Bad girl

Good girl Olivia gets hit by a truck .she ends up friends with bad people ,as she follows there ways ,she gets dragged in to the bad side of life but will someone pull her out of it ?(ONE DIRECTION NOT FAMOUS)(plus she is 17)


11. The Gym


I picked up Olivia at 6am to go to the Gym on Saturday."why do we have to go so  early " she kept asking ."because the earlier we go the earlier we finish ,if we get there by 6:30 we can leave at 10pm the latest ." I spoke  

"10 PM IN THE FUCKING EVENING " she shouted "don't worry its fun " i smiled . We walked inside and went up the stairs to the gym, i threw off my jacket and started on the treadmill so Olivia came and joined me . 


I was really sweating by now but zayn was completely dry ."ready to hit the punching bags"` Zayn asked .I nodded my head and put on some boxing gloves.well here we go ,i punched the bag pretty hard . Adrenaline filled my body ,i kept punching and punching .I had a lot of fun ,I knew i was getting stronger,i would be a pro in no time.



I was getting really strong now i could beat up harry,Louis,Liam and Niall but i just need to be able to get Zayn to the ground . In the boxing ring i stood in my conner all the boys were cheering for Zayn . The bell rang signalling us to start i took a step forward and punched Zayn , it wasn't a fair fight as i was a girl but guess what . I WON. Zayn fell to the ground ,that was gunna leave a mark .I was now the strongest in the group whilst being a girl , i felt pretty proud of myself .Now no one is going to mess with ME!

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