He's No Good (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Jensen has always been a little bit depressed, but no one even had the slightest clue. When she falls for the hottest, cockiest, not to mention rudest boy at her school, she spirals down hill as if she's on a roller coaster. What will push her over the edge, and will he catch her when she falls?


2. The First Day

          I woke up to realize today was my first day of school. I pressed snooze at least 8 times hoping I would not have to get up, but finally my mom came in and dragged me out of bed. I washed my face, and put on a cute grey shirt that says "Do I Look Like I Care" and some skinny jeans, combat boots, and a nice grey beanie. That was just my style. After I ate a nice breakfast which consisted of Raisin Bran and nothing else, I went outside to catch the bus right on time. I know what you're thinking, "if you are 16 why are you riding a bus?" Well' the answer to that question is that I'm trying to save money because currently I don't have a job. Which sucks I must add.

          As soon as I arrived at school I sprinted to my first hour, math, thinking I was gonna be late, but I got there with 5 minutes to spare. I got my assigned seat and of course I right behind Harry Styles. Sure, I have never talked to him and probably never will; he just seems like a poop hole. He's full of himself and I see a new picture of him grabbing a girls boob every week. The worst part of all is that the girl is always perfectly fine with it. Not everything is cool about him just because he "popular" and he has a British accent. Sorry about my little rant there; he just annoys me so much.

           After math, I headed to Spanish, cooking, science, and then history. I get in to history and realize Harry is also in this class. I pull out a piece of gum; then they start to attack. I give pieces to my friend, but then "hey, can I have a piece". I look up to see Harry and his stupid curls. "Do you even know my name ?" I ask. A blank expression comes across his face and he whispers to his friend. His friend, Niall, whispers back "it is Jensen". Harry says "come on Jensen can I have a piece", "nope", I say once again. "Jeez you just think you can get whatever you want don't you" I exclaim. Harry strikes back "No, why would you ever think that I don't get EVERYTHING I want." I roll my eyes "unbelievable," and I walk away. 

          I get home and check my phone and see Harry now wants to follow me on Instagram . I follow him back just so I can see how many pictures he post of himself shirtless in his bathroom. He accepts my follow request and I see every other picture is of him shirtless in his bathroom mirror. It is quite pathetic if you were to ask me. 

          I did all 4 hours of homework. I know first day and already have tons of homework. I can tell I am going to be jam packed this year. I watch some PLL and I could not believe Alison was alive. I literally gasped and fell out of my seat. My mom and my 18 year old sister, Janet, are fighting yet again, about who knows what. It almost always ends in my throwing stuff down the stairs and cussing. I drift off in tears scratching myself yet again, and I desperately try to block out the horrid screaming.


I know no one is reading this so I would really appreciate if you would like and favorite this, so I know some one likes this story. I hope you liked this chapter even more of One Direction tomorrow .

Love you guys

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