Nothing Like Us

This one is an English one <3 I wrote it on Justin Bieber Fanfiction Plus but thought I also would put it up here <3 It's not an imagine but a fanfiction <3

You're name is Emily Vance and your best friend is just dead <3 <3 I really hope you like it <3


1. 1. Funeral

I looked in the mirror. My long black dress was beautiful with the little black flower on my chest and laces over it all. I 

checked my mascara again and put another hairpin into my hair to make sure it was perfect. I took a deep breath and 

walked downstairs with heavy footsteps.

My mom looked at me. I saw a small tear which was running down her cheek. “You look beautiful, honey,” she 

sniffled. Then another tear ran down her cheek. It was so hard not to begin to cry too. She looked at me and said 

carefully: “Are you ready?” I nodded and my little sister came down. She also wore a black dress on but her dress 

was very short, strapless and with wrinkles. She looked beautiful. Her long blond hair was braided in a long braid that 

hung on one side of her head. She had some mascara under her eye. I walked through the room, looked at her, and 

washed it off.

When my mom parked the car, at the car lot in front of the church, she looked at me and gave me a big hug. I took 

a deep breath again and stood out of the car. I could feel the tears welling in. I looked at the church. It was huge. I 

started to walk and when I came in, there were pictures of Roy everywhere. It was the first time I had ever been to 

a funeral. My mom and my sister sat down in the middle of the church. I walked up to the front and said hi to Roy's 

parents. His mom gave me a big hug and cried more. “You were his best friend, Emily. You guys knew everything 

about each other. You were and are the best friend he ever had. I hope you know that,” she cried. She took my hand 

and asked me to sit on second row. There was only one person, who sat there. I looked at him. It was a boy on my 

age, who sat there with tears in his eyes. I took the seat on his right. He didn’t say anything and I didn’t too. I looked 

down on my legs and tried not to cry. I decided back home that I would stay cool. I looked up, when the priest came 


When the veneration was done, the boy on my left looked at me and said: “Did you know him well?” I looked at him 

a bit scared, and nodded slowly. I didn’t know about I should say more, I didn’t even know the boy. I fought against 

the voice in the back of my head, who told me to keep quiet and asked him slowly: “Did you?” He nodded too. “I have 

known him since I was 4, we met in the park and became good friends very fast,” he said with a little voice. He looked 

at me and I said: “We went in school together. We were best friends, but I wasn’t his girlfriend. We were just really 

great friends. We told each other everything.” He looked like he was really sorry.

We started to walk out of the church to bury Roy. A tear ran down the guy’s cheek and I remembered I didn’t even 

know his name. “I just remembered that I don’t even know your name, would you…” he cut me off, and answered with 

a grin: “My name is Justin, what about you?” I slowly whispered my name. When he realized the reason why I was 

sad, he looked down at me with darkness in his eyes and whispered: “I am so sorry about Roy, it must be really hard. 

I feel the pain too. I-I really do..” In no time tears fell down his cheek, and he broke and sat down on the ground. With 

no idea about what to do, I looked around me like a scream for help, but nobody came. When I realized that I was on 

my own, I took a breath and sat down on the side of him.

I laid my hand on his back and said things about everything were going to be alright. He looked at me with his big 

hazel brown eyes, and I knew deep down inside of me that it wasn’t. I could see in the way he looked at me, that he 

knew it too and he didn’t believe a word I said. Our friend had got killed and nobody knew who the murder was. We 

could sit here and say it was going to be alright, but we knew inside that we could never feel save again before the 

murder was found. I took a deep breath and hoped there wasn’t anybody who saw that I was close to cry to. I gave 

Justin a big hug and buried my face in him. He knew how I felt and I knew how he felt. It was like a cloud of darkness 

and the only way to get away from it was to cry.

“Hey Em, how are you?” my sister asked when I found them between all the crying people. I just nodded and went to 

down to the car, my mom and sister following right behind. Without another word I went inside the car and waited for 

them to get in too. I could feel the pain inside my chest grow as I started crying into my hands. I could feel my mom 

and sister stare at me but I didn’t care. This whole day I had kept it inside of me and now it all exploded and I couldn’t 


I cried all the way home and I didn’t stop when we got home. I just ran up into my room and continued to cry. When I 

woke up next morning and looked at myself in the mirror I had mascara all over my face. I walked into my bathroom 

and washed it off, just to take some new on my eyelashes. I put my hair up in a bun and found some clothes in my 

dresser to wear. I grabbed my bag and hurried out to my car.

