Midnight Memories

Sarah and Jules are sisters. They always fan girl about One Direction. When they find out they are opening for the boys they freak out!


5. Chapter 5: Recording

Jules's P.O.V.

"I can't believe we are at SYCO Records!!" I said.

"I know right! It's like a dream come true!!" Sarah answered back.

"Hello there girls!" We heard a voice say. "Nice to meet you! I'm Simon. I've heard a lot about you two!"

"YOUR SIMON! OMG!" Sarah yelled.

"Yes I am! Now calm down" Simon said laughing. "Ready to record?"

"You bet!" I answered.

*After recording*

"Who is Simon talking to?" Sarah asked me.

"I don't know" I replied.

Simon was on the phone for like 30 minutes!

"Alright" He said getting off the phone. "I have big news for you girls"

"Really?" I asked.

"Yes" He replied.

"What is it?" Sarah said.

"Can't tell you yet. You have to wait till tomorrow!" He said grinning.

Sarah's P.O.V.

*At home*

"I wonder what the news is!" I said to Jules.

"It must be something big!" She replied.

"Well I'm going for a walk. Bye" I was actually taking the bus to see Ben.

"Hey Sarah!" Ben called out to me from his window.

"Hi!" I yelled back.

"Wanna come inside?" He asked.

"Not like I took a bus here to stand outside!" I answered laughing.

After like an hour at Bens house I got a call. It was simon. Why would he call me?

"Sorry I have to go!" I told Ben walking outside.

"Hello?" I said when I answered the phone.

"Hello Sarah!" Simon replied.

"Why did you call me?" I asked.

"I need you to come to SYCO Records. Someone is here to visit you and Jules."

"Well Jules is at home. I'll be there soon! Call Jules to let her know." I said then hung up. Who would be visiting Jules and I? Weird.

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