Bad girl

Good girl Olivia gets hit by a truck .she ends up friends with bad people ,as she follows there ways ,she gets dragged in to the bad side of life but will someone pull her out of it ?(ONE DIRECTION NOT FAMOUS)(plus she is 17)


15. uh-oh


Me and zayn walked into school together we wanted too see our works result.All the teachers were so pissed the halls were filled with children laughing about the goldfish in the sink and the hall .wait till they see the classroom i thought with delight. Me and zayn put cameras every were so we could make a video and put it on youtube, We skipped registration and stood in the hall waiting to see mr pughs reaction.


Mr pugh was soaked and he screams like a girl ,all his stuff was ruined and he was crying .If me and Olivia got caught we would be gone before we could say sorry ...We had assembly and boy was are headteacher angry I don't know how but i think people knew it was me and a friend as when me and Olivia walked around people would say "nice job " or " well done mate" .The head teacher told everyone that if they knew who it was they should tell her ASAP. Everyone looked at me and Olivia i mimed zipping my lips to tell people nit to say a thing  .It worked !We never got in trouble and we had 10 million views and all liked it on youtube .


I was really happy with my work ,the boys all congratulated us Niall was really quiet."what's wrong i asked him, he looked at me blankly "nothing" he said ."okay if you say  what do you think then? " i questioned him."well i think you are going to get into trouble if the teachers find out , but you did well i could never have done anything like that "he said back . Zayn butted into the conversation "of course he cant ,he couldn't beat up a fly if you asked him to .Hes as weak as a newborn baby and even they are stronger " zayn smirked .He must of really hurt Niall because he walked off so i ran after him"Niall are you okay" i asked , he had tears in his eyes "I dont want to be bad i hang with you guys to stop you from getting into to trouble and then he always calls me weak , i just want to help you " he sobbed ."im sorry Niall i didn't realise , im gunna behave better i promise for you " i smiled up at him and we just hugged .It felt so safe in his arms i didn't want to let go.We walked back to the boys"Has niall stopped being a stropy baby and let loose " zayn said "you know what if you want me to act all hard and bad i will" Niall argued his voice covering the hall .

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