When I had made it to the school, the first person I saw was my best friend, April. She stood and waited for me at the 

parking lot, and wasn’t going to go inside without me. It was our first day at the new school, and she was scared like 

hell. Together we went through the corridors and into the principal’s office. He gave us our school schedule and we 

went to our first class. It was a long lesson, but I made sure to take notes. I had always been good at school. I wasn’t 

just going to throw it all away. I listened careful to what he said and made sure I understood it all.

When the lesson was over I hurried over to April, who looked bored. “That was the most boring lesson I’ve ever had,” 

she said quiet, so the teacher didn’t hear her. I just nodded and gave her a glance who said “I know what you mean”. 

We found our lockers and opened them and put our books into them.

A girl I had never seen before came over to us and smiled sweet while she said: “Hey, you must be the two new girls. 

I’m Emma, just a normal girl who got the task to show you guys the school.” I grinned and said: “Hey, that’s really 

nice of you. Thanks.” She smiled. “No problem. Well, there is me and my friends over there,” she said and pointed at 

some girls who were talking. “They are really sweet, and of course you guys can hang out with us, as long as you are 

not some kind of drama queen or something..” she laughed.

“Then there is Michaela. She is what I said before a totally drama queen,” she pointed at another girl with long blond 

hair, who was whispering something in her friend’s ear. Emma laughed when she saw me roll my eyes at them, and 

I looked confused at her. “It’s just exactly what we all are thinking about them, but normally, new girls is afraid of 

looking at her in that way. You just don’t care that’s totally cool. Oh but there is one “gang” you need to stay away 

from too and then you should be save,” she said and we laughed all tree together.

She pointed at a guys back and said: “That guy is Michaela’s boyfriend. People say he has been in a lot of crap, 

and that he is dangerous, and trust me I think it’s true. Anyway stay away from him and he’s friends and there will 

be no drama.” Both me and April nodded and laughed in the same time. Then I saw the guy walk over to Michaela 

and kissed her. I looked away in disgust that anybody could kiss that face of make-up. He leaned away from her and 

laughed about something a friend had said.

When I was going to turn around and close my locker, he turned around so that I could see his too familiar face. I got 

a shock when I looked into his hazel brown eyes. He looked at me first in shock and looked at every inch of my body 

to make sure that it really was me. When he finally realized who I was, he smiled a big smile and waved.

I smiled back, happy to see him, and waved back too. But instead of just turn around and walk away with Michaela, 

he went through the corridor over to me, not a second moving his eyes from mine. “Oh shit,” I murmured as I 

remembered what Emma just had told me and that they were standing right beside me and they watched every single 

move I made.

“Hey, what the hell are you doing here?” Justin asked happy. I just smiled and answered with a voice exactly as 

excited as his was: “Well, I just started at the school.” We laughed together at the sarcasm in my voice. “Then 

congratulations, it’s a great school. Do you mind if I show it to you?” he said playfully. “Thanks, but no thanks. I’m 

sorry but I already have a guide,” I said with a little smile on my face while I pointed at Emma.

Justin grinned a little before he answered me: “Oh, hey Emma.” He looked at her before he turned to face me again: 

“Okay then I guesses I’ll see you around.” He looked at me with a playful grin on his face before he turned around 

and went back to Michaela. Emma turned to face me. “What was that about?” she asked confused. I looked at her 

while I opened my mouth but nothing came out. “What?” she asked again and I knew I had to tell them the truth. “I 

just met him to a funeral, and he recognized it was me and came to say hi. There was nothing in it, don’t worry. He 

just remembered he had seen me before,” I said and looked serious on them. They looked at me like they actually 

didn’t believe me, but they let it go and didn't talk about it the rest of the day.


Justin’s point of view

I turned around from Emily and went back to Michaela. “Who is that?” she asked angrily. “Nobody, she is just a friend. 

She is new on the school and I had met her before. Don’t worry,” I answered annoyed. Michaela was a jealous type 

of girl. She got angry if I even talked with other girls. I actually didn’t care. That bitch could be angry at me if she 

wanted to. She meant nothing to me, but she was good like hell in bed. That was the only reason why I still acted like 

I was her boyfriend.

 “Don’t fucking say that. I saw how you flirted with her. OMG, if you can’t just stay away from other girls, then we 

maybe should break up,” she shouted out loud so the whole school could hear it. Emily looked in my way and our 

eyes met. She looked like she fought to laugh out loud. “See there it is again,” she shouted so I jumped. That was 

enough. I couldn't help it and before I thought about it I shouted back: “Do you know what? I’m tired of your sick 

bullshit. I hate you and your face of make-up, and I have always done.”

