Midnight Memories

Sarah and Jules are sisters. They always fan girl about One Direction. When they find out they are opening for the boys they freak out!


4. Chapter 4: The Record Deal

Sarah's P.O.V.

We went into Mr. Winslow's office. I think we are in trouble to for singing after every class.

"Okay today" Mr. Winslow started "You guys starting singing. Well" He paused.

"Well what??" Jules shouted out scared.

"Well you guys are very good singers, And I would love to give you a girls a record deal!" He finished.

"What? But your just a principle." I said.

"I am the one of the owners of SYCO Records." He told us.

"WHAT?!?!" I said "AND WE JUST FOUND OUT?!?!"

"I don't want a whole lot of students knowing! But you girls have talent! So will you take it?" He asked.

"OF COURSE!!" We shouted at the same time.

We left the office. Tomorrow we are gonna record our first single! I am super excited! I was walking to my locker to get my stuff when Ben, my boyfriend gave me a hug from behind.

"YOU KNOW I DONT LIKE HUGS" I shouted while laughing.

"I don't care babe!" He said "Need a ride home?"

"Sure! I hate walking home!" I replied.

"Okay. Meet me at the flag pole." He told me.

"Hey Jules! I'm not walking home with you today." I said.

"Why?" Jules asked.

"I'm getting a ride. See you at home!" I yelled to her on my way to the flag pole.

I waited a few minutes for Ben to pull up his car. Then finally he came like 5 minutes later.

"Hey babe!" I grinned.

"Hi" He started giggling.


"You left your bag outside" He started laughing louder.

"Oops" I said embarrassed.

When I got home I waited for Jules to get here. She walks super slow when she is alone.

"HAY GURL HAY!" I shouted from upstairs as I heard her come inside.

"HAYYY GURLLL!" She shouted back.

"We need to start practicing for tomorrow!" I told her.

"I know. Let's start in a half hour? k? I am going on the computer for a little bit." Jules said.

"Grrrr fine" I replied as I went downstairs.

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