He's No Good (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Jensen has always been a little bit depressed, but no one even had the slightest clue. When she falls for the hottest, cockiest, not to mention rudest boy at her school, she spirals down hill as if she's on a roller coaster. What will push her over the edge, and will he catch her when she falls?


3. Trouble

          I woke up again just being so excited for school. Note the sarcasm. I wondered to myself is it too early in the school year to look like a total slob. I eventually decided against going in sweats and a t-shirt, mainly because I didn't want my teachers to think I was a slacker. I put on some white shorts and a black vertically striped top, and most importantly some high top Chuck Taylors. Another day of taking the bus. I usually gossip with an other girl, Morgan, on my bus. Morgan is also my friend, but I wouldn't consider her my best friend by any means, but I can tell our friendship is growing.

          I went to my locker which happened to be all the way in the basement, and my math class was on the 2nd floor. I walk into math barely getting there in time. I walk by Harry and he whispers "you're looking good today". Ughh I can't stand him! I roll my eyes, and he just continues to smirk. The lesson was boring as usual, and it went by slower than a turtle. I almost died that's how boring it was. STUPID ALGBRA 2!!! Immediately after the bell rang I shot up from seat' but them I felt someone breathing in my ear. I look over to see Harry of course.

           He whispers, "gum?".

           I say "sure". I got out a piece of gum unwrapped it. Then I almost handed it to him then shoved it in my mouth. I smiled and chewed it right in his face.

           He smirks back "playing hard to get huuhh." I reply "nope I'm just not interested."

           "Ohhh I'll see about that', little miss stubborn," he shoots back.

           "I'm not stubborn" I practically scream, then I just walk away.

          All my classes felt like watching paint dry, but then I got to history. "Class we are getting assigned seats today," Mrs. Smith smiled. I was actually happy I hoped to get seated next to this really nice girl named Sammie.

          Mrs. Smith calls out "Harry Styles and Jensen Scotty" pointing to two desk sat right by each other. Ohhh great just my luck.

          "It's destiny" Harry smiles.

          "It's something alright, but more like bad luck," I respond.

          "Just admit it you love me and worship at my feet just like every other girl in this school" exclaims Harry.

          "That is sooooo far off, I would rather move to Venezuela, and change my name to Paco than every love you," I remark. 

          "Deep down I know you want me. I can see it in your eyes," he says flirtingly.

          "And deep down you are longing for me, and you can just picture us getting married and having children. You know just living the perfect life," I mocked.

          "Well I can picture the making of the children, but not anything else," He winks

          "Douche," I whisper, just barely audiale. Little did I know Mrs. Smith was standing right behind me.

          "Dentition, Miss Scotty," Mrs. Smith demands.

         "But he was making perverted comments about me," I say innocently

         "Fine than detention for the both of you," Mrs. Smith Yells.

          I smile over at Harry, happy that I got him a detention, but then he states, "you know that just means you are going to have to spend more time with me."

          "Shit," I whisper.

          " I thought you would have learned your lesson about swearing when Mrs. Smith gave you that detention," Harry laughs. 

           "Oh I'm sorry I meant shoot," I glare at him.

           Harry Chuckles. The bell rings, well that period went by quickly. Poop, I was not paying attention that whole time. Stupid Harry. As I about to go to my 6th hour class, Harry whispers, "see you in detention," and he just smiles.

            "I'm not looking forward to it," I whisper back seductively, and smirk. He smirks right back. This could be fun. Make the most popular guy in school fall for me, and then break his heart. How could that not be a joy?


I hoped you like this chapter. The next chapter will be about the detention.

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