I stopped and looked around. Now everybody stared at us. I took a deep breath and continued: “You are right, but not 

maybe we should fucking break up. I break up with you right now, and don’t think that I am going to let this pass away 

and start with a fresh. I’m not. This, whatever it is, is over.” Evrybody stared but I didn't care. She deserved it.

I went away from everybody and over to my boys again and of course nobody said a word. People began to talk 

again and I felt relieved. “So should we go grab some lunch or what do you guys say?” I asked. “Oh fucking yes. I’m 

starved,” my best friend Chaz said. We all went to the canteen and I tried to ignore all the eyes on me who burned 

into my skin. The first thing I heard when I came into the canteen was a big laugh from one of the tables.

I turned around to see an all too familiar face. She had fun with her friends and didn’t care about anything other 

than to have fun. I smiled. She was strange in her own way. I took my food and as the boys were about to find our 

table in the other end of the canteen, I stopped them and pointed at the table next to the one where Emily sat. The 

boys looked strange at me but without another word they went to table. I could feel Emily’s eyes on me while I went 

through the room and took a sit on the other side of the table so that I could see her while I ate my food.


Emily’s point of view

When I went into our house, my mom looked at me and asked sweet: “Well, how was your first day at school?” I 

simply nodded and answered: “It was really great. April and I met this sweet girl Emma and her friends. They were 

really kind and showed us the school.” I walked through the room and into the kitchen. I grabbed an apple and went 

into the living room.

I sat down on the couch and turned the TV on. “The case about 16-year old Roy, who died a week ago, has been 

closed. 16-year old Emily Vance said she saw a man push Roy from the bridge, but except from that they have no 

evidence that he got killed,” the man from the news explained. A police officer continued: “We have no evidence 

except from a little confused girl, who said she saw somebody. She doesn’t even remember what he looked like. The 

case is closed until we have a reason to open it again. He could have fell or jumped from the bridge into the water. 

The case is closed.”

A small tear ran down my cheek of the words “Little confused girl”. I was NOT confused. I knew exactly what I saw. 

Roy was murdered and that was it, but even how hard I tried the police wouldn’t listen to me. I got so angry that I 

threw the remote across the room. I ran through the house and up to my room where I slammed the door closed. I 

picked up my phone from my pocket and dialed an all too familiar number.

“Hello,” April said happy. “DID YOU SEE THE NEWS?” I shouted into the microphone. April was quiet a while until 

she finally spoke: “Yes, I saw it. I’m so sorry, What about that we go and grab some ice? Then you can think of 

something different for a while.” I didn’t even considering what I was about to say before it came out of my mouth: 

“Fucking ice. No way. I can’t just sit here and wait until another I care about gets killed. I need to find that fucking 

murder and if you don’t want to help me then I just find another.” I slammed my IPhone down in my bed and 


I didn’t know what to do so I sat down on my bed and thought. I stared at the air and didn’t move. I was hopeless. I 

couldn’t do anything. Even my best friend didn’t understand me. Before I knew it, I fell asleep. When I woke up I had 

a headache to die for. I walked through the room and found some skinny jeans and a pink tank top to wear. I took 

some mascara on and put my hair up in a messy bun. I ate some breakfast and was ready to go.

When I came to the school everybody looked at me like I was some alien. I went through the parking lot and found 

my locker. I took my books, closed my locker and was about to go when some hands pressed on the locker on each 

side of me. I looked up into the most perfect hazel brown eyes. His white teeth were perfect in his beautiful smile. His 

hair was short and messed up and his arms on each side of me made me blush.

“Did you see the news yesterday?” he asked his face just inches from mine. I slowly nodded and looked depressed 

down on my foot. He slowly pulled away to let me go, but he knew I wouldn’t move. “I’m so sorry. They don’t know 

what they are talking about. If you say you saw somebody I trust you. Besides you are my only hope to find Roy’s 

murder. Do you remember anything about what he looked like?” he slowly whispered.”

I turned my eyes up to look him in the eyes before I answered: “I’m not really sure. He had a black hoodie on so I 

couldn’t see much, but he had ice blue eyes, pretty short hair I think and a very little nose and a big mouth. I know it 

doesn’t help much but I don’t know more. He also had a bracelet on. I saw it because he grabbed Roy with that arm. 

I was only 2 meters from him and on the bracelet there was a pendant with a red heart and another pendant who 

said ‘Jacob’.”

Justin looked down at me before he slowly nodded to take all I had just said in, and then he whispered:" Yearh, it 

doesn't help much but it's better than nothing." He stopped and it looked like he tried to find the right words. After a 

while, he finally whispered: "We will find him, together! Just us, I know it. I promise you!"

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