I think it was wrong and wasn’t at all what we started this group for. I only did it for Emily. I couldn’t let her get hurt because of me. She didn’t do anything but she got caught into this anyway.


I just hoped that I still could have her in my normal life and that this one didn’t destroyed it.


I just hoped I hadn't lost her forever.


I lay in my own thoughts about Emily when I fell asleep.


Emily’s point of view:

I woke up by something crashed against my window. I sprang up from my bed by the shock. What the hell could that had been? I laid down in my bed again and was about to sleep when it came again. I was scared as hell. What if it was Jacob?


I walked over to the window and looked down. I couldn’t see anything. It was like there was nothing there. Then a stone crashed on the window and made the sound. I looked down again and someone stood in our backyard.


I sprang away from the window. Then another stone crashed to my window. If they didn’t stop the window would break. I went over to the window and opened it. I stuck my head out of the window and a stone hit me right in my forehead. I moaned. It hurt.


“Sorry,” I heard Justin’s voice say.


What the hell was he doing here in the middle of the night.


“Step back, I’m coming up”


I stepped back from the window and I could see him grab around the tree close to my window. He climbed higher up in the tree and then he grabbed around the windowsill. He pulled himself up and climbed inside.


WOW. I had never seen anybody do something like that. It was amazing. He was amazing.

OMG, I needed to stop thinking like that. I was angry at him!


“Hey Shawty!”


“Hey Justin! What the hell are you doing here in the middle of the night?!”


He looked at me and smirked. Then he grabbed my hand and let me towards my bed.


“I just came to apologize for what happened today.”


I let out a sigh and was about to speak but he continued.


“I shouldn’t have threatened you, but I need you to know, that if you ever go to the police, about what happened,  you would wish you had never lived! I’m not just an innocent guy, who goes in school! It’s like there is two of me. One who is normal and goes to school like everybody else and then there is the one who  just killed somebody!”


I sat there awhile and thought about what I should say.


“I just don't get it, you are a sweet and caring person but if anybody say it to you or makes you feel like it, you become this other person. You threaten people and push them away. Why??!"


"It's just the way I am! I push people away before I get to know them! If I start caring about someone I will just get hurt in the end!"


"It's not always like that..."


He caught me off.


"It is for people like me! I don't and I won't care for anybody! I just didn't think it was okay anyway to say what I did. You can take the apology or not. I don't really care"


With that said he returned to the window and jumped out.


I stood and observed his figure getting smaller and smaller as he ran away.



When I came to school next day I couldn't find April. It scared me because she always texted me if she was sick.


I checked my phone again. No new texts. I looked at every room in the whole school but she was nowhere!


Suddenly my phone started ringing. I let out a sigh.




"Hey A, where have you been I..."


"Em, Oh thank god you picked up your phone! This creepy guy pulled me inside his car and I overheard something about that he would blew up whole New York City! I'm freaking out and.."


"How dare you think that you can call anybody, give me that phone!!"


I recognized the voice, but I didn't know where from.




She screamed and the line went dead.


I stared wide eyed into the thick air that surrounded me. I didn't hear anything and I didn't feel anything. I was in completely chock.


I knew what I had to do, or more specific I knew who I had to go to. Justin!


I ran through the corridors and the classrooms and I knew exactly where I could find him.


As I thought, he was in his little corner with his "crew" or whatever they called it. I would just call it his friends.


I almost fell in the rush but I managed to stay on my feets and got over to Justin and his friends.


“Hey shawty..”


“Arh shut up and listen! You guys really need to do something with this Jacob guy, because now he plans on blowing up whole New York City.!”


I almost screamed it in their faces and they all seemed choked.


“Wait, wait! Where the hell do you know that from?”


“Maybe because my best friend just called me and said it! Ohh and then she told me he kidnapped her, AGAIN! Hurry up boys, this is not a game! Lives depends on this and I can’t loose my best friend!”


“You won’t”


Justin caught me off. He looked deep into my eyes before he spoke.


“I won’t let him hurt her. I promise.”


I looked at him in a long time before I managed to speak.


“You know, of a guy who says he doesn’t care, you seem to care a lot!”


With that said I turned on my feet and walked away. Only once I looked back and shouted they needed to do something.


Maybe I looked confident on the outside, but on the inside I was screaming. I couldn’t lose a friend again. No way!


I felt like breaking down in the middle of the hallway, but managed to keep up my facade and look like everything was completely okay.


The problem just was: It wasn’t!


After school I went down to my car, ready to leave the place and buy a flight to New York. I needed to help my best friend.


But god had other plans for me because just when I had exited the school a pair of arms lifted me away from the parking lot.


“Where the hell do you think you are going?”


Justin. Of couse!


“I don’t know. I thought that I maybe would try to help my best friend!” I spat at him.


“Take it easy, we will find her! Relax.. Despite if you are going to New York, I’m going with you! You can’t go alone it’s dangerous!”


“Yeah, it’s also dangerous for April, but you don’t go out and save her”


He looked at me with serious eyes and then he started to laugh.


“It’s not dangerous for her! If he kills her he have nothing on you! Trust me he won’t kill her!”


“We still need to do something”


“What makes you think that I actually care?”


“Oh yeah,that’s right! You don’t have a heart. Just leave me alone!”


“Don’t go to New York! I’ll fix this. It’s my fault! If you go to New York it’ll just get worse, but it’s your choice about you want her to live or not!”


Then he turned and walked away.


I just stood there with no idea of what to do.


After a while I dicided to find my car and drive home. I didn’t know what else to do.


My friend was stuck in New York with some insane guy and I was here. I felt completely alone. What was I supposed to do?


When I got home, I sat down on my bed and stared out of my window. It almost felt like I was dying to, but in another way. I was dying inside. No doubt about that.


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